Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 1

Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 1

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+Page 1

My name is

Torino Kazuya.

26 years old, a Japanese normal citizen.

An employee.


Or at least I used to be…..


Is it okay for us to do this?

I don’t know why but I feel calmer now.

I never would’ve expected heroes like us could relax like this.

Feel so good….


+Page 2

I’ve decided.

I want to be your wife.


How could a guy like me

Even have a chance to experience pleasure like this?

He loves me.

+Page 3

Thank you, Yuki…..


I’m really appreciative that you accepted me.

Sorry Yuki.

I misunderstood you.

I’ve won their heart…..

That was the day-

It all started when I was given the task to look over this World by Goddess Naru.

+Page 4

Goddess Naru

She created this world by balancing the magic flow circulating around it.

If this circulation is broken, the atmosphere will become imbalanced.

Sooner or later, disasters will occur.

If I can build an underground dungeon and create another magic flow to help fill in the circulation…

Something like that.

Since I have a stronger understanding of knowledge than the people of this world.

That’s why I’m chosen.

The center of the underground dungeon is 3 magic stones.

I was granted the body of a 18 years old boy who’ll never age with some extra useful abilities.

Even though I quickly started constructing the dungeon, but….

Hey you, dig over here.



Underground world x Credit card


This is your first payment.

Underground Credit card 1500 points added.

Underground Credit card?

You will need these points to purchase more land.

I have to buy more land?

Oh, there’s also maintenance fees to worry about, you know.

+Page 5

DP can be used to summon monsters.

Underground world construction fees.

200DP: 2 km2 area (1km2 / 100DP) Annual maintenance fee (1km/ 10DP)

100DP: 1 km depth (1km / 100DP) Annual maintenance fee (1km / 10DP)

300DP: City construction (1 FUROA / 100DP)

150DP: Customization (Change land shape) (1 FUROA / 50DP)

30DP: Customization (Arranging location) – Average of 1 FUROA / 10DP

300DP: Summoning (50 goblins, 50 fiends, 50 slimes)

150DP: Furniture,…. Online purchasing system.

Total: 1380DP    Balance: 120DP (maintenance fees included)

*Back to previous screen

With enough DP, you can buy anything on Earth like food, furniture,…..

It’ll only take about 4 years and I’ll go broke.

I have even less money than when I was back on Earth…..


How can I get more DP?

What is the purpose of this underground dungeon?

To balance the magic flow circulation….

Is that correct?


In other words, to draw magical flow from outside here and turn them into DP.


Creatures born outside of this dungeon

Will die when they enter?

Or maybe they’ll continue to live for a couple of years in certain conditions.




Also there are some other things but they’re all basic stuffs.

So good luck.

Hey wait…..

+Page 6

To build an entire city underground may prove to be easier.


Underground dungeons are considered extremely dangerous and for humans to live here seems to be unlikely.


From now on you’ll have to increase your physical strength!!

First I have to fight off the trespassers and focus on collecting DP.

That’s why I decided to use my DP to summon monsters and make them train really hard.

Learn from your mistakes!

Fight harder!

Don’t lose to yourself from the past!!

Since these guys have low intelligence, improving physical strength alone is not enough, I started teaching them basic knowledge.

+Page 7

And then.

Lv. 9 -> 15

Race: Goblin

Position: Guard -> Soldier

Lv. 11 -> 16

Race: Slime

Position: Guard -> Strategist

They grew extremely fast in the past few days….


Stop this….


+Page 8

Hey Laiya.


This magic flow-

Comes from underground…..

I’ve just thought of an idea for these 2 slaves.



You discovered 5 intruders coming into the dungeon’s territory.

+Page 9

There are 3 of them who want to mess with us.

According to our intel.

Here’s their information.

Name: Laiya

Level: 42               Race: Human     Position: Commoner

Name: Mob

Level: 44               Race: Human     Position: Commoner

Special competence: Rank 3 hero in Ruined City.

Look carefully, these are formidable foes.

Name: Kasu Rantwel

Level: 32               Race: Human      Position: Former noble

Special competence: Rank 2 leadership / can perform magical abilities

Their slaves are 2 weak girls.

