Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 17

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 17

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 17
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+Page 1

Uesugi’s been in the shower for a long time!

I bet he’s enjoying bathing in the bathtub used by all these beautiful young women.


Maybe we should go and get him?

It’s such a rare occasion for him to stay at our place, you should take advantage of this chance, you know~

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Chapter 17: Evening group study

Ah, there he is!

Welcome back!

+Page 2



I’m sorry, we spent so long working on the study schedule for the midterm, and yet I made you guys wait…

N…Nino, care to join us?


No, I don’t believe that’s necessary.

What should I do!?

To Nino, knowing that I’ll be fired if she just gets a failing score is actually to her convenience!

She’ll definitely neglect her studies.

She’s definitely going to put all her effort into not studying!

+Page 3

Come on~

Sit closer, closer!

Miku said that there’re some problems she doesn’t understand.



Ah! Then let me explain it to you!

You can ask whatever you want! If there’s any problem that you don’t understand, just bring it to me!

Uesugi! What’s the word for “discuss” in English!?

Good question!


It’s pronounced /dɪˈbeɪt/. This question will most likely be on the next exam!

You see, Nino!

I can be really helpful!

There’s something I’d like to ask…

+Page 4

What type of girl do you like?



What does that have to do with what we’re studying right now?

I also want to know!

What is this…?

…Wait, I’ve got it!

+Page 5

If that’s what you girls want to know, then…

Here are the 3 qualities that I like most in a girl!

*Uesugi Fuutarou

*The 3 best qualities for a girl to have


I will only reveal one each time you girls finish a page of homework!


It’s so much easier when they’re obedient like this…


I’m done!

Number 3: “Always happy”



Number 2: “Good at cooking”

I’m finished.


Number 1:…

+Page 6

“Always thinking about her brother”

All of these are about your sister!!


N-Nino, you were listening this entire time…then, why didn’t you join us….?

It’s not like I wanted to hear it, you guys were being too loud!

I guessed them all wrong…

Enough of this!

How could you just describe Raiha-chan instead of actually answering, that’s cheating!

Haven’t I said it before?

Love is just…

+Page 7

Whoa, incredible.

Miku finished all her homework.

Fuutarou-kun, you should give her some sort of reward for all her efforts, you know?

Am I right, Miku?

Ah, um!


Here, you tried your best.

Good job.

How was it?

Was your heart racing?

+Page 8


Yotsuba, confirm.


Whaa! Stop!

Now now, don’t run!

Don’t move! Stay away from me!

There’s nothing to be scared of~

+Page 9

Uesugi-san, your heart’s beating like crazy!

It’s because of all that running!

You guys are so noisy.


I thought a group study was supposed to be quiet.



I apologize for the other night!

Would you join us in studying?

+Page 10

I apologize for the other night!

Would you join us in studying?


There’s no way I could speak so directly to her…

Miku, can I borrow your headphones?


Sure, but why?

I want to be able to focus on studying alone.


Can I trust you?

+Page 11

I don’t want to get in your way.

Itsuki, wait!

Why did she….!


Look, the stars are so beautiful tonight!

Let’s take a break!


There she goes again….

Well…I guess it’s okay.

Miku, Yotsuba.

You two can take a short break…

+Page 12

Ietsuna Tsunayoshi Ienobu.

I see.

Ietsuna Tsunayoshi Ietsuna.


These are two different names.

Ietsunayoshi Ienobu.

Now you’re combining them.


It really is beautiful out here.

It’d be a waste to miss out on a view like this.

+Page 13

By the way, I passed the audition.


The film starts after the midterm, so there’s nothing for you to worry about.

Then it’s fine.

Did you get in a fight with Itsuki-chan?


It’s just the usual….

Right, you guys are always fighting every time you see each other.

It’s because you’re the same as her.

+Page 14

Looks who’s talking….


But today’s different than usual.

I want you guys to

continue your friendly bickering.

You’re contradicting yourself.

Am I? That girl is just stubborn.

Do you think you’re any different from her, Fuutarou-kun?

She’s been stubborn since she was young.

She can’t be honest with herself, and because of that,

+Page 15

she’s probably crying on her own right now.

I’ll do what I can to help her.

But there’s something only you can do.

I’ll leave it to you.

What’s this?

With the five of you being born at nearly the same time,

I wouldn’t expect the situation to be like this…

+Page 16

But you’re actually a pretty good big sister, aren’t you?

…What’s with this hand.

You were the one who told me to do this more often!

I was?

Anyway, why is it so hot out when it’s almost autumn?

What? But I feel so cold… I think I’ll go back inside.

Oh, I just remembered! Where will Uesugi sleep?

On that sofa over there……



+Page 17

It’s cold…isn’t it…?

We can’t let our guest sleep on the sofa!

You can use my bed.

+Page 18


So this is…..what a real bed is like…..

So amazing…..



The Nakano’s father.

Even though there are still some problems…

+Page 19

I hope that things will go well tomorrow.

What’s wrong?


+Page 20

Miku’s half asleep! She’s wearing nothing but pajamas!

Time for the two to share a bed!

What will happen after they wake up—


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