Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! Chapter 19

Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! Chapter 19

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+Page 1

A letter for us?

From margrave Breithilde….!

Chapter 19: A letter from master.


Well then, why don’t you read it out loud.



The four of you can continue to stay at the Capital—

+Page 2

Besides, I submitted the authorization for your graduation at the prep school.

So I suggest that you come and train as an adventurer at Stadburg….




Is this

Really true, Burkhart-san?

Absolutely. This letter was personally written by master, you know.

+Page 3

I see…..


Just so you know.

He said that for a teenager like you

To be able to slay 2 dragons.

Then the Brihiburk prep school has nothing to teach you anymore.

This also applies to the 3 of you.

Your abilities have already matched the level of martial trainers at that school.

+Page 4

Instead of hanging around at prep school for 2 more years.

It would be much better for you to train here, I think you could get more benefits learning in the capital, am I right?

You’re right…..

Even if we study the same curriculum.

The education system in the Capital will be much better.

Besides, the infrastructure and other services are at a totally different level here.

+Page 5

I guess it will be much more interesting to stay at the capital.

However….. if we stay here, I should considered being dragged into the fight for power between those people….

By the way, mister Erwin.

I heard that you’re the personal knight brigadier. Then Master Warren will be the one teaching you swordsmanship.

Whoa! Isn’t he the one who introduced me around the Capital?

+Page 6

And for miss Ina.

They’re going to introduce you to spearman ship experts in the Imperial Knight Order.


What about me?

You will also have a very excellent teacher.

And that goes for you too, young man!


+Page 7


Living in the capital is fine, but

What about our house in Brihiburk….?


Oh, about that.

You can always go back anytime with [Teleportation].

Oh, that’s right.


Thinking of about your future, that house surely can’t be used after your marriage.

So we will prepare you a new house here.

+Page 8

A few days later.



Who will be our teacher, Louise?

How should I know?

I haven’t heard anything.

What about you, Bell?

+Page 9


I still haven’t figured out yet.

Erwin and Ina had already headed toward the castle to take lessons from the Imperial Order.

So me and Louise

Let’s see, from here we will head straight North….

I wonder why.

We were told to go to a military facility at a totally different location.

+Page 10

Since we’re going to the same location.

It means that me and Bell will be training together, right?

will you be taught to use fire magic?


That’s just impossible for me.

You have a point.

+Page 11

Louise’s magic style is combat.

A close combat type.

And considering myself as a long distance one

I usually fire off magic from the backline.

So technically our style is not the same.

It would be troublesome for both of us if we were given the same training lessons.

I’m together with Bell     So lucky.

If that happens, it would be quite odd.

+Page 12


It seems we made it.

Excuse me.

We’re here for the training lessons….

I’ve been told about you. Please come forward.

Thank you.

It’s so big!

The arena at my place can’t be compare to this.

+Page 13

With a scale like this, our teacher must also be quite extraordinary.


He must be a real expert!


I’m so excited.

So she really want to become stronger, huh.

*that’s so cute


Excuse me!

Today is…..



+Page 14


So you’ve come!!!

+Page 15




My soul flew out.

It’s him!!!

So, is master Armstrong our new teacher?


I was so exciting for this day to come that I couldn’t even sleep yesterday.


Oh… I see.

You’re the one talking, I have a bad feeling about this….

+Page 16


Is master Armstrong that “muscular mage” you told us before?

Materialized armor using his magic and wielding a hammer to slay a dragon.



Hmm?? Is something wrong? Muscular??

Ah… it’s nothing!

But the way he uses magic, does he really consider himself as a mage?

How can I be able to learn that…?


Hold on!?

If it’s Louise than maybe she will be able to learn it!

So this muscular mage must be Louise’s teacher!

It must be! It has to be! It’s definitely!

Bell!? You’re looking scary right now.

+Page 17

Right! If it’s Louise

Than you will have no trouble learning his combat style.

*I’ll be off then

There is

No need for me to be here, right?


Only me!?

You’re supposed to be training together with me, Bell!

There’s no way I will be learning this type of combat.

I’m specialized in long distance attack and magical support, remember?

+Page 18


I’m supposed to learn how to properly use my magic.

Since I haven’t reached its full potential yet.


Really…! You’re telling the truth!?


That’s why… I’ll be on my way then….


Having a magic source much stronger than mine, and you’re telling me you haven’t reached your full power yet…!?

My shoulders!! It hurts.

+Page 19

If that’s the case.

Come back and train with me!

For magic circulation training.

There’s nothing as sufficient as my “magic mobile armor”.

The ability of “high-speed flight” and

Enhancing physical ability are already advance combat techniques. All you have to do now is to get used to real life experience.

So you don’t need to have an advance combat sense to learn this.

I also

Didn’t learn much combat techniques from others.

Well… It’s true that he only uses simple techniques like swinging his hammer or throwing his opponents away.



+Page 20

This is bad.

His words do make sense….!

I’ve been persuaded!!


Your master, Alfred, is a genius that can easily use many kinds of complex magic.

He had zero physical ability.

Even though he always told us that he didn’t have any talent…..

But if he could at least learn my magic armor technique

He wouldn’t have died like that.


+Page 21



I think he’s right….

I guess I was a little too hasty

To label something I haven’t tried yet, as impossible?


You’re very talented, kid!

You will learn about that soon.

Thank you, sir.


Is it okay with you?

I think a great mage like you can be very busy…

+Page 22

Not at all.

This training is also for myself, so that’s not a problem.


For you??


Well, my…

My magic potential also hasn’t reached its maximum capacity yet….


He’s like a monster now, and he says he can still improve!

*Normally a person’s growth will stop when he reaches  20

This is scary…!

+Page 23

And miss Louise.

You too haven’t reached your full potential yet.

So today.

We’ll start with “adjusting magic flows”!

So that day.

I spent the whole day.

Adjusting my flows with Louise and master Armstrong.

And dozens of people who are learning to use magic that the muscular mage taught me….

*Eh, all of them!?

*hehe, good luck!

+Page 24


So, their magic has all maxed out, I guess.

Why does he look so calm?


There’s no use frowning for your low magic capacity.

It’s true that your magic source is important, but we can make it up through many ways.

On the contrary.

These guys should feel lucky that they can save a large amount of time for improving their magic source.


It’s true that thanks to this method with my master, I could significantly raise my magic source as well as the time needed for it.

+Page 25


Bell’s magic is incredible.

I’m still dizzy just by absorbing it.


Are you okay?


I’m just feeling a little dizzy!

But why didn’t master Armstrong get affected by it?


Well       It’s….

+Page 26

I guess he’s like me, isn’t he?


Then that means….

His magic capacity hasn’t maxed out yet –!?


+Page 27

All done.

Thanks to that flow adjusting that I can feel my magic source increasing!

This feel so good….!

Is that so.            Guess I’ll go then….

Not so fast!


+Page 28

We’ll start with materializing your magic armor.


Right now!?

Do we really have to do it now!?

Of course!!

How can this man have so much energy?

He’s such a beast….


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