Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 5

Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 5

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 5
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+Page 2

Your honor….

Please look at this.

The defendant, who is currently a home tutor,

Tried to sexually assault the female high school student in front of him.

The person in this picture is the defendant, Uesugi


Not here because of basketball club activities

It’s not…. like that…

Why did it come to this!!?

+Page 3

Your honor.

Yes, accuser Nino?

This person intentionally left the flat in plain sight, then waited until I came out from the bathroom.                Considering this purposeful crime, I suggest we ban him from this building.

H-hey, that won’t work!

That might be a possibility.


I returned because I left my wallet…

Sfx: Ignore


Y-your honor…

I object

+Page 4

Even though Fuutarou has an evil face, he is innocent.


I opened the door for him through the Intercom.

There should be a recording of that conversation.

This is just an accident.


You’re still protecting him…?

He said that he was going to “take” ….

…. a picture!

I think you mean “take the stuff he forgot”.

*TN: the verbs “take a picture” and “take something” are pronounced the same in Japanese

+Page 5

Your honor! I think Miku is currently influenced by her affection for the defendant.


I’m not….

Miku…. I knew you’d help me

Don’t come any closer.


Oh-? That attitude, you’re trying to keep your distance from him, huh?

No, I’m not. you’re just making that up.

Just so you know, I was seen naked.

It’s not like it’ll get smaller just by being seen.

What? I’m not as open-minded as you!

Aren’t our bodies technically the same?

+Page 6

Guys, this is not the time for fighting….

Be quiet, Itsuki!

And delete that photo immediately.

Your honor……

There, there…. it’s okay….

Ahem. even if what Miku said was true, the result will be the same.


I know you will understand, Ichika.

This guy suddenly jumped at me.


Is that true?

Well, yeah, but….

+Page 7

So, it’s true.

Then you should commit seppuku.


This is bad!

Let me explain….

If this goes on I might lose my tutoring job.

I’m not even sure if anyone will believe me….

The shelf….

You were protecting Nino from the falling books…?

If we look at the picture more closely, it does look like you were trying to protect her….

….. were you not?

+Page 8

Y-yes, that’s correct.

Thank you, Itsuki!

You don’t have to thank me.

I’m simply pointing out a possibility.

I guess it’s true

Fuutarou is not that kind of person.

Hey, wait!

So that’s it!?

You can’t just brush things off like that.

Grow up, Nino.

…!! Shut up, Miku….

Hey, don’t fight like that.

+Page 9

We used to be so close, remember?


I’m sorry. If it wasn’t for my carelessness, there wouldn’t have been such an unfortunate accident.

Used to be, huh….



Fortunately, things turned out alright.

But she ran off, is she going to be okay?


+Page 10

Just leave her be…


I can finally go home and study.

*sfx: stomach rumbling

Uesugi Raiha

You’ve worked hard, onii-chan!

I’ve finished making dinner.

We’ll have curry, your favorite!

+Page 11

Is it okay to leave them like that?

Well, maybe it’s not a good idea to interfere with their personal business



+Page 12

Hmph…. You’re so useless



I understand….

She ran out without bringing her key….

And she didn’t want to call the 3 people inside….

What are you looking at!?

I’m sick of seeing your face.

I might get scolded if I offer her some help now

I guess it’s best to just leave her alone.

+Page 13




What are you doing?

+Page 14

There’s something I still don’t understand

And not knowing will make me feel uncomfortable.

Is that so….You and your stupid studying.

That’s so biased of you to call studying idiotic.

Well, to be fair, it’s true that dumb people are the ones who need to study the most

Shut up!

You’re just idiots, that’s why I hate all of you.

Including your sisters?

You’re lying, aren’t you?


I’m not lying!

It’s ridiculous of them to welcome a stranger like yourself.

This house….

+Page 15

“This house belongs to the five of us. There isn’t a place for him here”


That was what you said earlier, wasn’t it?

You know I wouldn’t be able to understand if you simply said, “I hate you”, right?

Stop it, you don’t know anything.

Do you really hate your sisters?

I think it’s the other way around.

+Page 16

You really care about them, don’t you?

+Page 17

That’s why you were being so hostile toward an outsider like me.


Ignoring the fact that you’re wrong, it’s weird to hear you say these things.

You think you can figure out someone’s feelings that easily?


You’re hopeless.


Am I wrong?

+Page 18

No, I understand what it feels like.

I have a sister too, you know.


I’m not wrong.


I’m such a fool. Why do I have to sit here being gloomy like this?


I’ve made up my mind.

I will never accept you-

+Page 19

-even if it means opposing my sisters.


+Page 20


How long do you plan on staying out here? Come in quick.


Oh, Fuutarou’s here too?

Good timing, about tomorrow….


Let’s come in.

But I’m not done……

It’s fine, let’s go!



I’m exhausted…..

This is exactly why I hate interfering too much.

It seems the door to Nino’s heart can never be opened.

It is always sealed tight to everyone but her sisters.

To be continued!


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