Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! Chapter 17

Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! Chapter 17

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+Page 1

This is the granddaughter that I take great pride in.

She can use “Holy” Healing magic,

so I let her train to become a nun.

Pleasure to meet you.

I am Elise Katarina Von Houenheim.


She’s such a beauty.

+Page 3

Chapter 17: Fiancée

+Page 4

This girl,

I let her come here to learn some experience before her marriage.


But she’s able to use healing magic, isn’t she?

It’s a little bit of wasting her talent, don’t you think?

It’s true.

Even though her talent is outstanding, but as a grandfather…..

I only hope for her to be married and have a peaceful life.

+Page 5

Speaking of healing magic,

I think she can take requests of healing operations that barely affect her wedded life.

The look of this child is quite excellent and she has the disposition of a gentle girl, too.

Therefore, I want to find her the best husband.

*Openly compliment*

I…I see.

Given that Elise-san is quite the beautiful type, the competition should be quite fierce, am I right?

Hey! Did you bring me here to boast about your granddaughter?


Angering such a big-shot is not a wise act.

+Page 6

To be honest,

There are a lot of families who want to propose her.

I think so too.

How can anyone be able to ignore this beautiful girl?


Or maybe I should do it myself-



I was too caught up into the influences of my previous life’s job.

*Oh-! The chief’s daughter looks so pretty*

*Hahaha really?*

I see!!

+Page 7

So you were saying that

You’re willing to accept Elise as your wife?

That was just a polite way to tell a joke.

*Maybe I’m just overthinking*

At times like these, I need to carefully observe the atmosphere.


I’m still not of age.

So I’m more suited to “engage” or so you say.


*It’s true

Elise is at the same age as Baron Baumeister, she’s 12 years old too.

So why we settle an “engagement” now, then we can hold the official wedding ceremony when you reach adulthood, isn’t that correct?


Yeah, that’s true.


—–Hmm, wait a minute??

+Page 8

Then it’s decided.


When I asked his Majesty, he said “since they’re of the same age, they will be a well-suited married couple”.



His Majesty!?

Wait what—!?

Since when did he confirm this!?

+Page 9

There’s only 2 days left until we leave the Capital.

Where should we go today?


Bell, do you know any interesting places to visit?

+Page 10


I apologize.

But I have an appointment today….

An appointment??

*knock knock*

Sorry to interrupt.

Baron Baumeister.

You have guests.


Sorry to make you come all the way here.

+Page 11


It’s a pleasure to meet you.

So big!

That’s a pretty large size…!!

My name is Elise Katarina Von Houenheim, Sir Baumesiter’s fiancée.

Her breasts are huge!!

+Page 12

Since there’s not much time for Wendelin-sama to stay at the Capital

And he had to execute the dragon subjugation request from His Majesty a few days ago,

So I think that you haven’t visited around here much.

That’s why today,

Allow me to guide you around the Capital.

If it was Elise-san then I have nothing to worry about, you’ve been here since you were born.


She has a bright personality that completely contrast her shy look.

I am the one who will be your wife,

So you can just call me “Elise”.

+Page 13

Is that so?


You can call me by my name too.

I can’t do that.

*smiling face of denial*

That is simply not appropriate.


I had a feeling that this would happen.


It’s almost time.

+Page 14

I apologize for my delay. I’m….

Assigned by my master to take care of both of you.

My name is Sebastien.

Whoa- he looks like an old manager of a café.

You came all the way here and haven’t visited anything,

But you’ve accomplished many great achievements instead.

You have a reasonable cause to be busy.

Now then,

Let’s us begin our trip, shall we?

+Page 15

I see.

So that girl is Bell’s fiancée.

I guess we can somewhat say that he had a rough trip.

But that girl’s breasts are incredible.

Eru is a man, after all.

It’s a fact, you know.


Now I want to have a fiancée.

+Page 16

In that case.

Go and slay a dragon. Then you can have one eventually.

*hey hey*

Don’t speak of such an impossible task like that.


Well then, why don’t you become my fiancée, Ina?

What do you mean “well then”?

*so superficial!*

I was just saying, how about you Louise?

Never gonna happen.

+Page 17

I was just joking. Don’t be so mean to me like that…..

That was such a tedious joke.


By the way,

Miss Louise.

You should try a little harder, you know.

Since after attending the school, you almost immediately moved into his house, right?

Then you have to try your best in order to compete with that large-chest girl.

Ah, well….

That seems impossible.

+Page 18

Frankly speaking,

No matter how close I am to Bell.

*they will be a well-suited marriage couple*



*With His Majesty approval*

*the Church’s Headquarter”

*Granddaughter of the Cardinal*

With this situation, I can’t even compete with their date, not to mention their wedding.

*turning a baptism into a marriage talk, huh*

I see…. Just as I thought.

That old Cardinal planned this since the beginning.

But Brantark-san,

Aren’t you supposed to bring the daughter of Margrave Praihetear along with you?

Hey hey.

I thought you should have already known this as the daughter of a lord’s vassal.

+Page 19

The only person in my heart is “Miss Anita”.


Miss Anita??

Hmm…. How should I say this….? She’s not that much older than Bell’s mother.

It may be impolite to say but…. To be honest that would be quite difficult.

*It sure is*


I’m sorry!! I don’t mean to make it sound like that.

*don’t speak badly about the lord’s family member!

+Page 20


I guess there’s no way for any of you to be his official wife,

But I place high hope on your competition for the position of his mistress.

I’ll try my best!

There’s still chances for a mistress to have higher influences than the official wife.

Oh! Interesting.

Eh? What about you Ina?


In my family’s point of view, for a daughter to be a mistress of a dragon slayer and being appreciated by the Margrave is a good thing.

It’s because of some background problems so I don’t have any intention to become his official wife.

+Page 21


I will try my best….


If I can become his mistress.

Then in the future, the Baumeister can build dojos for “spearmanship” and “combat magic” when receiving territory.


That sounds good!

Maybe I should ask him to build a dojo for swordmanship for me too.

That’s such an intriguing stable source of income.

Then it’s decided…!

+Page 22

Objective locked!

To become Bell’s mistress, to build a dojo of “combat magic” for the Baumeister and become the first female master!!

+Page 23

Well yeah… something like that.

To build a dojo of “spearmanship” for the Baumeister and become the first female master??

Ina! Don’t just copy me and say “something like that”.

You’re supposed to say to become his “mistress” or “lover”.

I…I see.

But that’s embarrassing!

+Page 24

Ina, this is not a time to be embarrassed!

If you don’t try to prove yourself you’ll get left behind.

True true!



*to be honest*

You guys have a similarly hard life to that of Bell.


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