Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 3

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 3

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1 Gotoubun no Hanayome
Chapter 3: The confession on the roof
2 Phew
Barely made it.
I didn’t think that being a tutor and studying for myself at the same time would be this hard.
Wonder how much longer can I keep up with this…?
3 Whoa whoa.
An imported car that I have never seen.
So beautiful.
Must be around 1,000,000 yen (I think ).
Thump thump
4 !!
Ah! Fuutarou!!
Good morning.
W… What’s with that intense staring?
Well well well, you girls were pretty good at running the other day.
Ah! Again!
At Ease Stay Calm
Look carefully!
I don’t have anything that can harm you!!
5 We won’t be fooled.
You must be hiding reference books behind your back, right?
You are trying to make us drop our guard then you will start teaching us, eh.
What kind of people did you girls think I am?
And … About that … Itsuki …
My family …
Everything is for your sister right. I won’t  say anything.
We know that we are not smart.
we can solve our problem
about studying, then we can study on our own.
That’s right. So there is no need for you to worry about us.
Is … that so … !!
6 I guess your girls must have reviewed the test from before, eh.
First question! During the battle of Itsuku Shima, who is the general that was defeated by Mouri Motonari?
7 Shake shake shake shake
I don’t know what to say… !!
Just to be expected…
After 3 days, I finally got it.
These 5 girls absolutely hate studying.
8 They also hate me too.
This means the only way to do this is to build up their trust with me one at a time.
Which is a task that I have no idea how to do.
Someone, please come and take my place…
The graduation plan of the Five Sisters.
Got the first question right from the other day test …
So why didn’t she answer back there?
9 Canteen
H… Hello Miku
Sandwich: 350 yen …
Matcha soda.
I wonder what it tastes like?
I won’t let Bad Fuutarou drink it.
Well, it’s not like I want to either …
10 It’s impossible to know what she is thinking.
Can I ask you something?
About the question from this morning.
Uesugi! Want to have lunch together?
Uh whoa …
11 Really, you again, Yotsuha?
Do you have to jump on people like that?
Ah hah hah, sorry for ignoring you this morning.
So anyway… Miku.
You should take a look at this. It’s an English test.
About that,
I didn’t get a single one right. Ah hah hah hah hah!
Sorry for bothering you two.
Ichika, you should see it too.
Uhm….Well, let’s drop that.
We are all idiots anyway.
12 So…
It’s would be boring to study all the time in highschool.
You must enjoy your youth.
Like falling in love for example!
Falling in love?
That is a stupid action and way inferior compared to studying.
Feel free to love anyone you like, but remember this
if you keep thinking like that then being a student would be the only high point of your entire life.
Making a big deal out of it like that is a bit outdated…!
13 Ahaha … But even if I want to love someone, there isn’t a good guy around here.
How about you, Miku?
Do you have someone you like?
No, I don’t have anyone!
What ‘s wrong with her…
That kind of expression… A sister like myself understands it very well.
Miku is in love.
14 Miku is interested in someone …?
If that is only Yotsuha’s speculation then it’s good …
But these girls, getting excited just because of someone else’s love…
This is not good at all.
If the girls don’t start studying seriously then I’m in big trouble.
To: Fuutarou
From: Miku
What is this?
After lunch break, go to the rooftop.
I have something to tell Fuutarou.
No matter what I do, I can’t contain this feeling anymore.
15 It’s me!!
A love letter.
Miku wrote this for me…
I must go and meet her.
But we only met each other 4 days ago.
What kind of creepy smile is that?
Huh…!? I’m not smiling!
My face is so serious that nobody can say otherwise!
This must be a joke!!
You have to keep cool, Uesugi Fuutarou.
You don’t have to put effort into something like this!
16 See!!
I was fooled by such an old trick.
Well, if she really meant it then it would be even more annoying …
17 M… Miku !!
This is not a joke…?
I’m glad that you saw the letter and decided to come.
I’m… screwed …
We are in our final year so …
It would’ve been better for me to say this right away back in the canteen.
18 But I don’t want anyone to hear it.
This atmosphere quite dangerous, I think?
That kind of expression….A sister like myself understands it very well.
Yotsuha words are repeating themselves in my head!
I want to say that …
Miku is in love.
I have been waiting for some time to say this.
19 Sue Harukata
Sue Harukata…!!
20 I can say it finally.
Wait, wait a minute!!
This is not a confession… in secret?
What’s that suppose to mean!?
You are too noisy. It’s the answer for the morning question.
Morning… The question that I asked you girls?
The first question.
Why did you decide to answer now!?
Wind Forest Fire Mountain
Takeda Bishi …
Of Takeda Shingen …
21 Did you see that?
Don’t you dare tell anyone,
that I like…
warriors of the Sengoku period.
Ah, so you like warriors eh.
Is that so.
Why do you like them?
It turns out that she loves history.
That is why she managed to answer that question correctly.
22 It’s because of the game that I borrowed from Yotsuha.
I was attracted by the ambitions of the generals in there. Then I started reading about them.
But my classmates usually like
handsome movie actors or beautiful models.
As for me, I like
older guys with facial hair…
I’m so weird.
It’s really weird!
23 Everything would have been easier if I could just be honest with myself.
That’s not weird!
You need to have faith in what you love.
This is a good opportunity.
I also know a lot about the generals.
My previous history test, I also got the highest score.
Hook, line and sinker…!!
24 This is the power of the smartest student in the grade.
If you agree to attend my session, I would tell Miku more stories about generals that you don’t know.
So that means…
Are you saying that you know more than me?
Then answer this,
the story that Nobunaga addressed Hideyoshi as “Monkey” is very famous, right?
But do you know that it’s not true?
Do you really know the name Nobunaga used to call Hideyoshi?
She really becomes talkative when it comes to this eh!
25 Well then …
Hideyoshi’s nickname …
I remember the history teacher said something about it …
Thank you, teacher!
But to call somebody like that is really mean.
Yeah, poor guy.
I think you knew this already. My favorite legend is …
26 That Kenshin is actually a female.
Oh yeah!
Mitsunari didn’t eat that persimmon I’m touched.
Ah, that’s right.
Then Nobunaga used a skull to drink…
Yes… That’s right!
Hah hah hah
I think I know a bit more about Miku now.
Generals themselves don’t have anything to do with studying. I just have to use history to lure her in then.
Although I don’t have any particular interest to the generals.
But I will surely take advantage of this opportunity!
27 Ring ring
Ah, class time already.
It feels like I have not talked enough.
Yeah, I can talk about these things all day long.
Is that so?
Then in the next study session, the main subject will be history.
Will you be there?
28 If you say so …
29 Hah, finally!
I just need to be careful then everything will be fine.
Though I feel sorry for Miku, I still need to pay my living expenses.
Hope she won’t think bad about me.
This is the proof of our friendship.
Try it.
Didn’t you say that you don’t know how it tastes?
Give it a go.
30 There isn’t any snot in there.
Drink it.
What is that?
She just said snot?
What is that?
What does that mean?
Could it be
you don’t know about this?
31 Really.
You said you know a lot but you don’t get what I just did eh.
Guess I don’t need to study with you then.
Bye bye
32 Uwaaaa
What’s wrong with that guy…
I borrowed all of this!!
Yeah, keep playing tough to get, Miku. I will teach you a lesson!!

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