Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 1

Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 1

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 1
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Page 1:

Right now, we are…

Hahaha! Relax you two, we will definitely make you feel good!

At the depth of despair.


Stop! No!

Ritaa! Ritaaaa!




At that moment-

Page 2:

What appear before us was like those from hero stories,

Page 3:

A silver armored knight-

Page 5:

…It was all of a sudden.

Why                                                    How did I get here.

I don’t understand…

Page 6:


Is this!?

Wait…calm down…this look very familiar.                                           Today too, I was playing an online game to the point collapsing.

This look exactly like my character “Arc” in that game.

Even the sword weight feel real…

Page 7:

There’s no way that is true but…                                      it’s doesn’t hurt to try.

Wyvern strike.

Page 8:
Seriously what is…                                                  going on…

This is a dream right?

My sword and armors are exactly like the legendary equipment on “Arc”.

Page 9:

Berenus Sacred armor.

Night sky mantle.

Teutates heavenly shield.

Two handed                                                              Caladbolg.

Even other equipment are just like the in-game ones…

Even when I try casting magic, it’s the same as the in-game magic.


This is way too convenient…

-But…something’s not right…

Page 10:

Before I collapsed,

My main job was “heavenly knight”.

My side job was “pope”.

But what I just used “fire” and “wyvern strike” are exclusive skill of “mage” and “knight”…

“fire” is a mage’s skill                                             and “wyvern strike” is a knight’s skill…

…in the game, this is impossible.

But if this isn’t the game then…

Maybe I can still use all the skill I learn from other jobs before becoming a “heavenly knight”?

Jobs required to become heavenly            knight                                     “Summoner”*”Holy knight”*”Pope”*”Sorcerer”*”Knight”*”Bishop”*”Mage”*”Warrior”*”Priest”.

Page 11:
Although I didn’t learn every skill…

I can still somehow survive in an unknown world!

Not having stuck with only the management skill of “heavenly knight”…               is such a relief…

Now I can’t just stay here forever.

I should go search for someone or a town and then think of a plan to get use to this place.

Page 12:


This is a sorcerer support magic.

It can teleport you to a town that you have visited.

In-game, before you teleport, you will get to choose the name of the town that you have visited.

Right now of course, there is no pop-up menu.

Well, let’s just try it…


Page 13:


…It seem that “Gate” can’t be used if there is no pop-up menu.

Now besides not knowing where I am,                                         I can’t even teleport to somewhere far…

Oh I still have another skill I can use.

Page 14+15:
“Dimension move”

In the game, it’s a skill that can transport you to any place just by clicking that place on the map.                                              It can be used in the early stage as an emergency escape enemies ranged attacked or when you’re surrounded.

In the later stage, big monsters and bosses have full screen ranged attack so it’s not very effective.
But in this world

It can transport you within your eye sight, a short distance transport spell.

The cool downs time is pretty short so you can use it freely.

To be honest…this is so fun.

Page 16:
Fuu…the day is ending.                                          Let’s just rest and drink some water.

Even though I’m wearing full body armor, but I don’t feel heavy at all.

Neither do I feel hot-…

Page 17:
About the in-game avatar, you can freely customized a normal human avatar.                    By wearing pointy ears you will turn into an elf, by put on a nose you will turn into an orc.

And the only paid avatar is the “full body skeleton”.

This is not good…

My friends have told me that there is no meaning if you always wear full body armor!

Page 18:
This…could be

A very bad situation.

If human saw this form, they would subjugate me just like a monster…

And also if I’m in this form, there is a high chance that strong monsters from the game could also be here.

Look like there is no one around here…

I’ve decided the obvious thing to do from now on…


Page 19:

I’ll try my best to not stand out!

This is the only way!

No matter if this is a game or real life, I need “money” to live!

First I have to get enough money for daily need!

…Ok, that’s the plan.

Now I will start looking for a village or a town.                                      I’m sure if I found a river, I am bound to find people.

Page 20:

A horse carriage…and people.

I did it! I finally found someone from this world…


It…look like I have…

Encounter a very bad moment…

Page 21:
Look like there are some dead bodies of guard and non-soldier…

And there are also…

…Are they bandit?

So it look like this meeting expected.

Transport method are horse carriage with middle age appearance.

Also the day is almost over but people are using sword to kill each other…

You don’t see this scene in modern day…

Well that not what I should say huh?



Page 22:
Let’s have some fun!


Ah…this is bad…

If I come out and say thing like: “Stop bad guys!”…

If the battle is the same as the game then there’s no problem,                          but if I were to somehow lose…

So the definite way to win is

Sudden attacking!

Noooo! Let me go!!
Rita! Ritaa!

Stop! You know what will happen to you after this…

You should stop worrying about someone else! Hahaha!

“Dimension move”

Page 23:

Huh? Why is it suddenly darken…

Page 25:

What…What’s going on…



“Wyvern strike”.

Page 28:
Are you alright?

Page 29:

Oh it’s not like I acted on impulse, this is just role playing!                             The setting is a holy knight get cursed and turned into a skeleton.

To find the way to undo the curse, he travel the land.

Yes, an over 40 years old man, a nice soldier!                            This is no time to be embarrassed! I’ll go with that!

You two go clean yourself at the river. I’ll deal with the rest.

Yes! Thank you!                                          Ojou-sama, let’s go over there.


There are 9 bandit bodies.

And 6 dead guard.

Page 30:

The horse carriage and the luggage are fine.

Those 6 horses must belong to the bandits.

Okay! Let’s salvage some bandits!

Arc has gain some money and weapon from the bandits!!

Now, I need to deal with the bodies…                                          Well bad guys will become really good fertilizer for the plants.


Ah…                           Thank you for…

Saving us.

Ah yeah.

Page 31:

After facing such a calamity,

I’m happy that you two are fine.

And we have you to thank for that. Thank you.

Shouldn’t you go change your outfit?

Oh right! I’ll get change now.

Ah take your time.


Page 32:

Again thank you for saving us. We have to repay you somehow.

Oh it’s okay. It was just because I was happen to be close by.

And I still need you to take me to the nearest town.

Thank you for going with us to town!

Sorry if this is a bit late but I’m

The Rubierute family’s Rollen Lalaia Dou Rubierute ojou-sama’s personal maid.

My name is Rita Fallen.

She’s looking at me so intensely…

Ah could she be waiting for me to introduce myself?


I am just a wandering travel.

My name is…Arc.

It’s good to win so easily…

And this is…the first step of the knight Arc in his life of not standing out.

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