Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 15

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 15

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Notes on the Quintuplets

– Hate studying

– Almost failed the test

Horrifyingly bad grades…!!

The midterm test is next week.

Just so you know, anything below 30 is a failing grade.

All of you, try to study hard on your own!


So it’s finally come to this…

Gotoubun no Hanayome


Summary: one of the quintuplets has met Fuutarou before! But, after growing up, they’ve both changed so much, so neither of them know it yet.

Wherever they are, in sickness or in health…

All for one, and one for all!

Gotoubun no Hanayome

Chapter 15: Things Accumulated Through Time

– Harunba Negi


Fuutarou, test mode activated!

Full of fighting spirit as a “partner!”


What is it?

Oh, nothing. I just thought that you were really trying very hard.

Working so hard even during a break, good job!



I heard that you also study at home.

Never tardy, never absent, never absent-mindedly leaving your books at home,

since we’re in the same class, I know that you’re the most hard-working of the quintuplets.

Am I?


You’re only slightly dumb!


Come on, stop being stubborn and join our private tutor group!

…You’re right!

It’s true that there are some limits to studying alone.

Can you explain this problem to me, teacher?

Of course…!

Okay. Meet me in the staff room after school.

Thank you!


I…I’m definitely not giving up…!





The midterm, you…

Girls, let’s go.

Huh? Are you listening?

Did he just call you Nino?

He’s a stalker.

Wha! How scary…

Nino, I won’t give up!


The night of the festival, weren’t we together?

Please just think about it again!


We can do it at your house!

Just one more time! Only one more time!

I’ll teach you everything that you don’t know!



If you say things like that, people will misunderstand!!Smack!


You alright?

You don’t have to worry, Itsuki and the rest of them will change.

I haven’t seen any changes since then…

How am I supposed to make them change now…?



Do you notice anything different about me today?


Do you guys even realize what’s coming?

You’re gonna ignore me!?

A hint, then, it’s from the neck up…

Ah, right! The camping trip!

I’m looking forward to it.

Have you forgotten about the mid-term test?

I’m speechless.

Ah ha ha

How could I not know?

Do you even understand…

It seems like it’s hard for Uesugi~~


It’s my bow! The pattern’s different from the usual!

I heard that a checked pattern is in fashion this year!

It looks like your homework is in fashion then, all it has is checks, you must be so happy.

**Add TL note explaining that checks are used to mark wrong answers in Japan

Ah~~ it’s so fashionable~~

Ah ha ha ha

You’re laughing now?

Yotsuba’s still better, at least she still wants to study.

If things go on like this, none of you are going to pass!

Don’t even dream of going on the camping trip!


The midterm will test 5 subjects: Japanese, math, English, science, and social sciences.

Starting now, we have to follow a study plan for the week.


That’s why Miku should also study something besides history…


Mike is studying English, the subject she hates most…

Do you have a fever?

If so, you shouldn’t study, get some rest instead!

I’m fine.

I just want to work a little harder.


I don’t know why, but this is good…!

Alright, everyone let’s try our best~!

But, Miku’s grades are the same as before…

What should I do?

Ding dong dang dong

Ah~~~ I’m so tired!

I just want to go straight home…

Hm…there’s not enough time if we only study after school…

I wonder how much we can study during the weekend…




You don’t have to think about it so much, you know?

The midterm isn’t for expelling students

We’ll also try hard.

We’ll definitely cooperate with you!

And if there’s reward, we’ll even try harder…

Ah, the fruit-flavored parfait from the store in front of the station would be fine!

I want the matcha-flavored one.

Just talking about it is making me hungry!

Should we invite everyone there now?

So you’re not gonna go straight home?

I guess there’s no need to rush~



If you don’t hurry up, we’ll leave you behind!


Stop right there!

How can you just leave by yourself after that?

In that situation, usually you’d go together, right?


It’s because I have to go home and study…

What, did you run after me just to say that?


There’s a call that you need to take.





My daughters have been troubling you.




Long time no talk!

You have no reason to be calling me “dad.”

There’s no reason for you to call him “dad.”

I’m sorry that I can’t meet you in person.

How are you? Is your tutoring going alright?

It’s fine, I’m still doing my best!

Hey, hey, Itsuki, ask me that later.

Everyone’s paying attention. If they keep it up, there shouldn’t be any problems!

That’s good to hear.

I heard that the midterm is coming up, but, I’m happy to hear you’re all studying so hard.

Even though it’s a bit unfair…

I’d like to use this test as a test of your achievements as well.


The midterm is in a week.

If just one of the quintuplets gets a failing grade,

I’ll find them a new tutor.

The pressure’s on! The studying is going well…??

Uesugi faces a sudden challenge…!


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