Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki Chapter 5

Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki Chapter 5

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+Page 1

Chapter 5: First, let’s begin from XX (3).

So that means with this girl’s help we can finally understand the intention of those Demons….

Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki.

But if the other countries find out about this…..

It can cause a huge disturbance.

Everyone is in an emergency meeting because of Tomoe’s special ability!

Do you think the Empire knows about this?

I don’t know yet……

To be honest, her ability is…..

I-I’m so sorry….

Ah, no….. We’re not blaming you.

In fact.

Manga: Ueda Satoshi      Original: Dozeu Maru

Character Design: Fuyu Yuki


+Page 2

To think that another country would get hold of this information.

I couldn’t even imagine what would happen.

But if we were found hiding such vital piece of information we’ll get branded as the enemies of the humanity, you know….?

It’s true…. It won’t be wise to just clumsily hide it.
In order to stop this life-and-death war between humans and Demons.

The information must be leaked slowly and steadily….


Then it’s decided.


+Page 3

First is “there are Demons that are skilled in conversation”.

We will leak this information to the surrounding countries.

They will definitely try to find out if the rumor is true or not…..

And even if they find out that the Demons have their own thoughts.

The other countries still have to find a way to communicate with them…..

But we have Tomoe!

This is our strongest trump card of our country, to be able to talk directly to the Demons.


+Page 4

Which means that you, Tomoe, will be protected by this country.

Uhm…. But my mother and brother are still…..

Of course we will protect your family too.

And to ensure your safety, I suggest you that you and your family should move into the castle.

Your Highness, letting a commoner that has no related with the Royal Blood to live inside the castle is a little inappropriate.

Hmmm, then what if we take her in as the adopted daughter of the former king and queen, will that be inappropriate?

That’s a great idea!! I’ve always wanted a younger sister!



+Page 5

Then let’s ready ourselves and go back to the assembly hall.

People have been waiting long enough.

Miss Juna…. While we were away
Thank you for entertaining people with your amazing songs.

It’s nothing, this is my duty.



+Page 6

Mister Panakotta from Potte Village.
Please step forward.

I’m coming.





What’s this?

How can a guy like this qualified!?




Well…. Ahem, this person’s talent is “eating”.
It’s not just about his appetite, this man travels around the world in search for food.

He has tasted all kinds of food and specialties in different regions of the world.
According to him, he has tasted nearly all of the food that can be eaten.


+Page 7

I’ve been waiting for this!!

Thank you for responding to our country’s appeal! I’ve always been searching for someone like you!!



+Page 8

Ah….Uhm… W-why……

Your culinary knowledge of the local products is the key to saving this country!

Uwaaa….I’ve…. always been called a fatty….
They called me the guy who wasted all his money into food.

And your Highness says a guy who only knows how to eat can save this country?

Everything has its advantages if you look on the bright side. So stand straight and be proud of what you did!

All your efforts spent in your food journey will be of great help.


+Page 9

I ask you to lend your knowledge to this country.

O-of course!!

There’s a custom of this country that the King will grant a “name” to a retainer and it represents the country’s hope…

Poncho…. I now grant you the name “Ishizuka”.

This is the title of a missionary who persistently put his effort into his search of cuisine.

I hope you will live up to this name!
Y-yes! Thank you so much, Your Highness!

My King.

There’s something I want to say.


+Page 10

I want to make a self-recommendation.


That guy Poncho
I too think that he possesses a unique talent that this country needs.

It was very impolite of me but I had been observing all this time.
To see your response to his situation.

And seeing you earnestly welcomed and encouraged his talent like this, I am truly joyful.


Is that so… Then the thing you want to say is…?

If possible, I would like to….


+Page 11

Offer my intellect to support your “hegemony”.

Hegemony, huh…. That’s a strong word to say.
What you propose is intriguing, but do you possess the talent for it…?

I am fully confident in my capability.

Right…. Then I’ll leave you to Markus!

Place this person in a rank that befits his abilities.


+Page 12


From now on I’ll count on your help!


Many years later, “Souma’s talent gathering” became a historical turning point and was put into many theater plays… For example: Souma’s grand exploits of incredible talents just by a glance- Or Ishizuka with his Cinderella story started from this day….. And many more…


+Page 13

My King! This is like telling me to *teach you how to ride a flying dragon!


*An idiom of this world, which is similar to teaching fish to swim.

This was a destined encounter with Hakuya Kuonmin, the man who will later be passed on the position of Chancellor by Markus with the name [Prime Minister in Black].

Thank you all for coming.

A few weeks after the talent gathering.


+Page 15

Ah… It is our pleasure.

Your Highness, why are you still humble being the absolute ruler of this country?

Someone will definitely take advantage of you for this.

I don’t need that fame gained by just bossing around.

I think of all the people sitting here as my comrades.

We don’t deserve such praise from you, Your Highness.

Am… Am i…..

Also your friend?


+Page 16

No no, Tomoe is my sister.

So you can just call me Souma nii-chan.

Hey that’s cheating.

Then you have to call me nee-chan too.


Souma nii-chan….. Lisia nee-chan.

*So cute




You two need to stay awake.

Guh- How dare you…. His Highness’s head….

What? This was given to me by the King himself


+Page 17

My King, don’t you plan to explain to us why you gather us here?

Oh, that’s right. Poncho, did you prepare what I asked?

Y-Yes. It was thanks to Your Majesty who lent me his personal Flying Dragon.

The places that I needed 8 years to visit, we managed to do it in just 2 weeks, and I collected it all.



I gathered all the local products that the people in this country aren’t used to eating.


+Page 18

Right now, our country is changing from “planting cash crops” to “planting food crops”.
However, we can only see the results in autumn…. So we need to come up with a plan to prevent starvation.

So that’s why you brought ingredients from other places?

Yep. The ingredients that are widely used in other countries.
When the citizens finally get used to eating all those kinds of food.

Our available cuisine will vary greatly.

Is it really that effective?


+Page 19

That’s up to us to confirm.

Now let’s all move to the dining hall.


+Page 22

Hey Souma, it’s fine to use the dining hall.

But don’t you think there are too many people? Besides….

And you’re using the [Royal Broadcast] again?

Yeah. It would be a waste not to take advantage of something so amazing and convenient.

The idea of this is to help people in this country create a habit of eating unfamiliar food.

So by announcing it publicly to the citizens, it can be very effective.

For that purpose I’ve brought all the beauties of this country here, haven’t i?


+Page 23

It is an honor, Your Majesty.

I see! Then you will not be disappointed.

Yes… I will do my best too.

Eh…. Even me?


+Page 24

Then, let the broadcasting begin.

Oh, it finally begins.

Daddy, what is our King doing this time?

Back in my times, witnessing the [Royal Broadcast Crystal] like this was extremely rare.

To be continued.


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