Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki Chapter 4

Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki Chapter 4

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+Page 1

In this occasion, the ones who showed particularly rare talents are…

These 5 people.

Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki

Manga: Ueda Satoshi

Original: Dozeu Maru

Character: Fuyu Yuki

Whoa — That Dark Elf girl is holding a sword…. Is she a warrior?

That boy looks thin.

Wow, that girl is so beautiful.

What kind of talent does that little girl have?

Hey… Look at that weird guy who keeps sweating…!!

Chapter 4: First let’s begin from XX (2)

+Page 3

How dare you not bow

in the presence of His Highness?

The soldiers of our tribe bow to no one but our master.

Also, it is a sign of virtue for our women to bow their heads to no one besides their husbands.


I don’t mind.

It was us who appealed for their cooperation for the country, so we cannot be conservative.

+Page 4

You may skip formalities and be at ease.

Then I shall hold the ceremony to announce the talents you possess

-and grant you your rewards!

Dark elf of the Jingo Forest,

Aisha Woodgard, step forward.


Dark elf…. Protectors of the Jingo Forest, An exclusive tribe with high combat capability….

She showed remarkable talent in combat.

Her competence can truly be called the Kingdom’s Mightiest Warrior.

+Page 5

Could you lend your strength to the country when it’s needed? I read that a Dark elf belongs only to their tribe.

This is not the age where we can live just by protecting the forest.

Without the country, the forest will be in danger.

There are Dark elves who think we should change our ways… I am one of them.

However, if we keep going like this…

…Thy King…I don’t need a prize.

Please allow me to speak frankly.



+Page 6

Normally, it is a capital offense to make a direct appeal to the King.

I’ll allow it. Speak.


I beg your pardon….

Recently, human invasion into the Jingo Forest has intensified!

They picked mushrooms and wild plants and hunted the beasts of the forest.

We understand your food shortage, but if this goes on then it will be our turn to starve.

There have been small skirmishes in the forest. Thy King, please somehow control the human trespassers!

So the famine has affected this severely…

I see.

I’ll immediately provide food support for villagers around the forest, anyone who hunts in the forest will be designated as poachers.

+Page 7

Thank you very much!!

But, if you consider the future of the forest, don’t you think that you should trade with those outside?

What about lumber? You do periodically thin the forest, don’t you…?


Periodic… what?

Huh!? It means cutting down a moderate number of trees in order to maintain the forest…

Protecting the forest… by cutting trees!?

If you let it grow uncontrollably like that they will spread their leaves and block the sun, which will prevent young trees from growing.

Also, when they grow close together they’ll obstruct each other’s growth. In the end, only fragile and old trees remain.

Such a fragile forest will be easily destroyed by snow or wind.

Since sunlight is blocked the undergrowth trees will wither and the ground will lose water retention, which can lead to landslides.

So it’s important to thin the forest, right?

+Page 8

Thy King..! No, Your Highness!!


Please forgive me for my insolence earlier!

But… wait; are you okay with bowing your head?

I don’t mind. At this very moment,

I offer you my entire lifetime of loyalty, my master!!


I dedicate my body and heart to Your Highness!!

H-hey, wait a minute. Why did it turn out like this?

I can be your fighter or your mistress, please make use of this life in any way!

But please, listen to my last wish!

Ignoring me!? You’re ignoring me…!?

I beg you to come with me just one time to the Jingo Forest

-as soon as possible!

+Page 9

Recently, the forest has been facing the problems Your Highness mentioned just now!!

Why didn’t you notice it until now?

It’s our shame. The trees in Jingo Forest have very long lifespans so it went without us noticing the ends of their lives…

To be honest, it’s not someone else’s problem, either.

The mountains of Elfrieden also don’t get periodically thinned so they might be facing similar situations.

I understand! I’ll visit Jingo Forest in the near future!


I’ll take this as a chance and establish {Forestry}.

Thank you so much, Your Highness!!

+Page 10


Hakuya Kuonmin, please step forward.


This person perfectly memorized the country’s law. His knowledge and memory proved to be without equal in the entire kingdom.

