Bozebeats Chapter 4

Bozebeats Chapter 4

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 4
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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: Good day, everyone!

B2: The one who’s so dazzling that can’t be ignored! “Nekomiko” center!

B3: Your lovely Sumimin aka Abeno Misumiko is here!!

H: Chapter 4 Underground
Hirano Ryouji

H: Beautiful girl at LED Screen!?

B4: Ooh, I love you, Sumimin!!

B5: We’ll reach BOZE’s Shibuya Branch very soon…

B6: Really!


B1: See with your own eyes, Tamaki! This is where our branch office is!!

B2: Ooooh!!

B3: Oh..? Ooo…

B4: We’re going back to our work then…

B5: Thank you very much for the hard work…

B6: So, this is… BOZE…

Sfx: Slump

B7: I thought it will be like more bang! or more wham!! But this…

B8: The hell are you talking about?

B9: Hehehe…
But you see… This is just a camouflage….


Sfx: Clack clack

B1: Uooh!!

B2: Fingerprint, Iris, Voice – identity confirmed

B3: Starting descend. Please take caution.

B4: Brace your legs, okay?

B5: ?

Sfx: Thump

B6: And don’t bite your own tongue either

B6: !?


B1: BOZE Branch office… There are 23 branches in this town, all having different objectives…

B2: Ooh!!

Sfx: Vooooooom

B3: Minato district branch is responsible for monitoring that dragon on Tokyo Tower, while Oota district branch is the one that produces and develops Monk Arms…

B4: And we here in Shibuya branch are specialized in intercepting any Evil Spirits! All of the personnel here are hard-boiled warriors, you know!

B5: Hard-boiled..?

Sfx: Voom


B1: Okay, we’re here…

Sfx: Clatter

Sfx: Whirrr

Sfx: Voooom

B2: Welcome…

B3: To our Shibuya Branch!


Sfx: Ooooh!!

B1: Tamaki!

B2: Hey, come on! Pay your courtesy to Buddha first!!

B3: Well, I know how you feel… A giant secret base that is hidden beneath the metropolis city, Tokyo…

B4: It really tickles your male instincts, right!!

B5: Amazing..! So Amazing..!!

B6: Heh, so you express your excitement with your body now..!! Way to go, Tamaki!!


Sfx: Thud

Sfx: Twitch

B1: A-ah… H-hello, Mr. On-site Worker…
Uhm… L-let me introduce you to a new guy that’s starting today…

Sfx: Rumble Rumble

H: What is it?

B2: Oh, hello there! Sorry for scaring you just now!
Ah, do you want some snacks?

B3: Eh?

Sfx: Smiling

B4: This place is so big, so be careful as to not get lost, okay boy!
Also, if you have any questions, you can ask away anytime!

B5: Eh?

H: Do your best, boy!

B6: Monks here are really nice…

H: Happy

B7: I know, but I am still nervous when see their face…

H: Thump thump

B8: Sorry to burst your bubble, but aren’t you kids forgetting your purpose here?


B1: Looks like you got to Shibuya Branch safely eh, Tamaki

B2: Ryudaiji Ol.. Master!!

B3: Why are you here!? Aren’t you supposed to be in a faraway place!?
Ha! Don’t tell me, it’s an Evil Spirit’s…

B4: That’s a hologram, boy…

B5: Now, I heard that you have already cleared 3 cases before coming there, is that right?

B6: I see you’re making use of your training properly…

B7: Ehehe, it’s nothing special…

B8: Wait, 3 cases..?
Does that mean my blunder at the airport is already exposed!?


B1: …

B2: I wanted to introduce someone to you, but… Well, no matter…
Let’s inspect the inside your body first

T: 100 Sense
Diagnostic System
In use


Sfx: Splash!

Sfx: Blub

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble

Sfx: !?

B1: 100 Sense Diagnostic System activated

B2: Blub blub blub!? (What the fuck is this!?)

B3: What do you see?

B4: If we only look at his constitution, He’s a perfectly normal human, sir!
However, his Spiritual Capacity is way above that of a normal human’s…


B1: If we take the human body as a car, then the Spiritual Capacity is the engine…
Of course, the more Spiritual Capacity you have, the higher your vitality and physical ability are…

B2: We in BOZE have 10-20 times more Spiritual Capacity than normal humans after we’re trained in special ways…
But this boy already has 100 times more than ours at his age!

B3: If we only look at his spiritual capacity, he’s in the same class as a High Priest (5% of BOZE’s high ranker)!
What kind of human is this boy!?

B4: Wait, didn’t he just do something terrible in there..!?

B5: Eh!?

