Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 4

Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 4

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 4
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Page 1:
release the children this instant!

Who might you be!?

Page 5:
that was pretty brave of you, grown-up elf-chan

We have like…

20 people you know

What? Cat got your tongue?

C’mon I’ll forgive your previous attitude

In exchange for…

A little fun                                         ok…?

Page 6:

Eh?                                                     What?

It hurts! My aaaarm

My aaaarm!!

Page 7:

Page 8:
that elf took out 2 guys at the same time…

She’s pretty strong


Surround her!

Page 10:


Page 11:
Don’t let her looks trick you                                                          she’s an elven warrior!

Page 12:

What…what’s going on…?

Page 13:

Don’t move!

Just surrender quietly!

If not you’ll know what happens to this girl right?

Page 14:
you’re using a kid as your shield!? How much of a coward can you be?

Shut up!

Now now you shouldn’t act too rashly!!

Or this little girl will be full of holes before you know it!                                Ahahahaha!!

Hey someone come here and tie this dark elf girl up                                         even I’ve never tasted such a rare feast like this! Ahahaha

You seem to be in trouble?

Page 15:
let me give you a hand



Since when…

Page 16+17:


Page 18:


Page 19:
please step back, I’m gonna let you all out-

Don’t move!

I’m not a suspicious person, I was just walking by

I appreciate your help but

How can you expect me to trust someone without seeing their face?

I also have my own circumstances so I can’t remove my helmet

Even if you say that…


A bentou volpiz!?

Page 20:
damned…they even used these

What’s wrong?

They’re using mana absorbing collars on their necks

They seal elf’s special spirit magic

Because of them you can’t run away right…?

What should we do? How can we release them…

Let me see, so we just need to get rid of them right?

Like I said it’s troubling because I can’t…


Page 21:
oh right let’s heal your wounds too                                              “heal”


It’s fully healed…

There are no scars left right? Are you hurt anywhere else?

I’m fine!

You’re pretty good being able to use both healing magic and dispel magic                          I thought you’re a warrior after seeing that armor

No, I’m not really all that good


Thank you oji-san!


Oh I didn’t really do that much

Page 22:
if the bad guys ever return

I’ll come back and beat them up



Be careful on your way home-

To think that someone like you is from the human race                                                I heard that the humans are a savage and dangerous race, but you actually got a spirit animal willingly following you…

I’m a little different than others but you could still see me as an example that not everyone is bad

Page 23:
Once again thank you for your help. I’m Arian Gulenis Maple, an elven warrior

I’m Arc, a wandering mercenary                           and this is Ponta


By the way did you take that from the dead bodies?

Well if you want to live in the human world, you need money                                                do you elves use money?

We do use money!

Now to burn the bodies…


-ground, swallow them all


Is that spirit magic? This is the first time I’ve seen it

This guy can also use spirit magic, but it’s a little different

Oh really



Page 25:
There is a report from Danka about the location of their base in Diento town

Arian should meet up with Danka to go save our people

This is the spirit animal, whispering bird

You can have this guy remember your message and tell anyone you want

A homing pigeon + a voice recorder

I see

Page 26:
I’ve finished freeing 4 children

Now I’ll head back to Diento town to meet up with Danka-san


That was pretty convenient

It’s hard for a human to tame a spirit animal

So that is a safe way for us elves to contact each other

I see


Page 27:


You said you’re a mercenary right?


Is it possible to hire you right here and now?

I’ll pay you in elven currency, 5 gold coins now and 5 more after we’re done

It doesn’t sound bad right?

Wouldn’t the elves disagree to hiring someone like me?

Yes, we just can’t trust a human

Page 28:
but you, you’re able to tame a spirit animal…no

It’s because you saved those kids back there so I trust you

I’m feeling kind of awkward


You can use some sort of teleportation magic right?

She figured it out!

So my guess was right!

Page 29:
To think you’re able to use such legendary magic                                 that I’ve never seen before…


To save our people

Can we borrow your strength?

Page 30:


You got yourself a mercenary Aria-dono

Thank you Arc

This meeting has led to…

The beginning of a long, long journey

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