Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! Chapter 20

Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! Chapter 20

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+Page 1

After we decided to stay in the Capital.

The four of us

Received a special request from the Adventurers’ Guild and are currently on our way towards the outskirt forest.

Chapter 20: The Pink Hippopotamus

Uhm… why do even you have to accompany us, master?


Because this time, your objective might be somewhat troublesome.

+Page 2


That’s not what we meant.

Both Erwin and I are still teenagers so venturing into the demons’ territory might be a little…


Well, if we look at the category our request this time is related to demons

But the “Pink Hippopotamus” is usually not located in any demon’s domain. Hence there’s no problem at all.



So this special request is about the “Pink Hippopotamus”.

Can I go home?

+Page 3


You didn’t even know what our objective was?


I only heard that there’s a request sent from a higher up in our kingdom so I was asked to assist Master Armstrong.

However this doesn’t really sound that dangerous.

How do I put this…

We adults have our own reasons hence why I’m here.

But is our objective really called the “Pink Hippopotamus”?          That sounds quite frightening, to be honest…..

But why does it have “-san” in its name? [TL: Original text The Pink Hippopotamus is referred to with prefix –san as sign of respect]

Ah….. Don’t worry about it.

Even if it is a demon it is still pretty docile that even a teenager like you can handle him.

It’s just that I really want to go home….

Do you really dislike it that much….?        I wonder what kind of demon it is….

+Page 4

The Pink Hippopotamus is

A kind of demon that is true to its name. Its body is covered in pink and tends to live near fresh and clean streams deep inside the forest.

There are only females in their kind. They breed, lay eggs and raise it by themselves.

Their lifespan is so long that it is said to equal to that of a dragon but they don’t lay eggs that often.

Besides, the egg’s shell is extremely valuable for medicine preparation.

Due to their scarcity and low survival capability, this demon is listed as one of the few protected targets of the kingdom.

+Page 5



That’s right!

The objective of this request is not “subjugation”, it is “protection”.

We have to bring it to a specialized safeguarded area designated by the kingdom….

Oh, so that means there will be no significant dangers… I’m relieved.


The target that we have to protect this time is

A female who is going to lay eggs sooner than expected!

+Page 6

What…. You mean this is a premature birth case!?

Is that dangerous?

This doesn’t seem that urgent…..

Everyone won’t refuse to take this quest if things are just that simple.

The Pink Hippopotamus


Will cast a very unique spell onto any individual that it considers harmful to its egg


*A magic hippopotamus

+Page 7


Is that a kind of mind control spell?


No mages

Can avoid this type of spell….

And what’s left for those who get affected is nothing but tragic fate.

That’s why there’s a female warrior restriction for this kind of quest!

+Page 8

Does that mean it’s fine if the one facing this problem are men?

What!? Why aren’t we allowed to do this quest?

It’s fine with Bell but Erwin can go too, that’s not fair!


So the reason I was chosen was not because of my fighting ability….

Come on, don’t be like that.

Maybe there’s chance that you might not get affected by that spell.

That’s right!

There was one time.

I too had to face a very difficult situation!

+Page 9

But I definitely don’t want to participate in this quest at all!!!

So do I!


*that’s quite unfortunate.



We already have this young man who is the disciple of Alfred on our side….!!


I’m placing my bet on you!!

This is not good.

I have a really bad feeling about this….

+Page 10

We’re about to arrive.



There it is!

It is really all pink.

*It looks smaller than I expected… so cute.

+Page 11

Here I go.

Take this…!



Master! That was such a hasty act…!



No reaction??


+Page 12


N-not good. This is….!


My body can’t move!!

So even you

Can’t resist this spell….!


There’s no other choice.

Let’s face it like a real man!

+Page 13

And pray for God’s mercy.

This isn’t the time for jokes.


My conscious….



Wake up…


+Page 14



Where am i??

Stop being sleepy all the time.

Are you okay now?

It’s Sakuragaoka high’s Madonna Ijuuin Shizuka-san….!

Ah…. Yeah.


I… I guess we should come home now, Ijuuin-san?


+Page 15


When there’s just the two of us, you can call me Shizuka.


Is this for real!!??

Why does it look like a confession?

I’m pretty sure that I never had a conversation like this with her before…!?

Uhm…   S-Shizuka?





Everyone’s already gone home.

+Page 16



T-this is….!

Could it be?

This is it….

+Page 17


I want it to stay like this.



This feels amazing….!


+Page 18

Who is it!?

Who dares to ruin my beautiful moment….!

Even though I’m a moderate student, I won’t forgive you for this.



You will become the victim of my ultimate magic…..!

+Page 19


You’ve finally opened your eyes!

*straight pale




+Page 20

This is unacceptable….!

I know how you feel but you have to face the truth.

….I see.

So you too….

With Burkhart-san….?




+Page 21

The Pink Hippopotamus

Can use an illusion spell

To provoke the desire within someone’s mind just like that…!

So this is the reason why female warriors aren’t allowed to come.

I see. If there was a girl here then this would be tragic….

Especially for those old men.

In the end

A few subsequent attempts ended up in failure.

*I’m gonna throw up


This is the time for you to use all those experiences you have to handle that thing’s disgusting spell.

How the hell can I do it?

*pissed off

I hate this job!!!

+Page 22





Don’t say a word.



+Page 23


At least we tried.

Let’s go home now.


We’re leaving just like that!?



Master Armstrong,

And the both of you are all out of idea.


This is impossible no matter how you look at it.

*sigh—I give up

+Page 24

In the end

Our mission ended as a failure.

In case you’re wondering what happened with that Pink Hippopotamus

After its egg hatched

The both of them voluntarily moved into the safeguarded area.

No trespassing.

Pink Hippopotamus

Specialized safeguarded area

*We did all of that for nothing!!


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