Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Chapter 12

Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Chapter 12

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Translated By                    : Kronos

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Original Page Title           : 中古第12話


Guideline Marks:

*             For Notes

[] or 「」 For SFX

@           For Lines outside Bubble

!              For Signs, Dialog Box, or Chapter/Author/Publisher Comments


[Page 01]

Panel 01

In the corner of Eroge section…



Panel 02

!Please impregnate me.

!Trap going around.

!~I want a baby~



Panel 04

@It’s not like that,

I just picked it up!!

Ah, yes yes.

!Comic Volume 1 is selling!

!Previous story: 3D hater & admirer of virgins, Aramiya Seiichi is confessed not only by School Famous “Used Goods”, Ayame Kotoko, but also Class Madonna, Hatsushiba Yuuka. He stumbled upon Hatsushiba with a Guy who attacked Ayame back then and asks her for details. Things were looking fine and on the way home, he found a certain twin-tail in the Eroge Corner-


[Page 02]

Panel 01

Well, isn’t it fine?

If it’s your preference…

!Girls and boys going around.

!~I want a baby~

I’m telling you, it’s not like that!!


Panel 02

Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone!

@Well, then…

!Ayame Kotoko, School Famous “Used Goods” who fancies Seiichi.

!This work is fiction, any relation with real person, organization, or events are purely coincidental.


Panel 04

Please believe me!


[Page 03]

Panel 01

!We don’t need heroines in the real world!

!Original Light Novel, “Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai” Volume 10 are popularly selling!!

!Comic Volume 1 will include Tao-sensei illustration for SS Story!

!Original Story: Tao Noritaka Manga: Mikumo George Character Design: ReDrop


[Page 04]

Panel 01

Ayame sure has changed huh…


Panel 02

I couldn’t talk to her about the Eroge before…


Panel 03

@Please keep it a secret, OK!!

Ayame panicking like that…

Ah, he’s here!


Panel 04

Good morning, Onii-chan.


[Page 05]

Panel 01

She’s calling him Onii-chan…


Panel 02

Hatsushiba, stop it!!

He…Hey, Onii-chan…

Ayame is mimicking you!


Panel 03

Eh? Don’t you like this?

It’s not a matter of whether I like it or not…


Panel 04

Isn’t it OK, Onii-chan?

I’ll take care of you a lot!

@…This is bad.


[Page 06]

Panel 03

!Aramiya Seiichi

Has absolutely no interest in 3D. In secret, he’s an otaku who admires virgin.

Like I said…!!


Panel 04

Don’t talk like that in front of my classmates!!


Panel 05

Is it no good?

I’ve been regarded as a Light Otaku in my class…

@Please stop it.


Panel 06

I see.


[Page 07]

Panel 01

Then, Onii-san?

Or Ani-Ue!

Onii themes are forbidden!!

*TL Note: Onii-chan, Onii-san, Ani-Ue mean “brother” in Japanese, which increases in respect as you go right in this example.


Panel 02

Then, Master?

That’s worse!


Panel 03

That’s no good, Masochist Dog.


That direction is bad too!


Panel 04

This virgin!

Are you my sister?



[Page 08]

Panel 01

@All of them are no good, huh…

@It’s strange.

Damn it, she spent effort as a Seiyuu in useless things…


Panel 02

@Should I go for the Innocent-type?


Panel 03

Did you warn Ayame like this too?


Well, for one…


Panel 04

She’s not an otaku from the start…

She gets things like this.


Panel 06

Ayamiya-kun, you didn’t like 3D girls, right?


[Page 09]

Panel 01

But, even with that, you’re getting along with Ayame…

Did someone ask you to?


Panel 02

…For example, the teachers.


Panel 03

It’s not like that…


Panel 04

Did the teacher ask you to stop her?



[Page 10]

Panel 01

Stop it…

From the start, I didn’t go with her for only that reason.


Panel 02

…So someone really asked you to do it…


Don’t tease me…



Panel 03

But, not just for that…

!Hatsushiba Yuuka, His classmate and a stylish Seiyuu.


Panel 04

As I thought, you like Ayame?

Don’t joke about that.


[Page 11]

Panel 01

Don’t just connect it to that!

I just can’t find a reason for you to be with her, Yuuka is confused!


Panel 02

Give it up…



Panel 03

@Isn’t she too concerned with Ayame?


Panel 04

@More importantly,

@does Hatsushiba really like me?


[Page 12]

Panel 01

@Did someone ask you to?


Panel 02

What if…


Panel 03

Her confession


Panel 04

Was that something that someone told her to do?


Panel 05


Hatsushiba, what do you like about me?



[Page 13]

Panel 01

It’s hard for me to tell you that.

Before I knew it, I’ve come to like you…


Panel 02

@It’s all or nothing, but…




Panel 03

@I’ll try testing it.

Is it OK to kiss you?

@Whether she’s serious or not.


[Page 14]

Panel 02



Panel 03

Wha.. what? So sudden…

That kind of thing…


Panel 04

I’ve just taken an interest in it.


[Page 15]

Panel 02

You’re kidding, right…?

Didn’t you say that you don’t like 3D?


Panel 03

@…Act it, me.

Well, I do, just for now.


[Page 16]

Panel 01

It’s fine if it’s just a little.

@Just for now…

It’s fine if you like me, right?


Panel 02

I’ll become an Eroge Protagonist-

!To confirm the truth-

!No.15 Issue (on sale on 21 July) will be on hiatus.

!Will continue in Issue No.16 (on sale 4 August)!


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