Gaikotsu Kishi-sama Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 9

Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu Chapter 9

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 9
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Page 1:
The news of Marquis Diento getting assaulted has reached

The capital of Roden “Ollavu”-

It was widely spread within the nobles


King of Roden                                                Kallon Delfleet Roden Ollavu

Page 2:
first prince                                            Sekto Rondal Kallon Roden Ollavu

Second princess                                    Yuriana Melor Marissa Roden Ollavu

Second prince                                       Dakares Shishie Kallon Roden Ollavu

Page 3:
Has the culprit concerning Marquis Diento’s assault been identified? Sekto

No…we are still unable to but…there are rumors that the elves did it…

On the other hand, there are rumors about Diento breaking the pact with the elves

By capturing and selling their people in the eastern country

Aren’t those just baseless rumors?

Do you have any proof Sekto-niisan?

Dakares, why are you trying to cover up his deeds?

I’m just saying we shouldn’t condemn someone on mere rumors!

Page 4:
stop your act of condemning without proof                                      but there are some rumors that can’t be ignored

There needs to be an official investigation squad dispatched to Diento immediately

…now, what are your thought concerning this Yuriana?

I have also heard of the rumors, if it were all true then not only the pact with the elves will be broken

But also a discord will form between us and the other country

We need to clarify this situation by                                       attaining a talk with the elves

If by any chance the elves decide to retaliate against us and cut our trade with “Linbulto”…

Page 5:
we will be receiving pressure from both sides

That’s right, I don’t know about the other magical tools but if the “abundant crop stone” supply is reduced…

Then the nobles will get even more rebellious towards the royal family

Yuriana, can I ask you to get in contact with the elves in “Linbulto”                                          And negotiate with them?

I can Father

Then                                           that’s enough for today

Page 7:
Jeez                                            this is getting troublesome…

Page 10:
Open up!! Arian Glenis Maple! Danka Nil Maple!

We’ve returned from the mission rescuing our people!

Page 11:
Elven village                                         Lalatoia

I’ll be heading to my next mission so please take care of the rest


Page 12:

I need to greet our elder first, can you wait for me?

An elven village…huh…?

This just screams fantasy

Sorry to have kept you waiting Arc, I’ve received approval from the elder, let’s go


Page 13:
I’m Dylan Tag Lalatoia, this village’s chief

I’m his wife, Glenis Aluna Lalatoia, Arian’s mother

It’s a pleasure to be able to meet the village chief and his wife

My name is Arc, just a mercenary going on a trip…wait?

Page 14:
Arian-dono’s mother and                                           father!?

My daughter must have been troubling you

I’m turning 170 this year

I’ve heard everything from my daughter, let me express my gratitude as a representative of the elven race

Thank you

But still she actually killing a feudal lord is beyond my anticipation

Even though there is a pact, a Roden’s noble is involved you know!

Even though the aim is to stop the kidnapping incidents, why would you go to the point of setting a lord’s castle ablaze ?

That is…!

Village chief, please let me explain

Page 15:
I see…Concerning this, I will make a report and bring this slave contract form

To the elders meeting

Are we done talking about work? Let’s us have our meal

A Glenis specialty                                           stew and bread

It smells really good…

Page 16:
I’ve also heard about your condition

Me and Glenis are both fine with it

Page 17:
let’s dig in

We have more so eat to your heart content

Kyun kyun

Page 18:
good morning Ponta


Page 19:
good morning! Did you sleep well yesterday?

Yes! You’re up really early Glenis-dono


I’m right in the middle of preparing breakfast                                  please sit over there

Thank you

May I ask where Dylan-dono and Arian-dono are?

They woke up early and went to the forest capital Mebul

I see, they went to the elders meeting

That’s right…by the way do you have any prior plans for today Arc-san?

Huh? Well it’s nothing special

Ah I see…

Page 20:

Then how about

Accompanying me for a while


Page 21:
May I ask this again?

But are you fine with me accompanying you?

Yes, it’s fine, I’ve seen Arian’s sword technique

Ok then

Page 22:

I’m the one who taught that child how to use a sword, I won’t waste any of your time

Beside dark elves are a race that excel in physical capabilities

So if there is a chance, they always want to measure someone else abilities

Also as a parent, I want to see if the man my daughter is with is a capable man or not?

Ok…I understand

Page 23:


Let’s us


Page 24:

Page 25:


Too fast-


Your vision is good but your reaction to something unexpected proves you’re still a novice

If you can see it then at least you should try to dodge

Page 26:
now, don’t mind and come straight at me

It’s not like I wish for this…! If I want to continue living in this world, then I would need a certain level of sword skill. Right now with her, a “sword trainer”, I need to learn a lot from her

Ok please teach me!







Page 26:



Page 28:

[Dimensional move]

Page 29:



Ah it’s already evening

I need to prepare dinner before Arian and her father returns

Could you be kind to help me Arc-san?

Understood ma’am…

Page 30:
having high parameters doesn’t make you strong…

The world is huge, right Ponta?

Kyui kyui


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