Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 16

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 16

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2 Damn!
Hey, that’s my phone!?
none of them can have a bad grades…?
If I’m only teaching on the weekend I cannot make sure it won’t happen
Moreover, Nino and Itsuki… They never listen to me
No matter what, there is not enough time for me at all
It’s impossible
What did my father say to you?
Thinking about that is your job, right Fuutarou?
3 Nothing
Nothing and you are sweating like this!?
I don’t believe you…
Instead of worrying about me, why don’t you do that for yourself?
You are still studying hard for the mid-term next week right?
N..No problem
There is a thousand problems going on, You failed the test today right?
Did you see that?
I knew it…
But if I say that she will get angry at me…
Anyway she did try…
If there is something you don’t understand, you can ask me
4 What? Are you saying I cannot learn by myself?
A—! She’s getting angry again!
I told you that I don’t need your help
You’re earnest but stubborn indeed.
If you listen to me, I will explain the lesson to you in the easiest way
Please, can you learn from Miku and Ichika just a little bit!
Maybe you forgot
But the one who came to you asking for help first was me
5 But you’re the one who said no to me
Sorry for wasting your time
You think you can learn and pass the exam by yourself?
Yes. Even though it might not happen in the mid-term
No way!
If you fail this time, there won’t be a next time
This is my job. Please listen to me this time and don’t make it harder than it is
You’re the one doing that
You really want to have a better grades next time right?
6 Just shut up and listen to me
No … No, i mean…
My impression of you did change a little
But it look like I was wrong
You just do this only for the money right?
Working for money, what’s wrong with it?
Just because your father is rich, so you think you can talk like that?
7 If it weren’t for the money, no one would be willing to teach someone like you
You don’t need to work hard like that
We are not some kind of tool for you to make money from
I don’t care even if you regret it later
Even if I am expelled from school!
8 I will never ask you to teach me anymore!
I will never teach you someone like you
9 Why the hell did I say something like that!!!
I’m going to be fired
Now is not the time for this
I will be honest with her the next time we meet…
I’m married!
Please congratulate me!
10 Umm
Congratulation —
So, my turn
I’m going to debut soon and become an actress
What!! I wanna be like that !
Ah…They’re talking about the game
I’m still poor even in a game…
Now  its not the time to be playing!!
Think about your life  a little, will you!
But you have learnt a lot today, let’s have some rest
My head is about to explode
Even so…
11 This job is not just for me
It’s for Raiha… and for the life of five girls too
Mid-term exam
Can we all reach the goal!?
12 You look more insecure than usual …
Are our grades are at such dangerous state?
To be honest
What should I do? Tell them the truth to have them cooperating with me?
No… It will only give them more pressure
I have an idea
13 What-
Everyone is truanting here
I want to play too
Can you go out and let me play?
You’re saying?
No, Nothing!
If Nino knows about it
It is not necessary to tell what she would do
Woah you have so little money left!
Are you also playing?
14 Itsuki..
About yesterday…
I have to study, keep playing without me
15 You too, your tutoring job is done right?
Just go home already
A, aaaa…
No…if things go on like this, nothing will be solve
Wait Nino…
Fuutarou, what are you doing?
Didn’t you promise to
Stay over night and teach me?
What — !?
16 Ichika, why are you helping me like this…
So spacious…
You should go take a shower
Then we can learn after that
Did she know that I’m going to be fired?
But anyway…
At least i can see the light at the end of the tunnel
Having this chance is giving me more hope
Moreover, she is…
17 Uesugi-kun
I’m Itsuki
Ichika said that you have something to talk to me. What is it about?
I never said that
Is that so? Then…
I was lying!
Thank you for coming
What do you wanna talk about?
18 I’m sorry about yesterday
Cause i felt a little insecure so I can’t control my feelings
Please let me be your tutor
What’s happened?
If one of you guys have bad grades I will have to quit my job
Since you know about my family problem
Even without that happening…
So that’s it
19 Itsuki!
Why did you open the door?
Since you had seen my body before, I call it even this time
20 Cause i feel something is wrong between you and Itsuki, so I’ve come here to check
Well, if we have a bad grades, you will get fired right?
Seem like i just heard some good news
It’s just one trouble on top of another piling on to Fuutarou!
Argument with Itsuki, Nino grasping his weakness…
Moreover, he’ll get fired if someone has a bad grades
Why does everything has to happen at the same time!!


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