Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! Chapter 16

Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! Chapter 16

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Page 1

Look at me !

Chapter 16 : [Baron Baumeister]

My deadly spear technique, the big wheel !!!


Once again, a weird one came today too

Spear technique, it’s more like a street performance

(Outside box) Ohh, it looks cool

You three,

Can I talk to you for a moment?

Page 2

Join Baron Baumeister’s army?


Concerning this war Bell is currently participating in.

After the Royal Palace chief Magician, Bell and Brantark-san defeated Grade Grande

The plan is to use the Army and the volunteering adventurers

to exterminate the demons which have now lost leadership…

So it became necessary for Bell to have an army

And I want you to join it

Page 3

When the army goes to war

In addition to the royal army, the nominated nobles usually have to organize an army but

If you organize an army that is too large,

Distributing the rewards will be troublesome

It’ s just that

it hasn’t been long since Bell became an associate baron so…



Page 4


His household appearance hasn’t been prepared yet

(Outside box) Lonely Baron

(Outside box) No retainer

(Outside box) Alone…

So it’s like perfect, right

Probably, yes


My name is Viktor von Belingsheim, I’m the 3rd son of the Belingsheim knights, nobody can surpass me with a sword!

During a small competition at the border between the Lanke family and Altman family territories, I defeated 3 knights and…

(Outside box) Waah

(Outside box) Whoosh, Whoosh

Meaning that the guys outside

gathered here to do a [Jingari]


Page 5

A [Jingari] is

A system where Ronins and nobles’ children temporarily join a noble’s army while keeping their status, the point is to make themselves look important by going to great lengths to receive a commendation

About that, Is there a benefit for Bell?

Well, I guess it would make his army look bigger

Huh…Even that spinner guy?

Hahaha… I’m leaving the selection to you guys

… Therefore

Page 6

Brigadier, in name only, Elwin

(Outside box) Oh yeah! I’m gonna hunt demons and pay back my debts!

Adjutant general and staff officer, Erich

(Outside box) I’m more of a desk worker

From Margrave Braihiraider, three civil servants for the logistics support

Two commanders, 3rd son Paul and 4th son Helmut

Plus, their subordinates, 20 men

Adding to that, the captain of the guards from the estate, 15 veteran guards. Around 20 men from the Jingari, counting the logistics support men in it.

Finishing the preparations in a panic, the Associate Baron Baumeister’s army, 507 men headed to the Palkenia Grasslands…

Page 7

10 days after Grade Grande’s subjugation…

Armstrong, Ringstat, Associate Baron Baumeister…

Good work on your subjugation of the Palkenia Grasslands

I can’t leave you unrewarded

Page 8


I received enough money from last time

In addition to that, we made a large amount of money from subjugating that demon

We were 3 so after dividing, each person received 450 white gold coins and 50 gold coins……which means 45 billion 50 million yen ??

(Outside box) Hum.

I have so much money that I don’t even know what to do with it anymore

Page 9


In my previous world, my salary amounted to 258,740 yen (tax included), and from my point of view, at that time I didn’t particularly have any need for rewards


You need [Reputation]

I will give all 3 of you the [Twin dragon medal] and

the title of [Viscount] for Armstrong,

Lord Baumeister will receive a raise in nobility and receive the title of [Baron]

Page 10

This time,

I was able to discover a young person’s talent and I am very glad

Henceforth, I’d be glad if you could devote yourself to, and strive for, the kingdom

I’m expecting a lot from you

Baron Baumeister


Page 11


He’s eating a remarkable amount

Page 12

It’s because I haven’t eaten good food for half a month, ok?!

One week in the outskirts of the garrison, to prepare for the army to move out

Grade Grande was enshrined in the center of the plains

So, because we had to move in a way that the other demons wouldn’t notice, it took us 3 days

and then…

One week to weed out the remaining strong looking demons, and 3 more days to come back home.

(Outside box) Nom Nom

(Outside box) Nom Nom



Page 13

(Outside box) Uwoooooh

Aah~ !!

The long awaited summer holiday is… !!

The mopping-up operation took one week

We three men were treated as a raid unit.

