Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 18

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 18

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+Page 1

Christmas present “swimsuit” from “5 toubun no hanayome”.

Chapter 18: The lie of a liar.

+Page 2

Stubborn Itsuki and Fuutarou – troubled heart – studying with no progress.


Summary: To prevent the 5 sisters from getting a bad grade, Fuutarou stayed at their house and formed a group study. Despite his confrontation with Itsuki, Fuutarou slept at their house following Nino’s request. Then, sleepy Miku climbed into his bed. The misunderstanding got deeper.

+Page 3

It’s rare for Ichika to wake up so early in day off like this.

I got the lowest score among the 5.

Anyway, since when did Miku leave my bed?

Yotsuba went to find her, and she disappeared too.

How’s he doing?

Beats me, I think he’s still sleeping?

So, he really decided to stay here.

Well, I think I can bear it for a short while.

+Page 4

You can join the group study, you know. It’s fun.

No way.

You must stay on my side, Itsuki.


It’s not that hard to join in.

I can’t get along with him.

We also had a fight before.

And there were some other small stuffs that I can’t stand him.

I can’t be like Ichika and Miku.

I think you can.


You only need to fix your hair a little bit.

+Page 5

Tadaa, you’re Miku now!


I’m being serious!

Sorry, I was just messing with you.


The hair part that covers her eye is on the wrong side.

And her right eye must look a little sleepier.

This part is entangled.

Hey, don’t use my hair as your toy.

Let’s grab the chance that Miku isn’t here, why don’t we play a little prank?

Eh… Really…?

He won’t be able to tell the differences between us.

+Page 6

Crap! I overslept!

I’m 40 minutes later than usual!

What a waste, I should have made use of my time staying here.

The sensation of a soft bed is so scary….


+Page 7

Sleeping beside me….

Who’s this??

Ah, the one who dresses like this….


This is bad, I have to leave this room quickly.

If Miku wakes up now, it will get troublesome.

And it’ll get even worse if someone sees this….

+Page 8


You want something, Itsuki?


So you can tell the difference….




If there’s nothing important, could you please stay outside for a while?

I have to change my clothes!


+Page 9

Enough of this!

So, she’s mad now….

It’s lucky that I heard their talk from earlier.

Ah… she’s definitely angry now.

Are you okay, Fuutarou-kun?

Ah, yeah…..

By the way, have you seen Miku?

She must be at the library….

well then, shall we shall we go to the library to change the mood?.

s-sounds good.

+Page 10

I wonder where Miku went.


Is it okay to leave Itsuki like that?

No…. She said she can do it herself, besides I can only bet on he

Even if I get expelled, I will not let you teach me.

Ah…. I’ve recalled some bad memories again.

I’ll just let her be….

There’s something only Fuutarou can do.



Assume …. I am Just assuming ….

+Page 11

What if in the future, someone in the future may have a bad performance, and she can’t move to a higher grade.

What will you do then?

Then I will be a second year once again.

Saying that, it seems I have the highest chances of failing, doesn’t it?



With Uesugi-san around, there’s nothing for me to worry about.

Guess I can’t give up now.

Or They will definitely….


+Page 12

I forget my pencil case.

Then I have plenty to lend you….

We’ll go ahead and study.

Can you go back and bring it here for me?


Sure, I’ll do it.

+Page 13


So you’re awake, Miku.

Weren’t  you at the library right now?

I came back to grab a thing I forgot here.

Ichika and the others are waiting, they met and joined up with me.

Last night, did I just…..

Huh? Last night? I’m not used to the bed so I went out and slept in the living room, now my neck hurts.

+Page 14

I-is that so?

What a relieve.

Even though it’s a lie, it’s better for her to not know about this.

Then, I guess I….

I have to lie one more time!

I think I’ll go then.

See you around.

+Page 15


Wake up.



Sorry about


Found you.

+Page 16




Now you’re trying to skip my lessons! That’s unforgivable!


Ah, I…

Pick up your pen.

I’m not….

Open your book.

Today I will give you a very horrible lesson as a punishment.

You MUST get a good grade.

But I’m not….

Don’t try to act like Itsuki.

She’s trying her best to study in her room now.

She’s not sleeping like you.

+Page 17


What do you want, Miku?

It’s not that hard to join in.


There’s no problem.

+Page 18

Then let’s get started.

Where were we?


Okay, we’ll continue there.

Is there anything you don’t understand?


Ah, I see.

+Page 29

I’m sorry for the other day.

+Page 20

What are you…. talking about?

Oh, that’s right.

You’re Miku, what am I even saying?

I’m sorry too.

What did you say, Miku?

Ah, nothing.


I don’t understand this part.

Oh, so you’ve read that part then.

Let me explain…..

+Page 23

You really try your best.



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