Grancrest Senki Chapter 15

Grancrest Senki Chapter 15

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 15
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P1b1 mean panel 1 bubble 1 (khung 1 thoại 1)
P1bb1 mean panel 1 bubbleless 1 (khung 1 thoại nằm ngoài ô thoại 1)


Page 1:(exactly like chapter 14- giống hệt của chap 14)
page 2:
P3bb1: The fight with Servis King, sparks scattered on both sides!!

Page 3:

P1b1: Theo-sama…

P1b2: Yeah

P2b1: I know

P3b1: My…battle flag?

P4b1a: It’s another power that lies within your crest

P4b1b: A gift that can strengthen your soldiers which is only available when you’re at least a baron…

P5b1a: With Theo-sama showing his will and everyone pledging their loyalty

P5b1b: It doesn’t matter if they’re commoner or lords. Everyone will become elite soldiers

Page 4:
p1b1: Having battle flag is like having an extra 100 people!

P1b2: Let’s drive the enemy out!

P2b1: I’m happy that you think so but…

P6b1: Theo-sama…

P6b2: It’s not as if we came here to die

P7b1a: Since you became the lord of our homeland

P7b2b: It has become a comfortable place to live in…

P8b1a: Sometimes I even wonder

P8b1b: “is this person really a lord”…?

Page 5:
p1b1: That lifestyle…

P1b2: Is about to be taken away by the Servis king

P2b1: And we don’t want that

P3b1: …after all

P4b1a: You need to be able to

P4b1b: protect what’s important to ya

P6b1a: So please

P6b1b: let us become your strength

Page 6:
p3b1: Everyone…

P4b2: The only thing the Servis King wants is our land

P5b1: A lord must think for his people…

P5b2: Even though he’s a viscount

P6b1: We can’t afford

P6b2: to lose to a lord like that

Page 7:
p1b1: Everyone, entrust your lives to me

P3b1: What you really want to protect

P4b1a: your home…your family…

P4b1b: for them, gather your confidence…your endurance…

P5b1a: and

P5b1b: your courage to never give up…

Page 8:
p1b1: Now gather before my battle flag!

Page 9:
p6bb1: Such a warm light…

P7bb1: All my fears…are also gone

P7bb2: A strong feeling is spreading from the bottom of my heart

Page 10:
p1bb1: Theo-sama’s battle flag

P1bb2: Patriot

P2bb1: In the current age,

P2bb2: No other lords can use that flag

P4bb1: This person…

P4bb2: is the same as the first lord Leon

Page 11:
p1b1: Let us begin, King of Servis

P2b1: Attack-!!!

Page 12:
p1b1: I’ll play with you…

P1b2: Theo Corneo

Page 13:
p1b1: Is everyone ready!

P1b2: Please get into position!

P2b1: Rasik-sama is already heading to the northern hill

P3b1: the southern forest will be left to Neman-sama and the other lords

P4b1: as for the commoners, please stay on stand-by behind Theo-sama

P5b1: when our soldiers come in contact with theirs on the center plain, Rasik-sama will flank from the side

P5b2: We will commence an all-out attack when they do!

P6b1: Shiruka…what about the King’s battle flag?

P6b2a: Ah

P6b2b: That is different from Theo-sama’s flag. It’s a body enhancing flag…

Page 14:

P1b1: Battle flag Phalanx

P1b2: is a battle flag that strengthens the bodies of soldiers in close-formation with the overwhelming strength of wild beasts

P2b1: if…if our men face them head-on, the number casualties would…

P3b1: That’s why we won’t be clashing with them head-on

P4b1: Our front-line troops will temporarily pull back

P4bb1: What?

P4bb2: What’s going on?

P5b1: In the meantime, from the flank-

Page 15:
p1b1: Oraaaa!!

P2b1: What!?

P6b1a: As expected of the Phalanx battle flag

P6b1b: You’re pretty tough

P6bb1: Looks like I can’t buy you much time though…

Page 16:

P1b1: Shiruka Meltesu!

P2b1: Now…

P2b2: Where are the three barons?

P4b1a: We’re being flanked from the side

P4b1b: Go and help

P4b2: Hah

P4b3: Why don’t you do it?

P4b4: My only target is Corneo

P4b5: What?

P6b1a: If I can kill him

P6b1b: my court rank will rise

P7b1a: Then I can

P7b1b: say goodbye to you annoying bunch

P8b1: You!
page 17:
p2b1a: Their reaction to the flank is pretty slow

P2b1b: Their formation is also a little shaken-up

P4b1a: Shiruka!

P4b1b: We need to hurry and send reinforcements to Rasik-dono!

P4b2: Theo-sama…

P5b1a: Last night…

P5b1b: you said you would do anything right?

P6b1: …heh?

Page 18:
p1b1: Hey…isn’t that!

P2b1: What!?

P2b2: It can’t be!

P3b1: It’s…

P4b1: Theo Corneooo!!!

P5b1: Is this

P5b2: really

P5b3: happening!!

Page 19:
p1b1: Head straight toward the Phalanx alone!?

P1b2: It’s fine

P2b1: Please turn back immediately when the three barons come straight to you

P2b2: Aishera will also be going with you

P3b1: Eh!! I need to protect him!?

P3b2: I’m counting on you…Aishera…

P4b1: …Tch

P5b1: Shiruka already has this all planned out right?

P6b1: Yes!

P7bb1: C’mon! Hurry up and go!

P7bb2: Stop dragging me!

P7b1: Arvin…

Page 20:

P1b1: I’ll be taking Corneo’s head!

P1b2: All evil seal users (artists) follow me!

P2b1: Shit!

P2b2: Don’t you dare!

P4b1: They’re coming!

P6b1: Just go!

P6b2: Aishera!?

Page 21:
p1b1: An eye for an eye

P3b1a: Ah!

P3b1b: Deal with the baron yourself!

P3b2: Eh!?

P4b1: Theo Corneooo!!

Page 22:

P1b1: Kuh…

P4b1: Damn!

P4b2: He’s beaten us to it!

P5b1: Gotcha!

Page 25:
p5b1: The barons have fallen!!!


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