Grancrest Senki Chapter 13

Grancrest Senki Chapter 13

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Page 2:
p2b1: This is no joke!!

P2b2: Navil-sama…please calm down…

P3b1a: How can I just calm down!

P3b1b: That wandering lord is increasing his fame in order to take my country!!

Page 3:
P1b1: Immediately convene all subordinate lords and their armies!

P1b2: Sevis’s king

Viscount Navil Jelje

P2b1a: The land of Sevis is all mine

P2b1b: I can’t overlook a lord’s independence any longer…!

Page 4:
p3b1a: You seem to be in a bad mood

P3b1b: Moreno-senpai

P3b2: that’s because we failed to negotiate with Sevis’s king!!

P4b1a: I’ve already told you!

P4b1b: the king of Sevis wants complete control of the entire land

P4b2a: of course once he heard about Theo-sama’s rising fame

P4b2b: there is no way he would just sit silently and watch!

P5b1: let’s just settle it with a war!

P5b2: he’s coming to attack us!!

P5bb1: fight with the king of Sevis…

P5bb2: gotcha…

Page 5:
p1b1: So you’re saying Sevis’s king wants the entire land of this country to himself?

P2b1: yeah… isn’t that obvious!

P3b1: then it’s all according to plan

P3b2a: even so!

P3b2b: I wanted the negotiations to be a success!

P4b1: but Rasik-sama is completely fine with it though?

P4b2: well yeah!

P4b3: guh…

P5b1: if you hadn’t spread that rumor around, everything would have gone well…

P5b2: Or maybe it was your half-assed attitude that pissed him off~?

P5b3: hey~

Page 6:
p1b1a: what are you talking about?

P1b1b: aren’t we in a bad situation?

P2b1: …I see

P2b2a: So the compromise with Sevis’s king is just for show

P2b2b: what’s important is to draw out his true intentions…

P3b1a: I have nothing against a compromise but

P3b1b: the possibility is low, so I asked senpai to change his ways

P4b1: so…we know his intentions… what to do next?

P4b2: I’m having Arvin spread his intentions to the neighboring lords right now

P5b1a: the lords in Sevis value independency…

P5b1b: I’m included

P5b1c: which is why the king wasn’t able to unite the land yet

Page 7:
p1b1a: what do you think the other lords would think if they knew the king wants p1b1b: every piece of land in this country to himself?

P3b1a: that’s right…

P3b1b: the independent lords will rebel…and they will side with Theo-sama, a lord with the same tendency as them

P4b1a: yes, it’s good that we have the independent lords on our side but there is still an undeniable truth

P4b1b: Theo-sama is still a Baron…

Page 8:
p1b1: the king is Viscount…

P1b2: with 3 Barons and over 50 Knights under him

P2b1: 3 Barons…and 50 Knights…

P3b1: but if we avoid the war and surrender

P3b2a: Rasik-sama’s ambition will be stolen away

P3b2b: along with Theo-sama’s route of freeing Sistina

Page 9:
p1b1a: it’s a big gamble

P1b1b: but just having the other independent lords on our side is more than enough strength to win

P2b1: Theo-sama, are you okay with that?

P2b2a: eh!?

P2b2b: ah… I’ll leave it to you

P2b2c: no…

P3b1: I think it’s good

Page 10:
p1b1a: then… for now we’ll start the diplomacy war

P1b1b: I’ll send letters asking the other independent lords to join us

P2b1a: this time we’ll choose the battlefield

P2b1b: we need to lure the enemies into a field with restricted conditions

P3b1a: what’s wrong! You look anxious

P3b1b: aren’t you the first person who agrees to this plan?

P3b2: yes… I did… but…

P4b1: if in a one in a million chance that we lose…

P5b1: For someone with such high self-esteem like you to say that…

P5b2: This time there are just too many worrying factors!!

P6b1: and one of them is…

Page 11:

P1b1a: Shiruka-chan…

P1b1b: is it okay for you to just revoke the contract with count lust like that?

P2b1: even if you had a reason to do it, revoking a contract is still against the pact

P2b2a: once the war with the king starts

P2b2b: surely count Villar won’t leave you alone right?

