B Group no Shounen X Chapter 16

B Group no Shounen X Chapter 16

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 16
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Page 2:

This is how the scenery has changed in just “two years”

It’s hard to believe that we’re filming the same town right?

Page 3:

This is “Senkura”!!




This town used to be terrorized by a gang called


…the gruesome “series of female student abductions” were                        also their doing

Page 4:
and the group that put an end to their reign of terror is…

The “Gold Crusher”!!

They just outclassed the “silver”

That’s why they’re the “Gold Crusher”

I heard they’re a group of blond dudes with crew cuts

If they’re a group, they would be popular by now

GC(gold crusher) is a person I tell ya!


Have you                                                        found out anything new lately?

Page 5:


I can do is…!


Yagi-san                                               you’re giving us another trouble order again

Page 6:
it’s impossible

What to do?

Shut up! Don’t you see I’m thinking!

“Fujimoto Erika”

The most popular girl in school

Normally she’s surrounded with a lot of fans-

Accompanied by her boyfriend on the way home and to school

Anyway, there isn’t a time when she’s alone!

Page 7:

Find a way to get her to the Senkura’s hideout

It’s just


-that girl, for some reasons

Just kept going around school asking about the “gold crusher”

If I can just

Give her this “Sutopura” ticket…

That huge event is filled with information about Senkura

I can actually trick her into coming there with it…

If I just give it to her for no reason

There’s no way she would carelessly come…




Heh…                                        you seem to be in trouble

Shall I

Do it

For you?


*TLN: the neesan here just mean she’s their boss or they’re scared of her, hence the greeting the other two give her


I’m grateful for your words the other day                                         which helped me joined the “team”…

Page 9:
I’m thankful for your thought but…

How could there be someone willing to help the other class with their daily chores?

But Ryou-kun

If you’re left alone, you would just go to sleep again

Page 10:


You there

Good afternoon

Page 11:

I’m sorry for suddenly calling you but

My friend gave me this ticket and I don’t have any use for it

Do you want it?

“Street pride”(Sutopura)

It’s an event happening in “Senkura”


Page 12:

You surprised me

Stop lying

I saw you following Erika from a while ago…

What are you planning?

page 13:
you knew it, didn’t you?

That Erika was going around asking about Senkura…

Really I didn’t know~

It’s just really suspicious



It’s you…!!

I’m sorry…I’m sorry

This is not something just a mere apology can solve!


I’m fine…                                             this was just an accident…

You…                                        just

Page 14:

Tried to

Push this girl from up there didn’t you!!
It wasn’t on purpose

I’m really…sorry

Page 15:
did something like that happen?


If you don’t need this, then I can just throw it away?

I’ll go

Give it to me…Iwasaki-senpai

If I go there…

I can actually find out something

About “Gold crusher”(GC)-san…!!

…that face

I should also take responsibility for being unable to

Ok then…listen closely

Help Erika with what she want…

Page 16:
“Street pride”!!

A simple explanation would be

It’s a tournament where “teams” will gather up in Senkura…

And brawl to decide the strongest “individual”…!!

(according to Azusa)

A brawl to find the strongest…!?

I know that to us who are trying to

Gather more info, it’s a place we can’t overlook


Page 17:
you’re not telling a girl to go there alone, are you?


This girl’s boyfriend will also be coming

Do as you like                                                 up to 4 people can enter


I don’t really understand the situation

But there seems to be something in that town…

Page 18:

Don’t worry…                                      I’ll be going with you

On one condition

You mustn’t separate yourself from me                                           we’ll also be deciding on a few sign in case of emergency

My “friend” will…

Lead the way to the meeting point

Page 19:
do I look weird?

You’re fine

You’re fine


Page 20:
Damn…                                     he ignored me

Umm…good afternoon                                    Yagi-san

We’ll be relying on you for today


Page 22:

Hey are you sure                                    this is the right way…

The person you’re looking for

Is “gold crusher” right?

…I                                             only knew about this recently

Page 23:
he seems to be the “head” of…

The team I’m in

Page 24:
have you heard about                             the upcoming “Sutopura”?

In the tournament to decide the strongest happening in this town…

The “head” will also be joining

Once the tournament starts, no one can interfere

But if it’s now…he might still be in our hideout

Can you

Let me meet him?

Ah…we’re also there

Page 25:
where is “Kasai-san”?

He’s just gone home

Isn’t he in there?

He’s just left

Ah                                              we missed him


Page 26:
who is this “Kasai-san”….?

Huh?                                          He’s the head of our team “Red knife”

It’s Kasai Tatsumi-san


Is this where they hold “Sutopura”?

Yeah yeah

I think so

I don’t really know though…

Thanks for today, Yagi-san                              then we’ll be…

Hold up

…you don’t have to rush                                            he might come back soon

Page 27:

*grind                                         grind*


We are outsiders

So staying too long is a little…

Ah                                    it’s fine

Don’t be shy

Page 28:

-a girl’s voice!?


Please stay

…We welcome you


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