Almadianos Eiyuuden Chapter 6

Almadianos Eiyuuden Chapter 6

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+Page 1

To save his sister Kornelia, Kuras flied straight to the Lord’s palace!!

Chapter 6: The wrath of anger.

Original: Takami Ryosan / Illustration: Sato Yuko.


It seems my rage also increases the flying speed…

I think I’ve somewhat understood what Berunst mentioned before as magic orientation or something like that.

Stop thinking about such nonsense.

Although your rage can partly increase the magic power inside you, it is not technically involved with your magic orienting capability!


Don’t get ahead of yourself, kid!


+Page 2

If that’s the case – then I’ll just have to use my own fists to smash this place and bring my sister back.

Stop right there!

Which village are you from?

This is not a place for you to wander around like that!

This guy…

He just appeared out of nowhere…!

If you don’t want to die, then stay out of my way…

+Page 3



+Page 4

H-He’s a monster……!

Who the hell are you?

Th-This guy is…!

Where’s my sister?

He’s very suspicious!

Capture him!!

If you don’t answer my question, I’ll have to force it out of you.

Don’t take this the wrong way, okay?

+Page 6

Put that outfit on.

And of course,

You’ll have to do it here.

I understand.

+Page 8

She doesn’t look so shy.

Come here.


Show me your breasts.

As you wish.

+Page 9



No moan, eh…

I want this girl to subdue to her shame and pleasure!

But forcing just won’t seem to work… Does she have any kind of weakness…?

+Page 10

Speaking of which, you have a little brother, am I right?



So you’re really concerned about your brother, aren’t ya?

How about I bring the brother here and let him watch his sister being humiliated before his very eyes?

Maybe by doing that kind of stuff, I can completely break her.

I’ve just thought of a great idea.

I guess you can pleasure me for your brother’s sake, can’t you?

Just do whatever you want.

+Page 11

If that’s the case.

How about I tell your brother to do it with you?


For a sister… And her brother to do that kind of stuff…

And even in front of another person…

No, Kurats will be so embarrassed.

+Page 12

…This kind of reaction… you like your brother, don’t you…?

No…That’s not true!

Me and Kurats are just brother and sister1

So I guess there’s no problem appearing naked in front of him, right?

What are you even talking about!?

If I do that, how can I even see his face again!?

Didn’t you just show me your entire breasts earlier without even the slightest hesitation?

Well, showing to a stranger is not that bad, I guess…

Are you for real? It’s the opposite you dumbass!

Well, my mother used to be a mercenary, and she always showered naked in front of many people in the military, but every time she stood in front of my father, she started blushing and getting embarrassed.


Everything about your family is weird!

+Page 13

……But it doesn’t matter.

I will teach you and your brother how to behave properly right in front of his eyes.

And he will realize that his sister is destined to be taken away from him.

+Page 14



+Page 15



Why is Kurats here?


Don’t look!


*turn around*


Being looked at by your own brother and you’re that embarrassed!?

Hey, you over there, your sister is such a slut!

She loves her little bro-……


+Page 17




+Page 18


It’s been a long time since I witnessed sis’s knee strike……



I’m not that kind of person!

+Page 19

Did the intruder come here!?

+Page 20


Everybody stay where you are…!

The former Lord, Heizel’s father appeared… What will Kurats do to escape?


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