Battle Mexia Chapter 6

Battle Mexia Chapter 6

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  1. I have no need of a cheesy reunion

I am

Only here to look for someone stronger than I am

Fight me


  1. __
  2. __
  3. That should be Amatsuka Asahi, right?

Yuna-sama came here to meet him?

He’s the new student…

Hey, what’s that thing?

A kind of tool or something?

Beat’s me!

  1. That’s Yuna-sama

What? For real?

It’s really her, in real person

guys, take pictures while you can!!!


  1. Yuna… is it

…really you?

What has happened …

to you…

in the last 10 years?

A fight of what?

It must be the game they are talking about, what else?

So that’s how it is…


If it is to take place in our school club room, I see there would be no problem at all.

  1. Oh! The Student Council President, Hayami ..!!

Who ranked #3rd in the Japanese Tournament…

That’s her! Hayami Nagisa!!




  1. At our school, all battles are held as the club’s activities and for the entertaining purpose only.

It may not be as grand as the tournaments but I’m sure offline battles have their own charms.

So be it

Hurry up already

You are a member of the club, so there should be no objection, right?

Amatsuka Asahi-kun

  1. This is where Amatsuka Yuna – our national heroine – suddenly shown up, at this high school near the city center

So far, we only know that she’s here to see someone, a student

What’s going on inside!!?

Cameramen! Get inside!

  1. Is it the club room?
  2. These are freaking high tech machines!

That’s the “Battle Mexia” game console!

Seriously..!! There is one in our school!!?

We’d never know if things haven’t gone this far..

This club is so awesome!

  1. Hey man! Are you okay?

Oh well … I mean … it’s all turned out well, isn’t it?

You get to see your long-lost, separated sister… heart touching indeed!

  1. There’s something I wanted to ask you

Have you seen Amatsuka Yuna’s recent battles?

No, I haven’t

Because I think it’s still too soon

Instead of doing Battle Mexia

What’s killing me is what on earth had made Yuna this way. What could have happened in all those years…

  1. Ohm, how about the final battle on that da…

“Queen” Yuna

This may not be the most fascinating request, but

please allow me

be your opponent for a practice battle

  1. Senpai!! Why would you do that..

Yeah… why, leader?

It’s just a warm up for your main battle

What do you think, “my Queen”?


Fair enough

I am at your place after all…

  1. Fine

I will take you on for a game

… very well then


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