Argate online Chapter 6

Argate online Chapter 6

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1 Like that, we continued going in
After defeating Scar Wolf, we didn’t encounter any big monsters
In contrast, I don’t know why but, the nearer we got to the center…
The fewer monsters there were
I realized right away
This is it…”Land of Magic Power”…
“The center”
What is…that!?
2 Argate Online
Chapter 6 Battles against monsters (Second half)
Author: Kirino Boso
Manga: Reiki
The center ”Land of Magic Power”
3 Hey, hey… Only the plants around here died?
Was it because this is the center…
Or because of that?
Maybe both
Other monsters don’t wander around here probably because of that, too
4 H…Hey, Batro
Is this “The Worst Monster” you talked about earlier…?
That thing
It’s not
What… Well, a rumor is just a rumor then


Such beast is tenacious.

I, Only once,
Had encountered it..
It’s name is Madhorn,
The most frightening thing, true to its name,
Are its horns
5 Madhorn’s sudden “Surge” attack is horrible
Anyone caught by those horns
Either turns into live BBQ
Or that one’s dead body won’t be recognizable…
Carelessly challenging it will lead to losses
We need an attack plan!!
Altio, we rely on you this time
I, together with Philomeno, will focus on “Strength Recovery”
Nereo and Rikio, go behind it
Focus on its back legs to reduce its HP
Got it
Raniero, you have quite a dangerous mission
Use thunder magic to destroy its horns
Simultaneous attacks on several weaknesses will attract its attention
Enough for Raniero to focus on the spell
6 There will be an open space
Enough for us to stop its ”Surge”!!
Don’t worry, Raniero
Madhorn can never get close to you…
Because Philomeno and I are here
So it’s like that…
That’s why “Strength Recovery” is important
Such bravery
I got it
I believe in you
Once its horns are destroyed, everyone attacks!!
That’s the plan…
Any question?
7 Go!!!
LV 42
Main target!!!
8 Even with a massive body, Madhorn is quick
If it goes at full speed, we cannot beat it
Let’s stop it, Philomeno
Got it, Batro!!
But it’s…seriously…
Too huge
Batro   Philomeno
Come on, I will show you
Philomeno’s strengthhhhh
9 (Swordsman. Spin)
Too hardddd
Good, Philomeno
It’s rock hard
Just keep going!!
My turnnnn
Shield Strike!!!
10 Shield Strike
Makes target dizzy and reduces its defense power
(In 20 seconds)
Let’s repeat!!
It stood still
Frontier, hold it back
Attack and make it numb
11 Attack it!!
Reduce its HP bit by bit… Bit by bit!
Keep going!!
I absolutely don’t want to be stabbed
There’s no endless life like in games
(Please leave me out!!)
The plan is going well!!!
Even with “Healing”, I can still feel pain
Oh, that’s right
I got that one thing in my inventory!!
Monster Bow  new
12 Live Weapon
Specialized Samurai   X Rare
Effective with monsters: Increases damage
Infinity: yes
Theoretically, the current me cannot use this kind of weapon
But because I can do similar “Official” moves
Arrow  new
Monster Bow’s exclusive arrow
I’m going to try this!!
One more thing, the key to the plan
Attack its weaknesses with magic!!
The spell is completed!
Okay! Everyone, my turn….1st strike!!
13 Good, I’m going to strike together with Raniero…
Thunder Dust!!!
14 Perfect!! 2nd strike
Everybody, to your positionnnn
15 What…?
Hey…That Rank F guy
16 What is this…
What the hell are you doingggg
Well, I’ve got to admit the weapon is terrific
Not only did I injure it but I also drew its attention
Scary   Ahahaha
Why are you not following the plan
Acting on your own
Be responsible!!
Well… that’s it
17 I have to… be responsible for this
I’ll use the bow
19 What
Hey heyheyhey!!?
Madhorn lv 42
20 Phew
21 1 down
Although the actual situation is a little bit different from the initial plan
Main target killed!!
Rare materials collecting process
22 Madhorn’s fur
Are we done?
Everyone, you’ve worked hard
Madhorn’s horn
Such a perfect strategy
No doubt he is my junior
Madhorn’s nails
I can’t accept this
I have not fought enough!!!
A Samurai with better archery skills than me, huh…
Madhorn’s cut up horn
Batro! Contact the Guild and ask for someone to collect this
This one is too huge, we cannot take this along
Yeah, right
An unscratched Madhorn will be a greatly valuable item
We have to be careful with it
By the way… Where’s Rikio?
Oh, uhm…
Here you are, Rikio
23 Where have you been?
Oh, Mr. Rank F has returned
Mr. Rank F who is even stronger than us Rank C
Sorry!! Everybody!!!
Ohhh—I wonder what he is apologizing for-
It’s a pity Mr. Rank F has to apologize to us
Come on Philomeno, be polite
Sorry! Hah!
Hey, Rikio
24 Do you acknowledge
What you did?
I messed up Batro-san’s plan…
Isn’t it ”the whole team’s plan”!?
As a member of the team, your past action was…
You can’t just say “I knocked it down so it’s all right”
If you want to fight alone, then come here alone
Scolded at a different world
I guess that’s right… Even if it’s just a game, that was quite impolite…
The others would be a mess…
Please let me leave the team
I cannot continue like this
Good bye
There’s something good about it
25 First, we can end the fight without injury
Moreover, we got a perfect horn with no scratch
This one is rare, we can get a lot out of it
Lots of money
I guess that’s right
Hey, Rikio
Why do us, adventurers, have to fight?
For money? Reputation? Or to become stronger?
There are many reasons
But one thing that we all want are adventures
This matters more than anything else
I am glad
26 This battle
Even though it’s messy, I was having a good time
The others might as well
Hey,rank F! Rikio!!
Mareo told you to compete against him using a normal bow
I didn’t! I did not say that!!
Me too!
27 I had so much fun
Hey, I still haven’t
Forgiven you, kid
I learned so much
Thank you!!
But, Rikio
What’s that?
I’ve been wondering
I want to take it back to investigate some more
Since I’ve been curious about Scar Wolves…
Scar Wolf?
Big monsters all ran away
But they stayed
We… I think we killed its parents
28 I want to take it home…
Can I?
How do we raise a wolf?
So it’s Rikio’s war booty, huh!
Can’t I?
Hey, what’s the matter?
What’s that fluffy ball?



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