Every day, day after day, we killed demons and

(Outside box) Yo, lad, it’s your shift


We had to alternate so that we could cook for ourselves and then sleep…

Page 14

Actually !

Concerning the cooking part

I’m fine if I can drink alcohol

It’s not fine!! It’s unhealthy*

Those guys were way too much trouble

It stinks!! It’s half-baked*

Demons’ meat has plenty of nutrients!!!

You can actually cook, huh

We’ll leave it to the young lad starting tomorrow!

…In the end

they ended up ditching their cooking duty on me during the last half of the trip

Page 15

So it was a summer covered by sweat, clouds of dust and blood…

iina, don’t say that…

(Outside box) Ahahaha


All in all, this summer holiday

only has 3 days left

That’s right

We must buy souvenirs now

Page 16


Won’t buy souvenirs, ok!

You seem so desperate…

Anyway, I’m going to the city!!

Sightseeing the Capital!!!

You know

If it’s you, Bell

You can go to the Royal Capital whenever you want with your teleportation magic, right?

Page 17


That’s not the issue

The time you have now, is for now!

How much you enjoy that “now”…

That’s what’s important!

Wait please

Page 18


I’m really sorry but…

We heard from the Orthodox Church that your [baptism] is ready




I’ll be in your care during my stay

(Outside box) Ooh…!

Has Wendelin-dono been presented to our lord?


forgot about that!!!

Page 19


Even if I come alone to this kind of place, it’s not interesting…

It’s just troublesome

But I can’t make enemies of the Church in this world

Page 20

Welcome, I’m glad you came

Associate Baron Baumeister

Cardinal Houenheim

…Ah, my apologies

You are a Baron now


This also might be one of God’s guidance

Uwaah, it’s huge !

It must be, I’m glad to see you have God’s protection, hohoho

Page 21

I see, such magnificence

I can totally see that it is the head temple of the unique religion, not only in the Helmut Kingdom, but also in the holy Empire of Urquhart

To think you are able to use such a splendid [Holy light], capable of defeating 2 dragons

Indeed, Baron Baumeister truly is loved by god…!

To be honest

I’m honored by your words

For me, who has never prayed to god, I can’t think I have [God’s protection]…

Well, some things are better left unsaid


It seems that [Holy] magic has absolutely no connection to faith

Page 22

[Holy] magic has

a “healing” effect and

A high rank user can attach back a torn-off arm or

Breathe life into a heart which had stopped beating, even something like cancer can be cured, or so I heard

Although, my holy magic only has [Holy light] with a high power so

I can only heal with water magic…

Oh right, talking about healing magic…

I had a lot of magic to spare and I also had a lack of experience so

I wanted to practice on the troops dispatched at the Palkenia Grasslands but…

Page 23

Leave the healing magic to the troops dispatched by the Church!

We are the frontline, us hunting dangerous demons reduces the number of victims, it’s the best way of doing things!

Take the hint, you muscular monk!

(Outside box) Haa…


I just wanted to rest at least once in the backlines…

Well then

Let’s start the [Baptism] at once

Page 24

Godfather, you who are in Heaven

I pray to you so that you will accept this servant’s baptism

Leave your sins behind and accept the benediction of resurrection

May your soul be filled with…

Thank you very much

Page 25

This is my donation

Well, well

How nice of you, thank you


(Outside box) Ahem

The baptism is over so

Would you like a cup of tea?


If it’s just a cup of tea, I guess it’s fine

Page 26

There was no need to go out of our way to a different room though…

(Outside box) I want to go home, fast…

Here is my office

It is nothing special though, just a normal room…

Page 27


Make yourself at home


Knock Knock

I brought some tea


Come in, Elise

Excuse me

Page 28

Page 29


A beauty blessed by God

(Outside box) Smitten~~…


Page 30

Are you perhaps

a magic holder?

As I thought, you noticed

Today, I’m having her serve tea, but

She’s actually my [Granddaugher]

Page 31

She also is my pride and joy

She can use [Holy] healing magic so

As you can see, she is training to become a nun

It’s the first time I meet a user of [Holy] magic who holds so much magic power…!


Baron Baumeister-sama

Page 32

Nice to meet you

I am Elise Katarina von Houenheim


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