Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 8

Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 8

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 8
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Page 1:
Diento castle

Fufufu you just can’t have enough of elves’ breasts

Those bodies are beautiful no matter how many times you see them

Page 2:

I will be sure to

Take good care of both of you

If you’re gonna do something then do it already!

You disgusting creep!

Fufufu your reaction

Never fails to entertain me Sena


Page 3:
Son (Udoran)

You dare to return after your failure of an elves’ hunt

You worthless trash

Just stay still there and watch



I’ll show you

Page 4:




How to use an elf

Page 5:

Why are you being so noisy?

We have intruders!

They’re monsters! We have to run now

What? Intruders? Shouldn’t those guards be enough to deal with them…

Page 6+7:
what…who are


Page 8:
we came to help

Page 9:
it’s them (chữ to trong khung ảnh đầu tiên – big letters in the first panel)

Why! Why are they here!

Who the heck are you!

*sucker punched*

Don’t worry you two                                               cover your bodies with this

I need to run before I’m seen…

Page 10:
I can’t let you get away

Page 11:
I accidentally made a hole in the wall…

Is this                                                 a hidden room?

Oh my look at that

Arian-dono, please take a look-


Page 12:
huh? You called?

Ah don’t mind me

You bastards…! Don’t think you’ll get away after doing all of this!

I’m a marquis of this country!

…it would be bad to kill

A noble of this country right?

They’re the ones who broke the pact first

I don’t see anything wrong with making them compensate for the damage they’ve caused

Now you two

Page 13:

Do as you like

Sir help has come!

Kill all the elves!

Arian-dono! I have something to do in this hidden room, can you buy me some time!

Eh? Ok!

Page 14:


Page 15:
Arc has gotten his hand on a fortune

Arc has gotten his hand on a fortune

Arc has gotten his hand on a fortune

Arc has gotten his hand on a fortune

Page 16:
I’m done dealing with them Arc

What are you doing?

…Arian-dono, to rebuild an organization you would need quite a large amount of


Think about it

What if this abduction organization want to rebuild themselves again but

All their money is in our hands?

They won’t have enough funds…                                                  and will be unable to rebuild themselves!

Page 17:
you’re pretty smart Arc!


Yes! I managed to trick her!

Then let’s escape!



Page 18:
With this I’ve completed your request right?

Yeah, thank you. Here is the reward I promised, is that enough?

Well the money that you stole from them is way more than what I can offer…

Hahaha it’s fine

…hey Arc, have you decided on what to do next?

No, not yet

Then if possible

Won’t you come to our elven village?

Page 19:
I want to continue

Borrowing your strength in the future!


I really want to go…but…

I want to but is it okay for a stranger to come?

We will still meet the elders and get their permission first

So I do have to meet someone with higher authority…

Do I have to meet with the elders no matter what?

Page 20:
an elder is someone we put our trust in                                                     I’ll introduce you to the person I trust the most

How is that?

I just can’t remove this armor- no                                                  since you’ve put your trust in me, I will stop lying

I don’t want to take this armor off

Page 21:
to meet up with an elder, you will have to at least show your face…                                                   so can I ask you for the reason?

If I remove this helmet, Arian-dono might point your sword toward me

If I promise not to point my sword toward you

Will you show me your face?

…I see

Page 23:
Arc…why do you look like that?

Even I myself don’t know, when I woke up, I realized that I was already inside this body, in this country

I’m sure she won’t understand if I were to tell her that I came to a different world in my game character’s avatar!

Kyun kyun

The undead should have a lingering sense of death                                            while being unable to use healing nor curse nor purification light

Besides, a spirit animal won’t be this close with them

Page 24:
Arc, you rescued our people

You lent us your strength in our time of need

The secret concerning your body

We will definitely keep it a secret!

And if this is some sort of a curse

The knowledge of our elders can maybe help you!

Page 25:
Thank you if you could somehow remove this curse

Then I couldn’t be happier

Then it’s decided

I will

Say this once again

Page 26:
my name is Arian Granis Maple, a warrior of the Maple clan of the great Kanada forest                                         Arc, won’t you come to my village?

My name is Arc, I’m on a journey to remove my curse

I’m sorry I’ll be troubling you for a while

Page 28:
to think the setting “to remove the curse on my body” that I created in my head has actually become true

Now Arc!

Let’s us meet up with Danka-san and the others at

The upper stream of this river!

Page 29:
this is still before dawn break                                             there is only moon light, nothing too memorable

But I am determined about what I want to do

Page 30:
-Then let’s us head out


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