Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 6

Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 6

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 6
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Page 1:
Let’s us

Head to Diento town


Page 4:
No way! Is that the Raidel river?

Yes it is

It would cause problems if we were to teleport directly into the town so I chose somewhere close to it

That does make sense but to be honest I’m just shocked

This would be perfect for rescuing someone

I’ll be depending on you!

It’s a very useful skill but I can only go to places where I’ve been to once…

That is more than enough

Page 5:
We should go before the day’s end Arian-dono



Page 6+7:
Diento town’s interior

We’ve entered the town but what should we do next? Arian-dono

We’re supposed to meet up at a large space behind the gate, after crossing the bridge

Let’s wait here


Page 8:
I’ve kept you waiting


No, it’s fine Danka-san

Let see who is this Danka guy?

Page 9:

Why are you with this man?

Well a lot of things happened… but we shouldn’t talk here, so let’s go somewhere else first


I’ve already told you not to get involved right?


That stare is killing me!

Page 10:
I’ll go and buy us something

No, I’ll go

Page 11:
What do you want to eat Arc?

You don’t have to be worry about me

Are you really fine with that?

I do want to eat something…

But I’m just not in a good spot to do so…

Ok then

Diento’s specialty

Goa beef skewer


Honey beer

Page 12:
He is Danka Nil Maple-san

He is also an elven warrior just like me, he is currently gathering information…                 Danka-san, this is

We’ve met, Arc right?

Eh? Really?

In the forest when I was fighting a bunch of slave traders

He helped me when I was in a tough spot

Huh? Sorry but Arian-dono had also said that Maple is your last name, could it be you two are siblings?

No, well elven names

Include their own name, the parent with the same sex’s name and the name of the place they belong to

It means we’re both from the forest town Maple inside the Kanada great forest

So that Kanada great forest is where you elves live-

That doesn’t matter right now

Page 13:
so this guy wants to help us with our plan?

…is it true that you know teleportation magic?


There are some restrictions but I can use it

I understand

So Danka-san, did you manage to locate their hide out?

Page 14:
Ah those cowardly bastards are hiding near the red-light district

But that place is crowded after sunset…

I think we should wait until a time at night when there aren’t too many people in there to sneak in

But there are guards outside, and a decent number of them inside too

How many were captured?

About 4 but there are talks about more being brought in soon…

So that means we’ve managed to stop their shipping

Today with his magic, escaping will be a much easier task

…I understand, then we should just wait here until the time comes

Oh, I also have a little business I need to attend to

Page 15:
Let’s go Ponta


Looks like I’ve managed to sell items

From those bandits at a pretty good price

Kyui kyui

Let’s eat something light before we head back


Oh knight-sama!


How about a cup of cold refreshing “honey beer”?

Page 16:
Ok I’ll have one

Thank you

Wait right there knight-sama!
What goes great with that cold refreshing “honey beer”?

A piece of skewered Goa beef                                           just with one bite, you’ll taste the most amazing flavor bursting in your mouth!

Don’t forget this amazing “salt-grilled sword rainbow trout”!

Wait a moment! Diento’s specialty “seasonal fruits pizza”

It will be waste to not eat this while you’re in Diento!

Page 17:

I… I’ll take one of each

And those beans too…

Thank you!

In the back alley

This is so good that my body is shaking!


Page 18:
…that was quite unexpected

For you to depend on someone else

And to think that someone is a human

It’s because I rushed forward without thinking, I’d have put the children in danger

If he wasn’t there, I would’ve already been captured at this point…                                       being over confident about my own abilities was my mistake

Page 19:
sure “Evin”                                       would be able to solve the problem without putting any one in danger

Stop comparing yourself to your elder sister, you’re already really strong at this young age

If you can just gain more experience, you’ll be on par with her in no time

But to think…

There is someone able to use teleportation magic


Is he really human?

I haven’t seen his face yet…

Wow- that was good-

It seems that he just doesn’t want to take off his helmet…

Page 20:
So he is also keeping his identity a secret from you…

I’m impressed you’ve hired such a suspicious person

Well he does have a fluff fox flowing him

He’s also showed me a clear reason to trust him

And somehow…the air around him feels somewhat like my sister

…he is not exposing his identity

So there is a possibility he is a Sanya

Page 21:
The Sanya and us Elven are not opposing one another

And they’re pretty good at magic…

It’s not like the Sanya don’t have anyone that good at magic


…anyways                                                    the most important thing is…

Can we trust him?

Page 22:
We can

Ok then

Page 23:
I’m sorry I’ve kept you waiting

Did you finish your business?

Yes I’ve sold all the booty

Ah that


Let’s head out

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