Even through recommendation, he had proven his unique talent.



You have a wonderful talent.

If you want I can recommend you as the head of the Judicial Department?

No need, just the reward will be fine.

I was originally forced into applying by my uncle…

Saying things like: “Don’t just read books all day, go and make yourself useful to society”…

+Page 11

By “books” do you mean law?

No, I’m not picky with the genre.

I see…

There’s something special about him…

In that case, how about being a Librarian of the Royal Library?

There are books that don’t circulate in the outside world. You can freely inspect those as a Librarian.

Ooh, if you say so, then it is my honor to accept this offer!

It’s important to put all the essential cards in my hands.


Miss Juna Doma, please step forward.


+Page 12


So beautiful.



Hey, I haven’t forgotten our work; don’t stare at me like that.

I don’t care.

This is the world’s greatest songstress, she showed unique talent in singing and dancing.

She also won the beauty contest.

So the heavens do give two gifts, huh…

I don’t deserve such praise from Your Highness.

The famous songstress Lorelei is my ancestor, singing is in my blood.

Then I certainly must hear your voice.

As you wish…

+Page 13

Since this is being broadcast throughout Elfrieden…

…how about you sing a song that’ll lift up the people’s mood.

A song to lift up… the people’s mood? Unfortunately, Lorelei’s songs that were handed down in my family are basically sad songs.

Is that so…?

What about these…?


One of the few things from my world that I brought here…

What…is this?

You can see it simply as an object that can play music.

Now I will turn it on.

Ah…Your Highness…there are sounds…!!

It’s okay…just listen to it.



+Page 14

I memorized it.

That quick!?


Then allow me to sing.

+Page 16



It was a fun song, thank you very much, Your Highness.

No, thank you for such a magnificent performance.

If I may, will Your Highness teach me more of your country’s song?

I’ll be glad to! Let’s see… I’d like to turn the Royal voice Chamber into a recording studio.

So that we will be able to deliver your songs to the people of this country at all times.


This is just like a dream.

+Page 17

So… Let’s continue.

Tomoe Inui of the Mystic Wolf Tribe, please step forward.




This girl….

….can communicate with the wildlife, a very rare ability.



Wow, you can talk to animals….That’s wonderful.

+Page 18

The Mystic Wolves’ country is way up North.

So, a refugee from the Demon King Territory expansion…

Uh…..Ohm…Your Highness….


Um… uhh… I ha-… I have something to say…

You have something to say? I don’t mind, so speak up.


Huh? What? I can’t hear you.



Um…. I…

+Page 19

Now I can hear you, speak up.





…Are you sure…?


Have you told anyone else about this?

N-not yet, I only told my mother…

I see.

+Page 20

I have to remain calm….

Everybody is watching.

Well… I’m a bit tired; we’ll stop here and take a break.


Yes, Your Highness.

I don’t want people to be bored du ring our break…

…so could you fill in for half an hour with your songs?

It will be my pleasure.

Thank you.

+Page 21

Why did you gather us here, Souma?

Tomoe can communicate with animals…. You all know that, right?

Yes, a wonderful ability indeed.

With that power…She…

+Page 22

…She talked with a Demonic creature.



Before the Demon Realm appeared, people believed that demons could only be as smart as animals.

Then when the Demon Realm emerged, some of them seemed to possess high intelligence.

Humans called these intelligent creatures “Demonic creatures” or “Demons”.

Returning to the topic, she communicated with those “creatures”.

+Page 23


Our village was attacked by the Demons.

Before that day…

a Kobold came to us…

and told us.


What did he say?

I can’t stand seeing someone with a similar scent getting attacked.

You have to run away.

+Page 24

It was a miracle that I could understand what Kobold-san said…

Thanks to that, our family was saved.

So the Demons have the capability to reason…

10 years ago, human went on a crusade and attacked the Demon Realm

to annihilate the barbarous and slightly intelligent monsters…

but if the Demons can be communicated with…

Then without knowing it, humans started

… a huge war with the Demons.


To be continued.



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