Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Chapter 9

Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Chapter 9

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Translated By                    : Kronos

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Original Page Title           : 中古第9話


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[Page 01]

Panel 01


Isn’t it time for you two to let go…?


Panel 02

I’m the one who confessed first…

Shouldn’t you be the one who lets go first…

Yuuka liked him since one year ago!


Panel 03

@Bu… but…!!



[Page 02]

Panel 01




Panel 02

I’m just an Eroge otaku…

I never had any intentions of becoming the protagonist!!


[Page 03]

Panel 01

!The comic you have waiting for, Volume 1

Will be released on 13 June!

!Original Story: Tao Noritaka Manga: Mikumo George Character Design: ReDrop


!Boys’ hearts are going round and round…


[Page 04]

Panel 01

What’s the meaning of this!?

Eh… It can’t be…


Panel 02

Hatsushiba-san and Aramiya!?


They were walking around holding hands!


Panel 03


My Hatsushiba-!!

Why does the rumor spread through class so fast?


Panel 04

This is why I hate reality!!

@It’s hard to go to classroom

Hey, Aramiya


Panel 05


Did you come to school with Hatsushiba in the morning?

How did it feel to become a popular guy?

!This work is fiction, any relation with real person, organization, or events are purely coincidental


[Page 05]

Panel 01

I want to go back to 2-D Girls…

You don’t sound happy at all

You sure have the luxury to worry about coming to school together with her


Panel 02



Panel 03

I came with Ayame in the morning too as well…?


Panel 04

I didn’t hear anything about that?

Eh, but…


Panel 05

Hatsushiba-san sure is something-


[Page 06]

Panel 01

Even though it is obvious-

What part of Aramiya did she fall for?

More like, why Aramiya?


Panel 02

Oi, what is it?


Panel 03

Something’s off…

Why didn’t the rumor about Ayame not come through?


Panel 04

…Ah, by the way,


[Page 07]

Panel 01

Hatsushiba sent you something


Panel 02

@I’m sorry it became an uproar

@I’ve made sure to tell everyone “We are just friends”


Panel 03

With this, I’ll be able to come enter the classroom somehow

Well, it seems like you have it rough


Panel 04

I’ll do my best to cooperate with you

Well then, I’m heading for class now


Panel 05

@For the time being, it looks like it’ll be alright with Hatsushiba


[Page 08]

Panel 01

@I hope everything goes well from now on…


Panel 02


Let’s eat bentou together!


Panel 03

The moment I let my guard down!!


[Page 09]

Panel 01

Hatsushiba, please don’t call me by my first name!!

@It’ll stand out!!

Eh, that’s too bad…


Panel 02

But, is it OK to eat together?



Panel 03

No, Hatsushiba, that is…


Panel 04

This is my first time making a Bentou…

Won’t you accept it?


[Page 10]

Panel 02

Bentou from Hatsushiba!?

How envious!!

It’s hard to refuse it!!


Panel 03

If I refused her here, I’ll be cornered by my classmates…

…I understand.


Panel 04

I’ll eat it

I’m glad!


Panel 05



[Page 11]

Panel 01

Ayame will eat with us


Panel 03

We are just ‘friends’, right?


Panel 04


If Aramiya-kun wants it like that


[Page 12]

Panel 01

It’s fine to invite them, but…


Panel 02

Let’s eat together, Ayame-san

@What kind of Eroge is this?

It’s been a while, huh


[Page 13]

Panel 01

Eh, what’s the meaning of this?

Three of them?

@Even after I accepted them, there are still complaints!!

What a sight…

But their thoughts are exactly the same as mine!!


Panel 02



Panel 03

Oi, you guys…

Ayame, stop


Panel 04

Don’t mind them

@It’ll be awkward to confront them


Panel 05

@I don’t want to be misunderstood more than this


Panel 06

Then, should we trade our side dishes?


[Page 14]

Panel 01

Help yourself!!


Panel 02



[Page 15]

Panel 01

@That’s right, they would have brought an extra portion

It’ll be impossible to eat them all, right?

It’s okay to leave some of them


Panel 02

…It’s fine,

I’ll eat it.


Panel 03

Let’s start with Hatsushiba…


[Page 16]

Panel 01

@What’s with these two…


Panel 02

@Why are they so good at cooking despite only being High School girls?


Panel 03

It’s delicious… Thanks, Hatsushiba

I’m glad

I have confidence in this one


Panel 04

…Then, I’ll have Ayame’s next


[Page 17]

Panel 01

@As I thought, it’s delicious


Panel 02

@They have done so much for me,

@I have to thank them properly…


Panel 03


Thanks for the delicious bentou, as always…


Panel 04

You’re welcome!


Panel 05

Aramiya-kun! I have confidence in this Tamagoyaki!

Mine has Cream Croquette!


[Page 18]

Panel 01

@It’s delicious…

Is it tasty, Aramiya?

@But, to be honest, it’s already over my stomach capacity

How is it, Aramiya-kun?


Panel 02

But after all the trouble they’ve gone through making it for me

I have to finish it


Panel 03




Panel 04

Hey, Aramiya…?


[Page 19]

Panel 01

How about this?

Is it good?



Panel 02

This is the first time for me…

I’m confused…

I see…


Panel 03

I like this kind of thing

It feels better than doing it myself


Panel 04

I’m glad too…


[Page 20]

Panel 01



It felt like it’ll come out…

!What kind of suspicious secrets are going on in the infirmary…?



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