Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 23

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 23

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Gotoubun no Hanayome 22


Pg – Page

P – Panel

T – Text

Fx  – Sound effect

B – Word Bubble

Bx – Box


P1B1a: I’ve taken the opportunity to choose what Uesugi-san will wear for the field trip.

P1B1b: He has a plain face so I chose flashy close to make up for it.

P1B2: I have the feeling you’re not taking this seriously.


P2B1: I thought Fuutarou would look good in traditional clothes, so I added a bit of Japanese flavor.

P2B2: What do you mean by “a bit”!?

T1: We’ve already broken 10 million copies printed!!

T2: Chapter 23: Six Person Field Trip


T1: The day before the field trip. Shopping on the way home (music note)

P3B1a: I’m not exactly good with men’s clothing,

P3B1b: So I just chose clothes that looked manly.

P3B2: What is your definition of manly?


P4B1: ….

P4B2: Oh, Nino is taking this seriously.

P4B3: So earnest.

P4B4: You lot need to stop fooling around!



P1Bx1: Previously: While he couldn’t prevent all 5 girls from failing miserably in their exams, Fuutatou still managed to prevent being fired as a private tutor. He’s currently working hard to show some improvement in the next test.


P2B1: Phew, we bought a lot!

P2B2: If it’s three days worth it sure is a good amount.

P2B3: You spent 10-20 thousand yen (100-200 ish dollars) on your clothes… You know I could by 40 pairs of my clothes with that kind of money.

P2B4: This is pretty cheap compared to usual.


P3B1L Here Fuutarou.


P4B1: No need to pay me back.

P4B2a: ?

P4B2b: But…


P5B1: The field trips is finally tomorrow, isn’t it?

P5B2: We still need to buy some things.

P6B1a: Hmmmm…

P6B1b: Browsing and buying clothes with a guy.


P1B1: it’s sort of like a date isn’t it!

P2B1: A date….

P2B2: This is just going shopping.


P3B1: That kind of relationship between students is vulgar.

P3B2: Oh, you sound like Uesugi-san.


P4B1a: Please don’t lump me with him. All we are is just a teacher and a student.

P4B1b: We need to draw a line there.

P4B2: Which is what I’ve already been doing!


P5B1: Come on now, leave him there and let’s go and buy the rest of what we need.

P6B1: As for you, please wait right there.
P6B2: Huh?



P1B1: Why?

P1B2: It doesn’t matter just wait there!

P2B1a: Not going to happen, you chose what clothes I was going to wear.

P2B1b: So I’ll return the fav…


P3B1: We’re buying!

P3B2: Under garments!


P4B1: I’ll wait right here.

P4B2: Insensitive men are the worst.



P1B1a: If that’s the case,

P1B1b: I’m heading home.

P1B2: Uesugi-san!


P2B1: Even if you’re excited, be sure to get plenty of sleep.

P2B2: Yeah, I’d do that anyway.

P2B3: Did you read the pamphlet?

P2B4: Nope.

P2B5: Be sure to come, ok?


P3B1: Alright, alright.


P4B1a: That’a boy!

P4B1b: Let’s make lots of fun memories.


P5B1: …..

P5B2: Ding (cellphone sound)


P6B1a: Yes, this is Uesugi.

P6B1b: What?


P7B1: Raiha got…?



P2B1: Raiha! Are you okay?


P4B1: Yes… Sorry for calling right when you were out.

P4B2: I’ve got a high temperature…


P6B1a: You’re sick so don’t push yourself.

P6B1b:  I’ve got you some things that’ll help.



P1B1: Please get me the medicine.

P1B2: Yeah.

P1B3: Can you wipe the sweat away?

P1B4: Yeah.


P2B1: And can you do my homework as well?
P2B2: Don’t press your luck.


P3B1: …Thanks.

P3B2: Dad’s busy with work so he won’t be able to come back till tomorrow.

P3B1: Ok…

P4B1: Big brother, you have a field trip tomorrow, right?

