Almadianos Eiyuuden Chapter 3

Almadianos Eiyuuden Chapter 3

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+Page 1

It has been 18 years since my awakening within this clone. He seems to have grown up.

This is Reastra Continent.

It was formed by many small countries inbetween 5 empires.

And the place he currently lives in is Gaura Village of Jelmugand Kingdom, located at the Western border of Count Hazel’s territory……

+Page 2

Chapter 3: Port

+Page 3

Freezing Chain!!



It’s amazing!!

+Page 4


I can really use it….

With this power I can definitely protect my sister….

You fool.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Eh…so you’re not an illusion…?

+Page 5

What do you mean “illusion”?

Even as my clone, you still don’t get it, do you?

As I said before…. What is a clone?

I am from another world. After I gained my ultimate power and merged it into my own star, my life source reached several thousand years.

……Now I exist as a godly being.

I’m currently spending my time waiting for you to reach my height.

+Page 6

Thanks to you, now I can experience the joy of existence.

I also found out what you think of your sister.


To be honest….

I can’t imagine you can be that foolish, letting the girl you like get taken away.

+Page 7

If you can’t stand handing your sister to the lord, how about making her yours?

Like hell I will!

What a boast….

Just kill that guy and things will be fine.

What are you waiting for?

Quit joking around!

Even if I manage to kill him, do you know how much trouble that will bring to the people in the village?

If I were you, just a glare of mine can easily annihilate the army of that village’s lord.

I’d love to do that if I had your level of power.

After all, your presence is the reason I struggled with that red eye bear.

+Page 8

Nevertheless, it will mean nothing if you cannot save your sister.

Admitting your shame and learning to listen…

….is the best way to save your sister and your village, isn’t it?

+Page 9

If you can’t fight directly, then you can only rely on someone who holds more power than that lord

Do you know of someone who wants power such as mine?

There are a lot of nobles who crave power.

But my time is running out.

It would mean nothing if by the time I managed to get help, my sister had already been taken.

And I’m not wealthy enough to spread the news among the nobles.

Maybe someone like the swordsmen in the arenas, or those spoiled young mistresses who caught some diseases

Distances won’t be a problem, just one quick spell and I’ll take you there.

…. Princess Lunaria!

+Page 10

The second princess of Jelmugand Kingdom, Lunaria Heinz Fon Jelmugand-sama has an incurable disease.

The king himself stated that he will grant anyone who can cure her their wish.

Oh, then she’d be perfect.

Now we will transport to the city! So, get ready.

B-but how!!?

Hey, wait! what do you mean “transport”!?


How foolish of you to disturb the link of a magic king such as myself!!


But to be honest, this spell is not that hard. All you need to do is concentrate and imagine the light in your head.


+Page 11

I’m not so sure about magic, but I guess it’s not that different from all that sword practice.

I see. He’s quite the quick learner.

Now think about the image of a city you’re most familiar with.

And imagine yourself standing there.


+Page 12

Yes, very good.

I guess it’s not that surprising for someone of the Almadianos.

But…. To not be able to use my own spell is quite annoying.

Now, imagine the magic flow dispersing like bubbles.

We will arrive in no time so repeat what I say!


+Page 13

We’ve arrived at the capital!

Of course.

+Page 14

So that is the castle?





Do you think they will allow a peasant like you to enter the castle?

Well, I guess not….

Hmm… I think the guild is….

You know where it is?

Yeah, my father used to take me there.



I guess I’ll have to teach you my search spell.

+Page 15

Don’t look down on me!

I can do anything, since I’ve already made it here!

+Page 16

How can I help you?



What do I do now….?

You’re so hopeless…. Repeat after me,

As I know a peasant like you wouldn’t know any appropriate etiquette!!


+Page 17

May I ask whether the quest for curing the princess is still available?


You’re not looking for…. hunting quests or something like that….?

You’re not an adventurer?

Oh no…. That’s so impolite of me.

Yes, that quest hasn’t been put down yet.

Then I’ll take it.

My name is Kurats Hans Almadianos.

I’m a mage.

+Page 18


I have never seen a mage with that much muscles.

Ah, I will go and confirm it with the castle….

Please wait for a moment!

Well, I don’t really care how many people there are.

As long as they take it.

Is it okay now?

No need to rush.

Didn’t you see that girl’s expression? Didn’t she look relieved?

It seems nobody had ever taken this quest before.

+Page 19

Hey, no hard feelings, but I think you should stop.

You’re still young? Don’t go out and blindly risk your life like that!

Thanks for the advice.

But I have a plan!

Well…. If you say so then I won’t try to stop you anymore.

But could you show me a little of your magic power?


+Page 20

You mean something like this? Is that correct?


My name is Martin Hartin.

I’m quite well-known in this guild. If you have any problems you can always find me,

Kurats Hans Almadianos-sama.

Sorry for keeping you waiting!!

Our guide will be here soon!!

+Page 21

May I ask who is Kurats Hans Almadianos?

That’s me!

You’re quite tall…

+Page 22

With your body, maybe it’s a little hard for this horse to carry you…

Then I’ll run after you….

I was told to take you there as soon as possible…!

I understand it.

But I think it will be faster if I run so-…


Let’s hurry up!

The king will be upset if we’re late!

Then he won’t pay me!!

+Page 23


+Page 24

Don’t worry about me!

I don’t mind if you ride at full speed!

I-i understand


Are mages these days all able to run faster than a horse….?

He runs so fast in the city!!

He’s drawing everybody’s attention!!


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