Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! Chapter 18

Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! Chapter 18

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+Page 1

Chapter 18: The Saint’s first date

+Page 2


Wendelin-sama, this outfit suits you really well.

I guess I can use this as my normal attire.


+Page 3

I’ll have this packaged up for you.


Thanks a lot, Elise.

It’s nothing.

That’s the least I can do.

+Page 4




+Page 5

A date with a beautiful young woman!

Ha—I’m so happy….!!

By the way, Wendelin-sama.

How do you feel about that restaurant we ate earlier?


The food was delicious.

And the ingredients used were tasty too.

I see.

Sebastian suggested that restaurant to me.

+Page 6

To be able to honestly tell me that the restaurant picked

Is the work of her butler.

Elise would be a very good and kind wife.



By the way.

Her mother is…..

+Page 7


Master Armstrong’s sister.



He also approved this marriage.


Are you telling me that this beautiful young woman is the niece of that muscular mage-!?

That night, I came home after the baptism at the church and the marriage between me and Elise had been arranged.

I tried collecting some information about Elise…..

+Page 8

I figured out that.

She is called “The Saint of Houhenheim”, that’s such a suitable title for her.

In order to be a good wife, she’s worked her hardest everyday as an apprentice nun at the church.

+Page 9

Despite being the granddaughter of someone in such a high position, there’s no arrogance in her behavior.

It’s fine.

You’re so kind, mistress.

She treats everyone equally.

And she’s also used her healing magic to cure lots of people for free, but of course only in given time.

Besides, she often helps in the orphanage and other charity activities.

+Page 10


She’s so perfect…!

She’s totally worthy of her title.


“The Saint of Houhenheim”, huh….



+Page 11

I too was suddenly given the “dragon slayer” title.

I know that there’s….

A lot of pressure, isn’t it?

+Page 12

…What kind of pressure?


Even if I’m being called a “hero”.

I don’t think I’m brave enough to have actually earned that title though.

+Page 13


Today is her long-awaited first date.




I think it’s a man’s duty to get her a present as a memory for this date…

Ah… I understand!

*that’s really excellent advice, Sebastian

Uhm, Elise.


Well…. Our marriage has been set….

+Page 14

And today is also our first date.

So I would like to

Give you something to honor the memory of this special day.


Is that really okay?


Due to two subjugated dragons’, my pockets are quite full.

Wendelin-sama, there’s a jewelry store ahead that sells excellent items….



You’re incredible!

I wish I could have a butler like him.

+Page 15

What a pleasant surprise.

Welcome to our store.

Ahem. I’m looking for a betrothal gift.

I see.

Well then.

Do you have any specific range for price….

How much is the average cost?

I had gifted jewelries before in my previous life.

But gifting a woman who was born a noble, and also my fiancée, the level of difficulty is much higher. So I’m pretty much inexperienced.

+Page 16

On average, it will cost at least one gold coin.

*so that means

It will cost 1 million yen if I switch it to Japanese currency.



How about that one?

This ring is…..

A pre-ordered item which used a [Magic stone] as its main material.

In the [Magic stone].

There’s an enough magic to cast intermediate spells.

And of course, this is a perfect item for an accessory.

+Page 17

I see…. But It looks kinda….

It’s a little bit simple, don’t you think?


This ring.

If you pour magic into it, it will emit an emerald aura.


This seems good.


It was quite difficult to order this type of item.

Because there’s not many nobles that can use magic anymore…..

+Page 18

Since it’s made of [Magic stone], it can be quite expensive.


How’s the price?


3 platinum coins.

So it equals 3 billion yens.


The initial price was actually 5 platinum coins. But there’s no one suitable to buy this so I had to lower the price….

If i pour magic into it right now.

Then the magic will be stored inside, and I can use it anytime I want… am i right?

+Page 19



If they’re able to use magic.

Then they can easily pull the magic that’s stored inside anytime they want.


“Anyone can use it” is quite the tempting feature.

*as expected from a Magic stone

At the moment

Transferring magic is a unique kind of spell that I can’t do yet.

*I can do it

Even though I have a small amount of magic stones to store magic in case of an emergency, but I’m the only one who can use it.

+Page 20

Can I try it?

Of course! Go on ahead.

So? Can you feel it??





I can feel the aura.

I see…..

+Page 21


I’ll take this.


+Page 22

Ah… I can’t do that.

I can’t take such an expensive object like this….

Normally, I’d consider this item expensive.


Recently, I’ve just obtained a huge amount of income.


We’re married, aren’t we?

And there might be times when I need to use the magic stored inside this ring.


I still have more than 1000 platinum coins left.

Spending 3 of them (equals 3 billion yens) feels no different to me.

*the pleasure of wealth

*completely speechless

+Page 23

All you have to do is pour magic in this ring in case of emergency.

And it can also cast healing magic too, convenient isn’t it?


Thank you so much.

I’ll treasure it.


I have a more personal reason to give this to her.

+Page 24

It’s because of her grandfather – The Cardinal Houhenheim.

For giving her such a valuable gift, in exchange he’ll use the influence of the church to protect me.

I’m pretty sure Elise will cherish that ring.

So the others will definitely see it.

And the rumors about that ring will spread.

Pretty soon….

+Page 25


I’m home.


How was it? The date with the dragon slayer.

It’s great.

First we went shopping.

Then we had lunch, and then we went sight-seeing…. And finally he bought me a gift.

Is that so….


+Page 26


Despite his age, he’s quite mature.

At the same time.

I can feel part of an overly cautiousness from his heart that’s made him quite crafty.

What makes you think that?

It’s because of his gift for Elise-sama.


+Page 27

…..This kid is quite the cunning one.


This might not necessary be a bad thing.

I think that at his age.

For him to be able to recognize the power of the church.

He seems to place great consideration to the church.

It’s good that he’s not a fool that only knows how to use magic.

Elise, there’s nothing you dislike about him, right?



+Page 28

I see.

Then maybe this is the right decision.

At least that’s how it looks right now.


The one coming is Baron Baumeister who will be here for the baptism.

I will introduce you to him then.

+Page 29


I heard that he was born in a poor noble family with 8 sons.

He had always been disregarded and made fun of by his own relatives.

I was so curious.

How can a man like that earn the title of “dragon slayer”, and how much effort did he put forth to become the head of a noble family.

+Page 30

“The Saint of Houhenheim”, huh….

I too was suddenly given the “dragon slayer” title.

I know that there’s….

A lot of pressure, isn’t it?

At that moment.

The first time I met someone who can understand my feelings….

+Page 31

During the campaign of the army toward the Palkenia Grassland, I was in charge of healing the wounded soldiers in the emergency shack.

And collecting news about the front army of uncle Armstrong.

I thought he must be very serious…..

*I can wear this as my normal attire

*so delicious

*I’ll take this

Even though it’s an arranged marriage.

But Wendelin-sama.

Is such a very kind man, completely contrast to what he has achieved.

+Page 32

Even if

I can’t use healing magic anymore.

I know that he will still treat me the same way.

That’s why.

I believe.

We will be a suited couple.


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