Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 2

Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 2

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 2
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Page 1:


Page 2:

“chewing sound”

Page 3:

After accompanying Rita and the girl to the castle,

I stayed a night at an inn in the castle town.

Such a refreshing morning…

Page 4:
The castle town Lubielte

How can I describe it? If you took a look around

The townscape is just like those in the middle ages, it doesn’t feel like a fantasy to me…

Page 5:

I heard there are monsters in the forest.

I heard that they were sending soldiers there.

First, to not stand out, to live a “normal” life


There’s something I need. And that is…”money’!

Page 6:

Mercenary guild.
Let’s get some money for the trip!

This is the place people congregate for all the quests.

But to work as a mercenary,                                               you have to register as one!

I want to obtain a mercenary certificate.

By the way you look, you don’t seem to be short on cash…

Well it’s fine but

Page 7:

To get a certificate you need to go through a test.

Just by yourself, you need to beat                                                             beast


Bandit                                                            3 of those and then bring me proofs. Easy right?

So you’re telling me to prove myself huh?


3 right? I’ll come back later.

Is he alright? That knight.

I think he must have a reason for doing this…

Page 8:

Must be because his kid is sick or something and has no other way besides doing mercenary work…

Kuh so touching! Try your best knight-sama!

…Somehow my background just got more complicated.

-At the nearby forest.

Woah~ This roasted rabbit with herbs                              that I bought from the market is so good!

Page 9:


Just like the town, this place also doesn’t have a fantasy feel…

I have already encountered                                    2 boars(?).

Look like another one is…                                     here!?

Page 10:

Yes, something fantasy like (orc)



Page 11:

-Ah.                                        It’s bigger than I’ve imagined.

Page 12:

As expected,

This is really eye catching.


Now can I get my

Mercenary certificate?

You did this in half a day?

Huh? People are looking at me really strangely…

2 boars and 1 orc.

You did great knight-sama!

Let’s see orc meat and huh where’s the mana stone?

Page 13:

…Mana stone?

What!? You didn’t bring it back?

Mana stone is a rock drop when you kill a monster.

It can be used to make magic tools for daily life                                                or even create weapons. It has lots of uses!

Your certificate.

Your reward is 3 coin. Your name is…


Page 14:

I’d like to take on a request right now.

Yeah just like every mercenary.

Look over there at that wooden board, that’s where all the requests are.

Normally you would choose from there.


They’re all small requests.

All the big ones are taken by large mercenary groups.

-Well I don’t want to risk revealing my identity.

It’s okay. I’ll take this one.

“Escort for herb picking” from Rata village.

-You really want this?

Page 15:

Yeah…I like picking herbs.

It’s fun.

Really! Then this would be easy for you!

Huh…? Okay.

The next day.

Okay I’m already this far from the town                           so it should be alright.

I can’t let someone see me using “dimensional move”.

I need to avoid standing out even more…

Okay…To Rata village!

Page 16:

Rata village.

Yes                             who is…it!?


What…what business do you have here?

I am Arc.

I have come here because of a request…

Ah could it be! My request…?


Page 17:

Is it okay for knight-sama to accept my request?

I mean…I don’t understand, someone like me doesn’t have a lot of money so…

You can call me Arc, Maruka-dono.                                 I also like to pick herbs.

Thank you so much!

Arc-sama can we go right now!?

Yeah okay.

Mom is almost back, so I’ll tell her that

I’m going into the forest but I have a guard so she doesn’t have to worry.

Page 18:

You didn’t tell your mother this beforehand?

…If mom heard about this, she would definitely forbid me to go.

Last year, my dad died…                                        Mom had to work hard all alone to raise us.

Every year, dad picked herbs and sold them as medicine.

If I can get some, she’ll definitely be surprised.

And also

Page 19:
I want mom

To be happy.

We will pick a lot to make your mom happy.


Page 20:

This is an herb call kokora.

It can heal wounds and cure skin disease.

You can chase away bugs by burning this flower!

Oh Maruka-dono sure is knowledgeable.


You could become an herb teacher in the future.

Eh really~

Yeah I guarantee it.


It doesn’t look like there are any dangers nearby…

Page 21:
We are pretty deep inside the forest.

We’re almost there Arc-sama!

We’re here!


-This steep slope seems to be dangerous for Maruka.

Page 22:

Let’s find somewhere to get down there…


It’s danger…


Yes! Just when the flower are blooming.                                     The kobumi tree are becoming white!

Look look Arc-sama!

…She seems to be really happy…                                                huh?

Page 23:



Page 24:



To be continue.

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