Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 20

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 20

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+Page 1

*His aim is to prevent the 5 sisters from getting bad scores! But before that can happen… Is Fuutarou in trouble!?

10 minutes left.

Fufufu….Not so high and mighty now, are ya, Uesugi…

You always finish every single one of my well-thought-out tests with perfect scores and that indifferent face of yours.

And now you even showed up late to the exam.

Too bad for you, this time I’ve prepared the questions to be excessively difficult.

Enjoy your last moment at the top, Uesugi!


+Page 2

Everyone, you have to try your best!

These are all difficult questions…


But I’m not that concerned since it’s about history.

I wonder what Fuutarou’s expression will be like if I get a higher score than him.

I got it.

With questions that have 5 answers, the fourth one is the most likely to be correct.

+Page 3



I don’t remember studying this, I’ll skip it.

I’m done.

This is so easy.

Let’s take a nap then.

I won’t allow you to get fired this time.

Remember carefully, “debate” means “to discuss something”.

Don’t just jump in and lecture me like that, dummy.

Well, maybe I should check my results one more time, just to be sure.

I found out that if only one of us gets a bad score, you will be forced to abandon this job.

Dad, is that really true…?

For Raiha-chan!

I have to make it through this!

+Page 4

I will return your midterm results from last week.

What score did you get?

You tell me!


Can you please gather around?

Page 5

What’s with that serious look on your face?

You look so distant, Uesugi.

About the midterm.

Could you…

Correct the mistakes for us?


But first…

Show me your results.


Me first…

I refuse.

+Page 6

Why do I have to give my exam results to an outsider like you?

That’s classified information.

So I refuse to give it to you.



Thank you.

But I’ve already prepared for this situation.

Show it to me.

+Page 7


My other 4 subjects are pretty bad, but I did quite well in Japanese, so my overall score is still above a 30.

This is the highest score I’ve ever achieved.

I got a 68 in Sociology.

The rest is just barely above the minimum passing score.

It’s so unfortunate.

I only did decent in math.

That’s the best I can do for now.

Every subject is below passing except for English.

Just so you know, I really tried my best this time.

There’s only one subject that I barely passed…

It’s physics…

I see…

+Page 8

Jeez… I know I’ve only been tutoring you for a short time but not being able to score 30 points after all that effort is just…

Shut up.

Anyway, each of us has a passing score in totally different subjects, huh.

Now that you mention it, you’re right.

Besides, compared to our past results…


It’s true that you’ve made quite an improvement.


With this exam’s level of difficulty, you did excellent to be able to score 68 points.

So in the future, help your sisters with the subjects that you are confident in.


+Page 9


You made some unnecessary mistakes, which lowered your average score.

Try to be more careful next time, there’s no reason to be hasty.

Roger that!


You’re already aware of your problem, right?

Don’t give up before the time runs out.

Got it.


I guess you still refuse to listen to me to the end.

But I can assure you, I won’t come back once I get a new job.

Just don’t neglect your studying while I’m not here.



+Page 10

What do you mean a new job?

You’re not coming back…

What makes you say that?



Just listen to what he has to say for now.


You’re such a useless fool!


How do you think you can finish a whole test if you’re too busy solving one specific question?

+Page 11

I already know that…

Good for you then.

Just try to be more careful next time.

But you…



It’s dad.


This is Uesugi speaking.

Ah, so Itsuki is with you too.

I planned to ask each of them about their result but I’ll just hear it from you then.

Just so you know, I can find out if you’re lying or not.

I won’t.

It’s just…

+Page 12

Next time.

Please find a better tutor for them.

Is that it?

Their exam results…



It’s me, Nino.

+Page 13

Can I ask you something?

Why did you force such a condition onto him?

It’s a father’s responsibility when leaving his daughters in someone else’s hands.

It’s also my way of evaluating whether I can place my trust in Uesugi-kun – a high school student.

Do you think he’s suitable?

So it was because of us?

I really appreciate it, dad…

But numbers might not be the best way

to find out if he’s suitable or not.

But they’re the most reliable way.

Is that so?

Then I’ll just tell you right now.

+Page 14 + 15

The 5 of us

achieved passing scores in every subject.


Is that true?

It’s the truth.

If Nino said that then it must be true.

Then every one of you including Uesugi need to try harder, okay?

Nino… Did you just…?

Mine is English.

Ichika’s is math.

Yotsuba’s is Japanese.

Miku’s is sociology.

Itsuki’s is physics.

So it’s not technically a lie to say that we achieved passing scores in every subject, am I right?

Did you really just say that out loud…

Even if we did lie to him this time.

It won’t happen again.

+Page 16

It’s your job to turn that lie into reality next time, alright?

Bring it on.

Wait, what just happened?

Since when did I pass all 5 subjects!?


Don’t worry.

+Page 17

He will still be with us for a little while.

Now let’s get back to studying.

Eh? No way am I doing that now.

Don’t think you can run away this time.

That’s right.

It’s true that after receiving your results, correcting the mistakes is really important.


You don’t have to do it immediately.

+Page 18

A party…

Or something…?

…Maybe some parfaits.

Something like that.

How do I say this?

Why are you laughing…!?

Fuutarou is suggesting we go and have some parfaits…

That’s not like him at all.

+Page 19

I’ll have an extra-special size then.

Something like that exists…?

Next time, we will surely do it…!

How about that family restaurant in front of the train station?

Sure! But since you have five passing grades in total, you can only order one meal each.

Hey… that’s cheating.

+Page 20

Oh, I forgot. What score did you get, Uesugi?

Uwah – Stop, don’t look!

100 in all subjects…

Ah – so embarrassing.

You really like doing this kind of stuff, don’t you…?

The midterms have brought about a sense of achievement and trust. Fuutarou has finally been acknowledged by the 5 mischievous sisters as their personal tutor.


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