P5B1a: ……

P5B1b: Can I ask you one more favor?
P6B1: When you get back, can you tell me how much fun you had?

P6B2: I’ll be fine here on my own.



P4B1a: I’ve got it.

P4b2b: So you focus on getting some sleep.


P1B1: Class 1 students please proceed into this bus here.


P3B1: Nakano-san we have a problem!

P3B2: What is the matter?

P4B1: Could you fill in for staffing the haunted house?

P4B2: Huh?


P6B1: Raiha are you alive?!



P2B1: Dad.

P2B2: She’s still sleeping keep it down.

P3B1a: So you were keeping her company,

P3B1b: -wait a second, aren’t you going to be late for the bus!?

P3B2: Am I? It doesn’t matter anyway.


P4B1: But with this I’ll be able to study for the next three days in peace.

P5B1: Fuutarou, you left something.



P4B1: I’m sorry I couldn’t get here sooner.

P5B1a: But this is a once in a lifetime event.

P5B1b: If we go now, it might not be too late.


P6B1a: It’s fine.

P6B1b: The busses will be all gone by now.




P1B2: I’m hungry!


P3B1: Wha… Raiha…? Your temperature…?

P3B2: Got better!


P4B1a: Why are you still here big brother?

P4B1b: Come on, get going.

P4B2: You! I was worried about you, you know!


P5B1a: Thanks,

P5B1b: But I’m okay now.

P5B2: So go have fun at the field trip.


P6B1: Like I said the busses…

P6B2: The busses have already left, you know.


P2B1a: Itsuki…!?

P2B1b: What are you…

P3B1: I should be asking you the same thing.


P4Fx1: Freeze

P5Fx1: Yank


P6B1: I’m terribly sorry, but I’ll be taking Uesugi-kun.

P6B2: Okay.


P8B1: You… The busses have…

P8B2: I made sure for them to wait for us at the camp.


P9B1: Why did you come to my house?

P9B2: Because I was the only one of us who knew where it was.

P10: I was the only person who could guide them here.



P2B1: Fuutarou.

P2B2: You’re late.


Pg15 (2 sided so starting at the bottom right)

P2B1: Over here!

P2B2: tch, what are you doing

P3B1: …..


P4B1a: About staffing the haunted house,

P4B1b: I can’t hide in a dark place all alone waiting for people to pass,


P5B1a: Because I’m afraid of ghosts.

P6B1b: So you do it instead.



P1B1a: ….

P2B1b: Seems like I have no choice. Let’s get going.


P6B1a: …hmph

P6B1b: If it has a picture you don’t want to be seen, at least treat it with more care.

P7B1: Ah, my bad.


P8B1a: Hm, still looks like my type.

P8B1b: You said it was your relative, but when did you take this?
P8B2: Er… 5 years ago… Maybe…



P1B1a: Hmm…

P1B1b: 5 years ago…

P1B2: This face…


P2B1: I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere…


P3B1a: Miku, about the campfire dance you told me yesterday,

P3B1b: Are you sure I can do it?


P4B1: Yes, I chose it on the spot, anyway.

P5B1: Alright,

P5B2: I guess your big sister will keep lonely Fuutarou some company then.



P1B1: I want the person to myself.


P2B1: We wouldn’t do that; we split things amongst the five of us.

P2B2: Besides…

P3B1: If it’s Ichika it’ll be fine.


P4B1: If Miku says it’s fine, it should be ok, right?



P1B1: Everyone on?

P1B2: Move in a bit.


P2B1: I know we would need guidance for the coming exams,

P3T1: But you are much too different from my ideal tutor.


P4B1a: I will be sure to test your resolve as a tutor

P4B1b: during the coming field trip, Uesugi-kun.


P5B1: Welcome Uesugi-san. Are you comfortable?
P5B1: Yeah, these seats are great.


P1B1: I’ll be sure to make these three days a nice page in his memories.


P2B1: In that case,


P3T1: Those thoughts they carry will become an unforgettable “memory”


P3T2: The Field Trip begins-!!




P4T3: To be continued



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