Argate online Chapter 5

Argate online Chapter 5

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Page 1:

Argate Online

Chapter 5

Chastise (part 1)

Author: Kirino Boso

Manga: Reiki

Page 2:

The next location is Yushuto village

“Magic land”

Is a dangerous place where many kinds of high level monster have concentrated…

! Leader

Swordsman Baltro

Destroying them is our main job

Even if we are just a new party but I hope that everyone will help each other.

Don’t worry

There are many famous adventurers here, right?

! Hunter



! Sorcerer


Page 3:

Isn’t this commission only just for “over rank C”?

! The heavy fighter


That’s right!! Why does a rank F like him stay here!?

Hm…I said that too

That’s an order from our boss…

So ashamed

Why did people go crazy…

Just because of those “unique monsters”

Page 4

! Philosopher


You said “unique monster”!?

The rumors say that your country will be debt ridden if you want to take it down.

It will come to “Magic land”, isn’t it?

Just a rumor

Don’t be serious like that

“Unique monster”…

I saw it in game

Hey, kid

What do you think?

Page 5:


There is no strange if it appear

But not this time, right?

If we try to calculate the appearance rate



What do you do if it came here?

How can you beat it?



Run away, maybe…

However, this party can’t take it down

How dare you!!?

You don’t know anything, rank F boy

Come on, easy…

Page 6

Calm down, everyone

It isn’t worth it

Instead of acting like that…,

We should do better strategic analysis

We have to win and return back safety

You think so, don’t you?


So the most important thing is

Believing in each other

Your name is Rikio, right

I’ve heard that you completed the mission as a caravan’s guard

Hm? Really?

MM… that’s right

I’ve heard that from our boss

Your power is stronger than rank C

You’re a splendid adventurer, too

We’re count on you

Page 7


Leave it to me!!

That’s our leader

But this point is pretty different from a game

Is this ok?


Wow… That’s… the truth too?

The rumor that half of the bandits who attacked the caravan

were killed by him



It’s so great

People will recognize your ability, kid…

Let me accept you as a disciple!!


Page 8:

Shaping enchanting

Amount: nothing special


Call me big brother

Huh… actually

It is unnecessary

He is a philosopher, isn’t he?

Um… maybe

Page 9:

The area around the “Magic land”




We’re walking from here

About 1km to the central area

Page 10:

! Rikio

LV: 19

Equipment: Body

Saotome shoulder armor (enhancement)

Leather chest plate New

Saotome thigh armor (enhancement)

Saotome leg armor New

Thanks to the reward…

I can outfit my whole body

Now, I’m already to fight!!

Oh oh, what an enthusiastic spirit!

Let’s go! Our target is the central area of the “magic land”

Yes, sir!!

Are you ready, guys!?

Page 11:

Delegating event        Begin!!!

Let’s gooo!!

The condition of success: Chastise the main target

Main target: ???

Sub target: All monsters in the field

Location: Magic land (central area)

Deadline: 24 hours

Page 12:

In this party, Bartro’s duty is stop the enemies

Concentrate monsters in the same place then use a defense barrier to retain them

Attack duty belongs to the heavy fighter Philomeno

Combine with defense barriers on the frontline

Both of you stay in that place

Stop and destroy enemies from there





Observe (samurai Rikio)


About the back-end

Sorcerer Laniero take response to support

Weaken enemies to help out the leader

[Chain Bandit]!!

Like isolate the enemy’s movement abilities by spell

When we can hold them

Page 13:

We don’t need to use more power

Look at this

[Sword skill: Spine]

One hit you die, huh, Philomeno!!!

In that time







Accurate targeting and shoot it

to support by Hunter Nereo

Thank you-

Above all

Page 14:



Will help Nereo this time

Because I think it’s an important role

So helping each other’s quite important in a party

And the man who’ll carefully observe everything is

Philosopher Altio

He has a recovery ability

So he can use magic to heal teammates


Page 15:




What the heck are you doing?

I’m a great philosopher… defeating wild dogs without weapons

Therefore, protection is really important

If teammate are safe, we’re safe.

Page 16:

LV: 32 Scar Wolf

That’s right, even if

It’s an unexpected situation


Not good, it’s a Scar Wolf

It has “Amplified Roar”!!!

Page 17:

! Horrible (Anomalous Status)

Damn!! It’s coming here

Oh shit—

Some situations like this need

A man who has movement abilities!!

Amplified Roar

Special amount:

Lose movement ability because of fear

In a period of time

Page 18:

<A serene mind>



Page 19:

[One hit kill sword slash, GUST]

Page 20:


Release: Horrible

Come on, everyone!!


Take it down!!!

Good job, Rikio-

Let’s goo

At first we’re pretty disjointed

“Not bad”

But it’s perfect right now!!


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