H: That’s not all…
Because he also has an ability to suck souls away like the Evil Spirit’s Soul Predation* inside him…
*TLN: I used soul preying to make it easier for the readers at the last chapter, but this word is less cringe worthy in my opinion…

H: And if we inspect him further, maybe we’ll find out what is locked behind Tamaki’s secret…

SFx: Splash

Sfx: Shake Shake

H: That was awful…
(Note for editor: It’s the little text lower left of tamaki)

H: And maybe, he will be our trump card against that evil spirits that can’t be beaten, like that “Tower’s Yellow Dragon”…


B1: Love is early summer’s shower shotgun♪

B2: Great luck! Medium luck! I love it! Even when my 3 step cartridge is jammed!! Hey!!

H: Glance over

B3: Hmm?

B4: Uuh… I’m so nervous…

B5: I heard there’s a new BOZE member today… I wonder what kind of new kid is this time…

H: I can only see so far, so I can’t see the face…

H: But with Madoka as name… Could it be…


H: A new girl!!

H: Yeaaaah!! Finally there’s someone that’s not a stinky old man here!!
And right when I wanted a same generation female friend too!!
Thank you Buddha!! You are really the omnipotent God here!!

H: I don’t know why, but those “Nekomiko” members are seeing me as a rival…

H: While a male friend is just impossible!

H: Wait, but will she be my friend in the first place!?

H: Won’t she keep her distance when I say I’m an idol? Aaaargh, why do I make this harder on myself!!

H: Come on, Misumiko!!

H: That girl must be nervous too!!

Sfx: Slap slap

Sfx: Clatter

H: So I have to say “It’s alright, I’ll protect you” to her!!

B1: !!

H: Here she is!!

B2: H-hello, nice to meet you!! Can you be my friend please!?


B1: Friend?

B2: Why not?

B3: Not gonna stop you…

B4: Wait, why aren’t you wearing any clothes?

B5: When I’m this wet? No way!

B6: There’s a single flower that blooms in BOZE Shibuya Branch. She is Abeno Misumiko, a center* in a popular idol group, “Nekomiko”.
*TLN: For those not familiar with idol groups please google the meaning

B7: And her reaction after being dropped to the abyss of despair from her high hopes is simple…


H: Heart is like, just like a pistol

H: If you don’t fill it up, it won’t mean a thing

H: Taken from Nekomiko single [Love is an Automatic Pistol Russian Roulette] lyric.
TLN: My brain and eyes fried there, so sorry if I made a mistake

B1: You just misunderstood, can’t you see!!

B2: Shut up, pervert!!

B3: There he is..!

B4: !?

B5: Don’t think you can get back safely after flashing your d*ck to an idol!!

H: Oraaaaa!!

T: Rubber bullet


B1: !

Sfx: Bam

B2: Can you explain it to us?

B3: Ah, the old man back there..!
They looked so gentle before, but now…

B4: What did you make Sumimin see?

Sfx: Sumimin Fanclub Member

B5: Excuse me, but he’s just a boy that can’t hold his appetite…
So, after we bait him with food, we beat his face down, fast.

B6: Everyone, please! Please help me catch him…
If you succeed, I’ll give you a chance to “Kabedon Sumimin”, okay? ♪

Sfx: Sumimimi

Sfx: Pshhhh

Sfx: Uooooooh!!

B7: Hmph! I don’t know what you came to this place for…

B8: …

B9: But there is no place here for the weak!

B10: I won’t forgive you even if you beg me in tears!!


B1: I see…

B2: So it’s survival of the fittest, eh?
Ryudaiji Old man taught me that phrase

B3: Then Tokyo is no different than the forest I lived before after all!

B4: …!


B1: Why..?

B2: Ha?

B3: I did bad things to you… Or are you a feminist that won’t hit girls or something?

B4: What an idiot… I will crush my enemies, no matter who they are…

B5: But you want to be my friend…
Sorry about my d*ck

B6: Right?

B7: So… What’s your name again?

B8: Creak

B9: Crack

B10: Ah…

B11: Abeno Misumiko…
Or Sumimin, if you like…

B12: What the hell are you guys doing there…

Sfx: Appear

H: No fighting

B13: Tamaki, now we know the cause of your amnesia…


B1: It was not because of an external wound nor a physiological reason…

B2: We found a sealing trace that’s usually used by Evil Spirits in a part of his brain…
In other word, someone is intentionally sealing his memories…

B3: Probably, the one who did that knows who you really are…

B4: And if we beat him, I think your memories…
And who you really are… Will come back to you…

B5: But unfortunately, we can’t single out who is the one behind this…

H: So that’s how we gonna play..!

B6: No problem there, Master!

B7: So I just need to become strong enough to beat all Evil Spirits in this world, right?
As simple as that

H: Just need to be strong, that’s all!


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