Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 19

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 19

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 19
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+Page 1

The midterm test,

I scored 100 points!

5 sisters with their rock-bottom study results have finally done it this time….?

Chapter 19: Hasty Death

We all got 100 points too!


I’ll admit it.

You are a great tutor.

What’s this situation–?

It’s such a huge success—

What’s happening–?

+Page 2

It’s like a dream come true!

Right…. As if they could actually score 100s…


Notification of releasing the 2nd manga volume!!


You want to stay overnight to study again!?

But you just did it a little while ago!?

Tomorrow’s the day of the exam. We have to make every moment count!

Ituski, say something!!

+Page 3

If it’s just for today, then it’s fine.


The day has finally come.


You’re up early….


I just want to confirm something. School starts at 8:30, right?

Yep, and the midterm begins 15 minutes later.


+Page 4

That clock….

It’s broken, right?

Why do we always sleep in like this—?

There’s only 15 minutes left…. This is terrible….!

What about breakfast?

Has anyone seen my makeup?

Ah— So sleepy—

Please hand me that uniform over there!

What about breakfast?

Can you guys please hurry up!?

+Page 5

I…. I’m going back to my room to change….

Ah- I nearly forgot!

I wonder what will happen if we’re late?

How am I going to explain this to their father…?

You guys are so slow!!

Uesugi-san, I’m going on ahead—


Don’t you usually go to school by car…?

It’s because Ebata-san is dad’s secretary.

It would be much easier if dad were here now.

Ah…ahaha, yeah!

But if we keep up this pace, we might still be able to make it!


+Page 6

Oh no, I haven’t put on makeup yet.

I can’t show my face like this!

But don’t the other four always go out like that?!

A very kind act!

But this really isn’t the best time!

And Yotsuba isn’t even here!

Where did she go!?

Hasn’t our guidance counselor recently started standing guard at the front gate?

He looks really scary. We might not be allowed to take the exam if we come to school late.


I…I can’t do it….

You can’t give up now!


I’m at my limit….

+Page 7

I’m so hungry that I’m out of energy to run….


They all look delicious….

We don’t have time for you to stand there looking!

Which one do you want?



I don’t really need one….


+Page 8

It’s nothing much, so I’ll treat you to it.

Even though you haven’t said anything, I know I’ve caused a lot of trouble for you.


Which one should I choose, then…?

Weren’t you just in a hurry!?

Jeez… What is Itsuki even doing….?


What’s with this kid?

+Page 9

It looks like he’s lost….

Did you get separated from your mommy?

We’re in a hurry, let someone else deal with him.

You’re the one who spent so much time choosing onigiri!

*TL note: onigiri is a kind of Japanese rice ball(Google it)

This poor boy got separated from his mother, you know…..

You monster!

Now now~ Can you tell me what your mommy looks like?


[I wanna}.

[meet my mommy…]



What are they doing? We’re in a hurry!

You were just doing the same thing, you know….

+Page 10

It’s true that we’re in a hurry, but even if we do make it, you really think that we could avoid getting a bad grade?

Just so you know, I’ll do everything I can to show dad my true potential.

Those guys seem to be trying really hard too.

But who knows what the result will be?

Even though it was only for a short while, I’ve done everything I can.

It also…. thanks to you.

Hey, about that kid, I’ll…..

[Where is the]



+Page 11


Did he just say hospital?



I just thought I heard that.

If he’s talking about Chuo Hospital then it’s nearby.


[Did you….]

[go to the hospital]

[with your mother?]


He understood!


+Page 12

I’m glad we found his mother.

Yep, that’s really great.

But aren’t you forgetting something?


We’re out of time.

The midterm has already started.

W-what should we do now….?

But the school is right there.

I wonder if the guidance counselor will forgive us for this?

What are you planning?

Hey, Yotsuba?

Are you already in school?

Oh, nothing.

Just stay there.

Don’t worry.

I’ve got a plan.

My ultimate disguise strategy.

+Page 14

Good morning, sensei!

You! You’re late!

Eh, don’t you recognize this ribbon from earlier?

This face…. This ribbon.

It’s true that I saw you a few minutes ago…

I was running some errands for my homeroom teacher, that’s why I went out.

I see. The bell already rang, you know.

Get back to your seat before the exam starts.


+Page 15


It happens right before your eyes, but it was just an illusion.

*PR note: this is a quote from the Sengoku era, it just means that there’s more than meets the eye, or something. Google it.

I’ve confirmed that Yotsuba made it to school.

If it’s the students that are already at school, the counselor won’t be so hard on you.

Now all of you….

Hurry up and transform into Yotsuba!

+Page 16

Good morning, sensei.

Good morning, sensei.


Good morning.

+Page 17

Why does that student keep going in and out like that….?

Actually tricking a teacher, we’re such bad students….

You’re being too serious.


Great! You all made it!

The real one’s here.

Hey, destroy the evidence quickly, or we’ll get caught.

Now is the important part.

We finally made it….

Is this really okay…?


What about Uesugi-san?


+Page 18

Good morning, sensei.

You’re late, and you dare to play tricks on me?

Yes, sensei.

Come with me to the office right now!


Hurry up and go!


+Page 19

You’ll be fine without me.

Have faith in your effort!

What are you mumbling about to yourself?


Let’s all get good grades to surprise him.

Yeah, even you, Nino!

W-why am I involved in this….?

Let’s all try our best.

+Page 20

Let’s go—


Showing the effects of effort and bonds!

The midterm has finally begun!!


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