P3b1: I mean we are in the same union as him, and we’re getting attacked by a country from the opponents side

P4b1: right now…

P4b2: we can only afford to focus on the battle ahead…

P5b1a: count lust… Villar…

P5b1b: I don’t think he’ll interfere with a war for independence like this but…

Page 13:
p1b1: come in

P2b1: excuse me

P3b1: what is it Margret…

P3b2: yes…

P3b3: Artuk

Head mage

Margret Odious

P4b1a: Shiruka Meltesu, the person who had recently revoked her contract with you

P4b1b: has started a war with the king of Sevis

P5b1: oh…

Page 14:
p1b1: that girl… is doing something reckless again

P2b1a: I think that young girl should receive some severe punishment

P2b1b: for revoking the contract and starting a war

P3b1a: such an insult to you…

P3b1b: I just can’t forgive her

Page 15:
p1b1: let’s just watch from the sidelines for now

P2b1: I’m interested in how she can win that battle

P3b1a: if she dies in the fight with the Sevis’s king

P3b1b: then that means she’s not worth it…

P4b1: even if she manages to survive, she’s just a Baron’s mage

P4b2: I can punish her whenever I want

P5b1: …I understand

P5b2: enough about that…

Page 16:
p1b1a: since you’re already here

P1b1b: how about… you stay with me for the night?

P3b1a: I’m terribly sorry but I must refuse

P3b1b: with the great-war coming near… I must keep a close eye on Vardlind

P4b1: the country that is right next to ours

P5b1: …such a pity

Page 17:
p3b1: your adopted daughter is starting a war with Sevis’s king right?

P3b2: Vardlind

Factory Alliance’s leader

Margrave Marinne Kuraishe

Page 18:
p1b1: yes…that is true

P1b2: Vardlind

Head mage

Aubesto Meltesu

P2b1a: Shiruka saved me during that engagement party

P2b1b: so I’m a little interested in her

P3b1a: I understand your thought process but

P3b1b: such matters doesn’t concern this country

P3b2: we need to prepare for the great-war that is about to happen

P4b1: you’re pretty cold…

P4b2a: the difference in power between her and a king is obvious…

P4b2b: don’t you worry your adopted daughter will die?

Page 19:
p1b1a: I am worried

P1b1b: even though we are not blood related, she is still family, the daughter I raised for many years

P2b1: then…

P2b2: but worrying for her as she is my daughter or a mage are two different things

P3b1: a mage needs to be able to control his feelings and act on reasons

P3b2: he has to think of what’s best for his lord

P4b1: she is an excellent mage but a little too mischievous

P4b2: she has to work on that by herself

P5b1a: of course

P5b1b: as her adoptive father, I love her a lot…

Page 20:
p1b1: …I see

P1b2: that’s so like you…

P2b1: half a month later

P2b2: now everyone

P3b1a: we will split up into groups as planned

P3b1b: and meet up at the central plain of Sevis

P3b2a: if possible, please

P3b2b: talk with the other independent lords on your way

P4b1: ok!

P4b2: understood

P4b3: I understand

P4b4: after fighting with Rasik

A lord that became his subordinate

Neman Modori

Page 21:
p1b1: ok we’re heading out!

P1b2: Shiruka…the king of Sevis is?

P1bb1: they’re pretty pumped up…

P1b3: he’s already on the move

P1bb2: he must be preparing to fight with us

P2b1: will the other independent lords…support us?

P2b2: we need to try and see

P3b1a: like Moreno-senpai said

P3b1b: there is a chance that we will lose

P4b1a: they could be joining sides with the one that obviously has more power

P4b1b: if so…

P5b1: at that point we’ll definitely lose

P5b2: the crest will be taken away and our life in danger…

Page 22:

P1b1: but

P3b1a: King of Sevis, Navil Jelje-sama

P3b1b: I have something to report

P4b1: they’re here?

P4b2: yes

Page 23:
p1b1a: the matter of gathering

P1b1b: all the subordinate lords and their troops is finished

Page 25:
p1b1: begin our advance

P1b2: but

P2b1: if we have a plan, we can win


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