Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 5

Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 5

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 5
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Page 1:
What do you want!?

Kill him!


Hello it’s Arc                                                            I’ve moved to a different town and

(the large text above the box: Bandit suppression quest)

Currently getting used to making daily money with moderate quest

Hmm these guys seem to have                               made quite a lot…

I’ll confiscate all this wealth…

Huh? Did something just move?

Page 4:

Page 5:
a fox…no a squirrel?

So you were captured by them…

Isn’t that a wound?

Let me see

You can come out now

Ok just like that…                                        stay still okay?


Page 6:


You’re good as new now

Oh! You’ve become quite active

That’s good


Kyun kyun

So cute…do you want to go with me?


Then I should give you a name


You look like a blue fox so…how about “oage” or “tempura”?

(Note: both oage and tempura are names of Japanese food)


Ok…you don’t seem to like them

Your tail looks so fluffy just like a dandelion (tanpopo)…

So how about “Ponta”?

Page 7:



You really like that name huh Ponta

Kyun kyun

That’s good!! Let us head back!

Page 8:
Diento town at the lord castle

Sorry to disturb you

Diento town, the consul Serushika Douman


The marquis “Triton Dou Diento”

Page 9:
about the incident of Lubielte…it was a failure

I heard that they were all highly skilled?

They killed all the guards but it seems a mercenary nearby took them all down…

After all thieves are just thieves, you can’t trust them with important jobs

What about the monster that was released in the eastern jungle of Lubielte?

About that-

The ones released in the east were all still test subjects

They didn’t manage to work together and were killed one by one

Page 10:

If so then we need to hurry and ensure the “goods”                                           tell them to hurry up with the shipment

Yes sir. An “elf” will fetch a high price so I’ll rush them

…oh and I haven’t seen my stupid son, do you know where he is?

Udoran-sama has already joined in todays shipment…


That idiot! This is not a game!

Even if it’s just going to the elves forest, he will be nothing but a nuisance

Just leave me alone!

Page 11:


Why is nothing going well for me!
Page 12:

What is that!!

It’s a monster

Wah its coming!!



Page 13:




The idiot has fallen into our trap

Stupid mon…                                                ster…

Who are you talking about?


Page 14:

Looks like

I’m done for today

It’s so refreshing to take money from evildoers!

Kyui kyui~

I’ll buy you a treat today Potan


Then let us hurry and go back


[Dimensional move]

Page 15:
We’ll arrive at the town soon Potan


Diento town, suburbs


Going alone at night in the forest is really dangerous

Maybe I should go talk to him right Ponta?



His ears are so long…

It’s an elf-

Page 16:
Just a little more…

You’re the first elf I met

Page 17:
…my bad. I was so excited that I stopped [dimensional move]

Right behind his back!!

What’s going on!

Who are you…

I am Arc                                             a traveler

This is the first time I’ve met an elf                                                          please excuse my rudeness

…are you a human?

Why would a bentou volpizu follow a human…?

(note: maybe that’s the name of ponta’s race)

Eh? Bentou?

…commonly known as “fluff fox”

Thats the name of the spirit animal currently sitting on your head

Page 18:
Sorry but this is the first time I’ve heard of spirit animals

After I saved him from the hands of bandits he’s gotten friendly with me

Spirit animals wouldn’t suddenly get “friendly” even with elves

Look like nothing is definite

Then what are you doing here?                                          I have never seen an elf inside the town yet, are you heading there?

Are you really a human?

You humans always hate someone better than you                                            even though we’ve formed a treaty with the Roden empire

You still treat us as a hunting prize

I heard elves can fetch quite a high price!

Then why are you even here…

Page 19:
let’s see it seems human are hunting elves to sell them as slaves

But despite being an elf, he still ignores the danger of going into human territory which means-

-You want to save the elves being held as slaves in the town right?

Page 20:

Looks like I’m right…

Stay calm                                           I won’t tell anyone

About having met and talked to an elf here


Do you think I will believe the word of a human-


Kyun kyun!!

I don’t know how you’ve gained the spirit animal’s trust

But don’t forget what you’ve said


Page 21:

Try to not get involved with us

Platinum knight

Diento town, at the inn

Page 22:

In the end, I don’t even know his name                                                    that was the first time I’ve met with someone from a different race

And after finally meeting with an elf

Is it good Ponta?


I was persecuted…

Actually there are lots of other things I should do

But this is something I can do…

Of course I still want a peaceful life

But if someone were to need my help…

Page 23:

-let us go on a little trip tomorrow


Kanada great forest ~the forest where the elves live~

Page 24:

This place is a lot denser than the forest I went in with Maruka-dono


We’ve already gone into where the elves live,                           “the elves forest” huh?

If someone wanted to “hunt” the elves, they definitely have to go through here

Well it can’t be that simple                                    to catch them…


Did you find something Ponta?

Page 25:


It looks new…Did a monster do this…?


This is because you didn’t listen!

Someone’s voice…so it’s not a monster but a human?




Ponta is on high vigilance…it sounded pretty far away but it would be wise to check out the situation first

Let us hide first

Page 26:


I said not to run away

Bandit…? No more like kidnapper

Hey shackle her neck and silence her for me!


Page 27:
Shit they’re all just kids

I’ve taken my time to go into the forest for this                                                  but now how will I get my fun


What’s with those eyes?

Don’t you understand

Your own place?

Page 28:



mhmh~ mhmh~


Page 29:

Udoran-san, these are important goods…


You guys are just my dad’s goons!!

So just be quiet and obey me!


Let’s go then

Page 30:

So those are the guys kidnapping elves to sell them as slaves

Hey the cloth on the cage has fallen off

Cover it up

…They’re split up, I can’t take them all out in a single strike…

And if they were to use the children as shields then…

Ponta hide here for a while ok?


Page 31:

Try to not get involved with us

-there is no way I can just leave them like that!!

Page 32:

Stop right there you people!

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