Almadianos Eiyuuden Chapter 2

Almadianos Eiyuuden Chapter 2

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 2
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1 Red Eye Bear? !!
How did it get into the village !?
Chapter 2: The first meeting
4 Hmm
That beast is just like a monster…
5 AH..!!
Ah ah
What the heck is that voice?
My head-
6 Gyaaaa – !!!
A scream ?!
Kurats !!!
7 Why is a Red-Eye Bear appearing in the village like this ?!
!! Could it be…
That it tracked the blood trail of his kind ?!
8 Kurats !!!
Don’t come any closer!
Really, how sad ….
11 …Huh
N – No …
Kurats !!!
12 Hey, Kurats
13 This is..
I think I’ve seen this before.
14 Struggling like that with such a beast, you still have a lot to learn…
16 ..You’re
The person from my dream this morning …!?
17 Yes
In my dreams… you have the same memories as me
I saw the potential of a teenager who could defeat the Demon King
What is that?
Who are you? What are you doing inside me?
Are you a spirit?
Or a demon?
18 Don’t compare me with those low – level things
I am the Magic King of Bernst Dolmant
And also another of your selves
But you’re more than just a common clone. You have a unique personality and are completely independent from me
Don’t joke around!
Magic King? You’re “another self” of me…
As if I’m going to believe that!
19 Ufufufu … You really don’t believe me?
Uh uhm … It’s true that I can more or less understand why this old man said that he is another self of me  …
Sister’s voice ?!
20 Everyone in the village is – .. !!
At this rate ..
Even sister will …
You are now seriously injured and unable to move
Push yourself too hard and you’ll fail to keep even your life
I don’t care what happens to me
21 But
My sister  ….
Then I shall lend you my strength
If we increase the link between us then I can heal you with magic
I don’t  know how to use stuff like that !!
22 Be quiet and follow what I say
If you want to protect your sister
23 Kurats
Listen to my voice
24  Turn your heart into mirrors, turn your body into water
Accept the true nature of yourself
Concentrate all your strength into your heart. Do you understand? This is the magic spell
25  Call upon the name of the magic
Freezing Chain
30 Kurats?
31 That power … It’s …
32 Magic
Despite that confused voice … He managed to turn the tables and win his first victory.

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