Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 7

Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 7

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 7
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Page 2:

This is the place…

I’m sure that our people are trapped in there.

Should you be wearing that armor when we’re breaking in like this?

The sounds it makes could ruin our plan.

This is not really suited for sneaking-in type missions… but I can’t let someone find out there is a skeleton inside of it.

Don’t worry.

Once the hostage is secured, I’ll finish everyone else in there, so it only a matter of time until we get discovered.

Moreover, Arc

Page 3:

See that small window up there…

Can you use your magic and fly us there?

Umm, not a problem.

Let’s move to the back alley and take off from there.

Because your teleport magic creates a bright light after it’s activated, we shouldn’t be discovered in there.

No Arian-dono, I can’t use “Gate” here.

But I can use “Dimensional Move”.

I can easily get us to the roof, you guys just need to grab onto my shoulders.

Page 4:
Let’s go.

Honestly, that was amazing.

Even short distance teleportation…just who are you?

Just a normal mercenary.

Kyui kyui~

Page 5:
There’s no one inside!

We can infiltrate from here!

Page 6:



Just a little…


Page 7:

That was hard even for me…

“Dimensional Move”

I’ll find a larger window for the two of…

This room is pretty small…

This seems to be a storage room.

Page 8:
You should have told me you can do that.

You didn’t need to go through the window right?

AH!! You’re embarrassed about your breasts and butt getting stuck right?                                  Don’t worry! I immediately looked away!


Hey, this way.

Page 10:

Danka-san, when did you…

No, it wasn’t me.

Looks like they all got their necks cut.

The blood hasn’t even dried yet.

They must have been killed recently.

Page 11:
You two…stay on your guard.

Let’s split up, we’ll cover up more ground that way.

Page 12:
With this, my footstep won’t be heard


Huh? It’s locked.


“Dimensional Move”

Page 13:
Again…?                                              Who’s doing this…?

Page 14:

A kunai!?

Page 16:
I’m sure I locked the door…                                                 so armor wearing onii-san, how did you get in?

Haha…this the first time I’ve seen a real one…

Page 17:

A ninja huh…?

Page 18:


Not just any ninja.

A new race different from the elves…

Beast eared


Page 19:


Huh? The ninja suddenly stopped moving? Did something happen?

What’s she planning to do next…?

Page 21:
How could a spirit animal that has always stayed cautious of strangers become like that in 3 seconds…?

She just tried to kill me, is that fine with you Ponta…?

It seems you’re not the same as the humans here.

I’m sorry about before, but what are you doing here?

She doesn’t look like an enemy, but I should still be careful of what I should say next…

You’re trying to rescue the elves…                                       right…?

They’re locked inside the basement.

Page 22:

Take this.

There are 6 more inside the desk, you guys should be needing them.

Are you also here to rescue the elves?

No, what I’m looking for is not here.

There should be 2 more elves locked inside the land lord’s castle.

I’ll leave them to you.

Ok, see you “again”.

Page 23:

She left…

I couldn’t even ask for her name…

…Moreover Ponta, you’ll get close to anyone who gives you treats?


…Mow what did she give me?

Elves selling contract…!?

Page 24:

This contract…

There are names of the seller and buyer, we should be able to trace them down with this.

The elves inside this building are locked in the basement.

Also there are two more elves locked inside of the landlord’s castle.

To think that even the land lord has his hand on this…!

Arc, where did you get that information…

Page 25:

We don’t have the time for me to explain about the beast ear ninja now…

From them.

After we save the elves inside the basement, we’re heading straight to the land lord’s castle.


I will increase your payment so please help us!

Normally that castle is really difficult to infiltrate,                                                but with our strength…


Page 26:

I’ve already come this far with you.

Of course I’ll come along no matter what.

…Thank you! You’re really a strange person you know that.

Page 27:
Who are you!

Hey! Intruders!

As expected, we just can’t get to the basement without getting spotted.

What do we do Arian?

Let just forcibly break through.



Catch them! Stop them with your life!

Page 28:
“Dance Around-



With My Sword”

Don’t spare a single one.

Wipe them all…

Page 29:


I agree.


Page 30:


They’re too strong!

What are the guys upstairs even doing…



Arian Grenis Maple!!

Has come to rescue you!

No way!? Maple has come to save us…

Page 31:


Don’t be afraid, he’s on our side!

Leave the rest to us.                                                   Arc, take them out of here.

Ok everyone, grab onto me!



Page 32:

Danka-san, please take care of the children.

Ah, leave it to me.

Arc! Let’s head to the land lord’s castle!

Ok, Arian-dono!


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