Bozebeats Chapter 5

Bozebeats Chapter 5

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 5
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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: His training, six months ago…

Sfx: Boom

Sfx: Bham!!

B1: Haaa!!


Sfx: Wam!

B1: Your attacks are becoming rough again…

B2: Gulp

B3: Pant

B4: Pant

B5: Your bad habit is that you always try to breakthrough with your giant spiritual energy without thinking of the consequences…

B6: Tamaki

B7: What do you think “Strength” really is?

B8: The thing that can make me still stand after a fight…

B9: Wrong!!


B1: You can’t express strength in just a simple contest of power…

B2: True strength is something that shouldn’t be measured with a number…

B3: Understand?

B4: How could I!?

B5: I see…

B6: You’ll come to understand it naturally if you entered BOZE…

B7: Because true strength is something that I can’t teach you here…


H: Chapter 5

H: Hirano Ryouji

T: Mission
Damage that’s verified to be Evil Spirit’s work confirmed in Shibuya Scramble Crossing.
The 3 names below are ordered to investigate the source of this immediately.
Hagakure Hikoichi
Abeno Misumiko
Madoka Tamaki

B1: Yay!

B2: Whoo!!

B3: Your rep is just empty bullshit

B4: With this flowing beat, I’ll make you know that the strongest in Shibuya is in front of your face


B1: Shut up!!

Sfx: Twitch

B2: !?

Sfx: Grrrrrrr!!

Sfx: Twitch

B3: The strongest one is me, dumbass!!

B4: Ah, sorry for intruding, excuse us…

Sfx: Dash

B5: All you do is just flapping gums!!

B6: A dog..?

B7: A dog and its owner..?

B8: I told you, didn’t I!? Don’t stray from my side!!

B9: There is a huge crowd here already, and you’re making it worse!

B10: We are here for an important mission, okay!?
So forget your rules about not listening to people weaker than you, you hear me!?
BC: Preach preach

B11: Look Concealed eyes-senpai, People in Tokyo wear so many different clothes!

B12: Listen to me!


B1: But I am

B2: If the one behind this is the same evil spirit that sealed my memories…
My memories will return after I defeat him, right?

B3: And after that, just like people that live here…
I will know who I really am…
And what my favorite things are…

B4: And what I thought before I lived inside that forest, and so on…

Official Assault Uniform

B5: My lost memories will make me a complete “me”…


B1: …

H: Tamaki’s memories, huh…
Maybe there’s also something that he better not remember..?

B2: I don’t know which “me” you are talking about…
TLN: Obsolete joke about me (ore) and oreo cookies, I gave up on translating this joke unless you can give me a same equivalent

B3: Visible only to team mates setting selected

B4: !

B5: Sumimin..!

Sfx: Zoom

B6: I think men who make a girl waiting for so long are poop

H: Monk Arms Unleashed!

H: Digital Holy Sutra Device
Optical Camouflage
*TLN: Name means light of wisdom, before one achieving Nirvana


B1: If I don’t hide myself like this, can you imagine how chaotic people here would be if they saw me?

H: I’m a super idol after all

B2: Uooo! Sumimin!!

B3: Abeno Misumiko, BOZE Support Staff
Her job is usually supporting those who fight in battles with Holy Sutra or cleaning up and manipulating crime scenes after the battle ends…

B4: Hey, can you do it to me too?

B5: No way! Why would I do it to someone vulgar like…

H: Eeh…

B6: Didn’t you want to be my friend?

B7: …


Sfx: Poof

H: Optical Camouflage (Hair Only)

B1: Hmm? Am I invisible right now..?

Sfx: Tremble

B2: Yeah you are…

H: Turn away

B3: By the way, don’t you think there are too many people, here?

B4: Well, this is the famous Shibuya Crossing Scramble where 500.000 people cross per day after all…

B5: Wow… I’m amazed that so many people here walk that smoothly without crashing onto each other…

B6: No good… I tried very hard to search until a while ago, but I can’t sense any Evil Spirits at all…

B7: Maybe it won’t appear today..?
The report also said that it didn’t show up every single day anyway…

B8: But isn’t it good though? It’s always good to be peaceful…


Sfx: Turn

B1: What’s wrong..?

B2: Ah, no… Nothing…

H: I sensed an evil spirit presence just now…

B3: Want to get some desserts after this?

H: Is it just my imagination..?


Sfx: Thud

B1: Ah, forgive me…

B2: Tch, it hurts, dude…

B3: Uhh… It wasn’t intentional…


H: Tamaki is our star rookie, and Sumimin is an expert on Holy Sutra… Compared to them, I’m just…

H: At least I have to guide them right as their senior…

B1: Tamaki, Sumimin…
Don’t stray alrig…


Sfx: Murmur

B1: Just what is happening here..!
I can’t move forward at all!

B2: Out the way!!

B3: Damn it! Stop crashing to me!!

Sfx: Thud

B4: What happened..?


B1: Oh? Found 3 weak looking BOZE rats here…

Sfx: Rise

B2: They will not know of my whereabouts while I kill all of them, one by one…

B3: Souls that haven’t been purified will reincarnate as Evil Spirits…

B4: And when those grotesque looking Evil Spirits consume many human souls…


B1: They become Humanoid Evil Spirits…

B2: Furthermore in that process, aside from gaining intelligence and unique abilities, Humanoid Evil Spirits also get a boost in battle power that can’t be compared to normal ones…

H: Now, Let the hunting begins…

B3: I’m somehow able to reunite with the crude boy…
Where are you Senpai?

B4: Yeah, okay…

H: This is weird…
Even if it’s crowded here, they can’t get lost that easily…

H: Could it be, this is the Evil Spirit’s doing..?

B5: S-someone, please help!

B6: !


H: Monk Arms Unleashed

Sfx: Clack Clack

H: 11.5mm Prayer Beads Round
External Spirit Pressure Mode
Personal Defense Weapon

H: !!

B1: Ah, shit…

B2: So that’s why…


B1: Damn it…


B1: Hagakure Senpai..!

B2: Senpai..!!


B1: Hehehe, one down…

B2: BOZE is where small fry are gathered after all…
They won’t even hold a candle against Tegusu-sama*…
*TLN: Name written as Silkworm Gut

H: Because Shibuya Scramble Crossing…

H: Is actually my playground…

H: I’ll teach all of you rats…

H: BOZEBEATS Chapter 5

H: Who is the one that does the hunting!!

H: A mysterious enemy with a mysterious power appears!!


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