Genjuu Chousain Chapter 4

Genjuu Chousain Chapter 4

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1 Chapter 4 Mermaid
It’s beautiful , Kushuna
Everything shines so brightly
2 No matter how beautiful it is, in winter, nothing will remain bright.
You get lots of fish at this time though1
My lady, do you like fish
I like squid
Sometime I cannot understand you
3 My dear lady, where on earth are we going?
To the sea
We may encounter mystical beasts living there
Such a workaholic
Be careful and don’t fall down
Even though I can pull you up right away.
….such beautiful voice
4+5 It’s a mermaid
6 hey..
Do do do do
7 You scared my boy away
Skin that cannot be burned, hair long and silky as the waves
Strangers, what brought you to my ocean?
Sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you
I’m a mystical beast investigator, Ferry Eshibena
I’ve heard about you, the mermaid, singer of the ocean, but only now do I have the honor to meet you in person
If possible, I hope you can show me the life here, at this area, even a litt…
8 I don’t know
Do it on your ow…
Oh hey
9 Isn’t this The Lord of the Dark
It’s strange to see you protecting a little girl
Thanks Kushuna
Hm, don’t be so distant like that
10 You are quite famous, aren’t you?
I’ve been this famous since I was born
Never mind that
It doesn’t matter whether I’m famous or not, what’s important is I am myself
And you’re still you
You are still inexperienced, my lady
I’m so sorry, Toro, for you to become like this to protect me
Why did you go in front of the shield, you stupid bat, don’t throw a tantrum, you did it on purpose, didn’t you, stupid
11 Uhm, wet
If we were home, there would be clean water and a towel for you …
12 Few few
13 Bam
Hey, you loser, living by a monster’s pity!!!


Those monsters bewitched your whole family, from your grandfather, your father to you, losers
Your family is the shame of all men living on land
Is it true that you don’t fish for yourself anymore and live on those fish that the mermaid gave you?
You look fat, don’t you, how does it feel being raised by a monster? Huh?
Mermaids never farm humans
15 Oh
You must have misunderstood
Mermaids do not have a habit of farming humans
Oh, a little girl?
This kid, as I see, is trying to ingratiate the great Mermaid, they even patted each other’s shoulder, maybe he already gave himself to her
Who knows, a little boy may pop out of nowhere later
We are not in that kind of relationship
If humans are nice to other kinds, they will be paid back with protection and blessings
Is there a problem here?
16 What..
Even the smallest gesture will have them thankful and pay back generously
But also the smallest gesture that you don’t even notice will breed catastrophe
That’s typical of those classified as “Fairy”
It’s their instinct, they give you happiness, isn’t that natural
Natural my ass … Humans do that everyday
For mystical beasts bonding with humans, those actions are natural
You decide whether to accept it, there’s no rules saying you cannot refuse
If trouble arises because of his receiving a mermaid’s help, I will handle it
17 Shut up, punk!!
Be very careful because your attitude is begging for some beat…
Bullseye hit
A strange kid looking down on you
What trouble would she get?
Dr. Orton!
Stop drinking …..Come with me, quickly
Did your daughter’s coughing become serious
Humph, the kid got away again
He will follow his grandfather and father, once their love is over, this city will be blown away
Weak slave…
19 Stick
Let’s go back, my lady!
Don’t waste time listening to these craps
There’s still …
Something needs to be done
Just jealous men
The octopus has yet to …
I don’t care about squid or octopus or whatever! If we don’t have money, I can do some circus tricks or something to pay.
We don’t need that….
Okay, let’s go
20 Mystical Beasts Book- Book 1, Page 93 “Mermaid—–Except those exclusive of some areas”
A kind of fairy, the upper half is a beautiful woman, the lower half is a fishtail
Possesses the power of prophecy and knowledge of the ocean
It’s what the book says
21 It seems like many girls in the city have got lung diseases, if you don’t mind
Can you please show me herbs that can cure lung diseases around here?
Are you stupid?
Why do I…
If you know
And offer your help, it would be great
Leave me alone
Humans’ affairs have nothing to do with me
Is that so
22 If you bring me “Amairiku Egg”, I will tell you
…My dear lady, do you know what is an “Amairiku Egg”
I know nothing about it
Don’t worry
There must be someone who knows
23 !
You are….
Thanks, for helping me
Don’t thank me
23 You helped me a lot
Isn’t it strange for a stranger like you…
Or an optimist
While people are working hard, I only played and have never fished in my life
No matter how good the result, it’s the mermaid’s, not mine
There’s nothing wrong about receiving a mystical beast’s help
No one knows if the receiver is truly happy
25 Humans always try to avoid mystical beasts
But you stay with them
Hence, people envy and threaten you
It’s also a problem
As their help is too much
The receiver’s pride might be hurt
26 Whether it’s pain or happiness, you’re the one who bonds with the mermaid
If you choose to be her “true lover”
No one can criticize you
..But I!!
They were right …
I can’t control anything in my life…
27 Oh
Do you know anything called “Amairiki Egg”?
That’s it…
That’s what I…
It’s her goodwill for us in its physical form
28 Hey
You came!!
29 Here, is this what you asked for from these strangers?
I asked you to bring it to me several times but you didn’t even once
It’s not ripe, it’s too sour for you
Not that only
You also didn’t come to my place recently
Even if you did, you would look sad and upset
I thought you didn’t want to come
Is it so, so careless of me
30 I know it
Your eyes, they looks like your father’s, your father’s father’s, too
You must think that this is stupid!
Stupid huh…
I decided to go fishing with the crew
Thank you for everything
From now on, take care of yourself
Then who will bring me “Amairiku Eggs”?
31 I planted one by the cliff
You will not need me anymore
I don’t understand!
I don’t need that tree!
Later, my kid will bring you “Amairiku Eggs”
I will not come back here…
And maybe my kid will be a girl
Isn’t it better, because a girl doesn’t have to go fishing, she can always stay by your side
She will appreciate your songs, and you can style her hair with coral reefs and shells
Don’t be so stubborn, okay
32 Good bye, dummy!
Goodbye is a good thing, after all
33 Get the ill girls to drink the juice of wormwoods on the field
His ship will not encounter typhoons and will not sink
After long continuous journeys, along with the little girl he found, they returned
The family tradition continues…
34 His father’s father as well
I thought he returned, but looking at his son, I realized that he had aged
And his father
Why do humans never understand…
Why did they return, just to leave again
Those adorable kids
I have never seen them grow up
35 I wanted dearly to see it, so much
Not this time
I don’t need this, for you, it’s delicious
It tastes like the moon falling down
36 Humh? What is it that you keep on repeating
Love stories of the good
Or those who are tired of ocean life
Of curiosity about one never seen before
Only mermaids may understand them
37 Those who returned

Did they return for the mermaid
Or the prosperity
Whether they receive a blessing or a curse, no one knows
Maybe both love and hate comes from giving an apple
Like the “Amairiki Egg”, sour and sweet



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