Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Chapter 10.5

Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Chapter 10.5

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Translated By                     : Kronos

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Original Page Title            : 中古第10.5話


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[Page 01]

Panel 01

This is a story before Kotoko knew Eroge!

5F Doujinshi for Male!

4F PC Game – Dating Game!

3F TV Game – Mobile Game!

Celebration for Volume 1! Original Comic Version Side Story!

There’s no need for heroines in the Real World!

*TL Note: Doujinshi is a self-published book, mostly adult-oriented in this case.


Panel 02

Aramiya’s Ideal Girl is an Eroge Woman…


Panel 03

Then, I’ll buy it for reference!!

This is a memory where a lone girl is blazing through men’s battlefield!


[Page 02]

Panel 01

There’s no need for Heroines in the Real World!

Original Story: Tao Noritaka, Manga: Mikumo George, Character Design: ReDrop

Side Story: Ayame Kotoko’s First Experience!


[Page 03]

Panel 01

The comic you’ve been waiting for, Volume 1 goes on sale!

Including Tao Noritaka-sensei’s Illustrations! With Eroge-themed SS serialization on record!

Original light novel volume 10 “Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai!” is on sale!

The fact I’m burning up must be your fault!


[Page 04]

Panel 01


My motivation is fine and all…


Panel 03

On sale 2 June!! (Adults only)


Panel 04

Not for children under the age of 18. Adults Only!

Popular Top 10!

Accepting pre-orders starting from June 21st!


[Page 05]

Panel 01

This is a work of fiction, any relation with real people, organizations, or events are purely coincidental.


Panel 02



Panel 03

As I thought, it feels awkward being the only woman at the Eroge Corner…

I’m glad I didn’t come in uniform.

@I’ll get caught

For children under 18, don’t copy this lady.


Panel 04

Come to think of it, this is Aramiya’s Ideal Girl…


[Page 06]

Panel 01

For one, I’ve already searched for the titles of Eroge he recommended, but…


Panel 02

What is Eroge in the first place…?


Panel 03

Together with Onee-chan


Panel 06




[Page 07]

Panel 01

That surprised me…!!

That’s…!! That girl is… doing that!!


Panel 04

…For starters…

I should read the summary…

@Even if the inside is like that…


[Page 08]

Panel 01

~Military Girl General Ienasu~

Let’s turn the arrogant Woman General into your plaything!!


You are the worst kind of trash!!

Who would want to become your woman?!


You’ve always liked me for a long time? That’s…

Nhooo!! Dwon’t!! I’ll like you!!


Panel 03

@I like it…



Panel 04

Calm down…

I’m sure that’s an exception…

This one for sure…


[Page 09]

Panel 01

Me too…!

Impregnate me…!

Going with Trap!

~I want a baby!~


Panel 02

Trap? This is a guy right!?

Impregnate…eh!? More like, this is a guy, right!?

*TL Note: I don’t want to explain this, and I wish to stay ignorant.


Panel 04


@What to do…

The world sure is huge…


[Page 10]

Panel 01

Aramiya, this is your type!?

@My bad,

@This is why I can’t like Real Girls.

But, it’s impossible for me to become a guy!!

*TL Note: I laughed more than I should…^^


Panel 03

…It looks like the popular works are piled there.

Big Hit!! Celebrating 50,000 copies sold! Store Recommendation!

Maybe they have something for beginners like “Princess Weekdays”?


Panel 04

Let’s see…


Panel 05



[Page 11]

Panel 01

This is the “Princess Weekday” that was really recommended,

For Adults!

It looks like normal love simulation game…

@Even though it was written ‘For Adult’


Panel 02

Princess, huh…

Aramiya’s Ideal Girls are like this, huh…


Panel 03

For me, Aramiya is…


Panel 04


What am I thinking about!!

For now, just buy it and go home!!

Register Counter

@Thank you for your patronage


[Page 12]

Panel 01

I finally bought the game.


Panel 02

I feel like I’m getting close to Aramiya’s Ideal Girl!


Panel 03

Quickly go home, and play Eroge!

The girl’s battle is starting!


Panel 04

The following day,

Just as I thought, I’m curious about it…

…Ayame? What are you looking at…

Continue in Episode 11!


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