Hiraheishi wa Kako o Yumemiru Chapter 20

Hiraheishi wa Kako o Yumemiru Chapter 20

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 20
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Page 1:

I think that as long as the slime is still in that fountain, it can regenerate no matter how many times we cut it down

Also with its unique trait being made by strong acid, attacking with weapons might be difficult

…in other words we need to attack with magic, so it’s our time to shine right?


Hey…John…wait! What are you planning to do…?

Fee, we need to create a distraction to draw its attention                                     can you do it?

Hah?                                          You mean we’re becoming the bait!?

Page 2:
hey slime, over here!

Come at me!

Hey!                                           You blob! Come at me if you dare!

Page 3:
uhyo! It’s gonna melt me!!

Scary! That was scary!

Even though you’re saying that, didn’t you wait until the last second to jump?

That’s what makes it fun!

The thrill of that acid almost burning your skin!                                         It’s the best!!

Page 4:

“Wind, turn into sharp blades and cut through my enemies!”

“Wind blades!”

Page 5:
its connection with the fountain has been cut!

Norl, please!

“My power, create an ice cage and lock the enemy before me”

Eh…!? Isn’t that

The incantation for a water type magic!?

“Ice prison”

Page 7:

There it is!!

John! Stab that blue core!!


Page 9:

The slime is defeated!!

Page 10:
you did it!

Norl! Was that a water type magic!?

That was awesome Norl, mixed magic is really advanced, just when did you learn it?


You really surprised me!

You also did really well coming up with a plan to take down the slime!

A slime’s core changes color according to the temperature                                              slimes are frozen during winter and they return to normal when spring comes, it’s only just in that amount of time that their cores are visible

Maybe it’s because of the difference in temperature of its body and its core

Page 11:
what is that! That wasn’t included in our lessons!?

Yeah I was gonna go look it up in the books later so I didn’t have any definite proof                      didn’t the professor say that “a slime’s weak point is its core but it’s usually not visible”

you came up with the plan just based on that!?


Norl is awesome! You have what it takes to be a leader!

Ok! With this we’ve finished our task! Now let’s collect the core and some fountain’s water before heading back!


Page 12:

First up congratulation everyone!

Even though there were a lot of you who were unable to finish your assignment, it’s great that everyone got out unharmed                              now this puts an end to the labyrinth exploring test

But don’t forget that all of you are still growing

Page 13:

Don’t forget the experience you’ve earned today                                        from now on I want you to concentrate on working hard to become a full-fledged magician

That’s all what I wanted to say!

Page 14:
this was how the labyrinth exploring test ended

Maybe the school will use the result of this test to assign students into different classes and the magic skill training that we need

Norl, Fee                                              and Tris

I still have a lot of things that I need to learn from the friends around me

I will steadily take one step at a time to become stronger

In preparing for the upcoming future…

Page 15:
that is the most of

What I can do right now…!!


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