Hiraheishi wa Kako o Yumemiru Chapter 17

Hiraheishi wa Kako o Yumemiru Chapter 17

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Page 1:
The “blood”…



Is connecting me…                                          and her…

Page 2:

Once again

The contract with ‘that’ was a success…



Are you okay!?

Well…                                                 I’m somewhat…

My body is heavy…

Well that should be obvious since half of my soul was eaten by her

Anything wrong with your body or mind!?                                      I was worried when you suddenly showed signs of pain!

You should have at least told me the side effects of forming a contract with Farenna!

Page 3:
I’m sorry…

But with this there won’t be any more victims

Ah…Bernard and the others seem to have woken up                                  but I still don’t understand the concept of having your soul eaten or the theory behind it

Hyohohoho then then let me explain!!

The fact that the people whose souls were eaten by Farenna-dono have revived is because of the contract between John-dono and Farenna-dono                               T-t-those souls were treated as unnecessary, hence why they were returned and their bodies woken up!!

Page 4:
…You’re here?

S-s-so how are you!?                                                 Tell me exactly, how painful was it!? How did you suffer through it!?


I must measure the movement of the magical power inside of you!                                  Aaah I want to check your body from head to toeeee!!

Hey! Just do a general check-up!

Hyoho!?                                     I-I-I’m just interested in this sample’s data!

Illusionist Lord Bullbach

I will offer all the information I know concerning this problem                                        I will also cooperate in your research

But I want you to promise me not to let anyone else know about this without my or Nakoruru’s permission

Page 5:
Hyoho! Of course I promise!

To be able to monopolize such a marvelous research!!


…That’s why

I’ll be relying on you Nakoruru…

Page 6:
This is just outrageous! I don’t care whether they are noble or not

But how dare they use a made-up story to make all the other students hate us!
Damn- if I’m in the same class, I’ll send them flying!

Page 7:
Thank you Ted

Oh! If something happens, remember to tell us immediately!

Right right. I’ll teach you a way to cause damage in return without making the teachers notice

When Kou’s saying it, it doesn’t feel like a joke

It’s like I’m seeing a part of the future…

Anyways…because our classes are different, it’s been a long time since everyone from our village was able to get together like this!                                      How are your classes going?

Page 8:

It’s hard

It’s not like the contents are hard                                           but what you taught us was the basics of magic

While this magic is just so different

The magic that John taught us basically doesn’t require chanting                                     but the magic we learn here need one or two chants first

Right, so in order to improve our vocabulary, we need to learn literature, archaic words which is painful for me

I actually like literature. The old romance novel we read the other day was interesting!

Good for you

Is this really happening…?

Page 9:

According to tradition, the magic teacher of the student with an aptitude for dark magic will become his instructor

I’m looking forward to working you

Ah…yes                                               me too

The elementary level of dark magic is taking someone else’s life force                             Let’s begin immediately


“O darkness bring life to my side”

“Now gather around me”                                            “Darkness erosion”

Hmm…not bad                                               but there is still a sign of inexperience

Where did I go wrong?

Firstly the speed of the fog was too slow                               so you won’t be able to use this against a moving target

Page 11:
But for that, you just need more practice in operating magic, so you don’t have to worry about it for now                                               The problem right now is how weak your imagination is


That’s right                        Look at this

The fog disappeared immediately because your imagination was too weak

The strength of a magic is not determined by your magical power                                   Of course you need a certain amount of magical power to activate it but in order to completely control it, you need to have a strong will

Your will gives your magic the power to form its shape

My will…

Page 12:
The strength of one’s imagination affects his magic… This is obvious logic in the magic that Nakoruru created,                                      but it is believed that in old magic, the power is decided by how accurate the chant was

Even so Morald-sensei’s teaching is close to Nakoruru’s logic

Of course chanting is important, but many mages that consider the battlefield as another home like me,                                                and have experienced the difficulty of fighting with a mage who has a strong imagination

Especially someone with dark magic like you, the influence is even more noticeable

Other magic…like water and fire, magic with attributes concerning the world’s logic don’t get affected as much

But darkness is always rejected by the world

Page 13:
In order to keep the logic of nature from breaking, the world shows a strong resistance against it                                          In other words, to make that logic bend to your will, you need a strong imagination

Of course…   What Morald-sensei is talking about is all the foundation theories of Nakoruru’s magic

Nakoruru’s magic succeeded in explaining in detail, the influence of activation chanting to this world

Naturally other elements such as the strength of one’s will are all involved in materializing a spell

Nakoruru used them as assumptions to create her new magic

But in old magic, the emphasis is on the comprehension and speed of the chant and nothing else

Which is why normally there isn’t much difference between the average ability of mages

Page 14:
But for someone like Morald-sensei who is famous for being good at old magic

To be able to realize the essence of magic is a surprise for me

I was so sure that in old magic, chanting decided the spell’s power and accuracy                              The mages of this era have stopped just following, and have advanced from the old way of thinking…

…He made me realize something that normally I wouldn’t have noticed

Page 15:

Ok…                                          When I think of darkness, I think of…

Page 16:
“O darkness bring life to my side”

“Now gather around me”                                            “Darkness erosion”

Page 17:

Such a terrifying child! I gave only a little advice and he has changed this much                              But this is a different magic entirely!

Page 18:
Hmm…                                      You’ve surpassed elementary level magic

But you mustn’t use this against a human okay?


Page 19:
After the problem with Farenna was solved, I passed my school life in peace and quiet

And now 3 months later, the school is dividing classes according to our grades



Hey! I heard that we will get assigned into classes based on the result of our labyrinth exploring!

That’s right.

Page 20:
Norl, you’ve improved a lot, both lecture-wise and practical-wise, you could even be at top of the class right now                                      I didn’t know you had a talent for this!

Nah, it’s nothing…

I also need to work harder…

That’s right…I’m just mediocre at best

I only got to where I am right now because I already knew Nakoruru’s theory

It feels just like I’m cheating on a test…

The guilt…

Let’s both try our best Norl

Ok!                                            Let’s aim to get in the same class!

Page 21:
Actually, we need to decide on the members we’re going exploring with

You need to register in advance with a group of at least 4 people right?

John…you’re definitely going to be in a group with me right?

You haven’t decided to go with someone else have you…?

Eh? Of course I’m with you!

Then we need at least two more…

It seems everyone else in our class has already decided on the group they’re going with…

Page 22:
Ah! There they are!


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