Hiraheishi wa Kako o Yumemiru Chapter 19

Hiraheishi wa Kako o Yumemiru Chapter 19

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 19
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Page 1:




Page 2:


Two left! They’re heading your way!

“Wind, gather, become sharper and pierce through my enemies!”

“Wind spears!”

“My power, I call upon the flame that dwells in the sky”

“Burn my enemies”, “Fire arrows!”

Page 4:
we did it!

Hah I was a little tense there!

As expected of you two!

It sure gives a different vibe than when we’re practicing


Now!                                                    Finally the “water sprite’s fountain” is right ahead

Our task was to collect some of its water and also…

Page 5:
defeat a specific monster and collect the raw materials…

In other words we need to beat the slime protecting the fountain

I can see it!

So that’s the water sprite’s fountain

Page 6:
wah…it’s so beautiful…


Don’t get too close, the slime is coming!

It’s the slime!
page 7:
a human shaped slime!? That’s quite unique!

The nature of this slime might be different from normal slimes so be careful!

Page 8:

This is…a strong acidic liquid, it’ll be bad if we get hit!

I’ll go!

“Wind, turn into sharp blades and cut through my enemies!”

“Wind blades!”

Page 9:
did she do it!?

As expected of Tris!

Page 10:
it revived!?

Page 11:

Uwan! What should we do!?

If it’s like this then I’ll just have to get close and kill it in one slash!

Wait Fee!

Instead of getting closer, we should keep our distance!

Page 12:

Oh! I see!

Let’s go Fee!

Eeh~ what do you mean~?

Tris, come with me! We’ll go behind it!


I have an idea!

There’s something I want to try


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