Name: Elzu.Lau.Roshuru

Level: 6                 Race: Human     Position: Slave

Former third princess

Special competence: Rank 4 leader / high magical capability / recovery

Name: Oriel        Lv. 54

Race: Bunny-demi           Position: Slave

Former servant of the third princess

Special competence: Rank 2 guard / high loyalty

Our objectives includes: [Target 1: exterminate] [Target 2: secure their safety]

I assigned protecting those 2 girls as target 2.

Squad 1 – Platoon G will be in charge of protecting them.

Those 3 men will be our target 1.

You have to do your best on this task.

The surviving members will assist the others on target 2.

+Page 11

Let’s begin the task.

Do it quickly.

You guys are my proud warriors,

I have faith in your ability.

2 heroes, 1 noble from the Ruined City.

1 princess and her bunny servant.

Those royal members are nothing but trouble.

This might be an opportunity to teach them a lesson about our underground dungeon.


+Page 12

Don’t be so tough, they’re female after all.

They should be glad that they have a chance to be goblin’s wives.


I get it.

Those girls are captured.

So these guys know that she’s the princess.

And they don’t even return her to the palace, which means.


The plan.

They’re not on the same side…..?

Get rid of him!

+Page 13


I thought you said there’s only few of them….

Kasu, can you handle this?

Give me 20 seconds.


It stinks!



Squad 2 – Platoon G, bring those girls back to base.

The rest of you pay attention and continue your task…..

I am Elzu.Rau.Roshuru.

Third princess of the Roshuru kingdom, one of the kingdoms that are fighting for dominance over this land.

In other words, to carry the responsibility of leading the people.

I was taught this ever since I could be aware of my position.

That kingdom Roshuru will bring peace to this land.

+Page 15

That’s why I always wanted to do something for my people.

Normally, no- nobles forever get criticized for the war between 2 kingdoms.

One day, my servant Oriel said that

It’s not about taking criticism.

It’s about using your kind heart to gain the people’s trust.

It was at that moment that I realized my purpose.

At one time, when I was using healing magic to cure my people.

Love Goddess Lirishu descended from the sky.

I’ve been watching you, the girl who always did what’s best for her people.

She gave me the abilities [ Recovery] and [Talented wizard].

Take these as a gift.

+Page 16

Just like that, I blessed everyone while gaining my reputation as the Holy Maiden.

For my kingdom, for my people I decided to try even harder than before.


That didn’t last for long.


We set foot in the rival country’s village.

We will not interfere with this village’s business.

The Holy Maiden can heal them as she pleases.

I believed their words without a doubt.

+Page 17


Answer me!!

Princess Elzu, please remain calm.


Following your orders, in order to prevent war between 2 kingdoms, the villagers were sacrificed for the greater good.

According to plan, this place will be used as a neutral ground.

We wouldn’t expect less from someone with the royal blood like you, your Highness.


You have the potential of a great leader.


This was caused by my order?


This is…..

I’m sorry, princess….

We were used

As a reasonable cause to seize the village of another country’s territory.

+Page 18


If we didn’t come here….


This village will…..


This is…..



Princess, you have to calm yourself!!


After that…..

A war between 2 kingdoms broke out.

Oriel said that it wasn’t my fault but….

I was still the reason this war started.


+Page 19



Are you hurt….?

I’m sorry…


This doesn’t…..

Look good for us.

I’m really sorry, princess……

Oriel, your leg!!

I will heal…..




+Page 20


Isn’t that…..?


The Holy Maiden.

Since then, we were treated as slaves.

But maybe that’s what I deserve.


+Page 21

What is the meaning of this?

Elzu-sama please stay calm…




Don’t push yourself too hard….

Hey hey.

Hear me out.

I can heal both of you.


I want you to follow me.

+Page 22

If you refuse, it’s fine.

I will not force you to be my slaves.


I have my own reason.

I want you to be someone I can trust, not mindless slaves.

If you want me to trust you, then you have to heal Oriel.


You must promise me that

Oriel will not attack me once she’s cured.

+Page 23

I promise that Oriel will not attack you.


That’s not enough.

She needs to be assigned with

[Assigned Protection].

Assigned Protection?

This skill’s effect is

“Guaranteed safety”.

“Movement outside the assigned zone is restricted”.

“Causing harm to others is prohibited”.

There’s other stuff but that’s enough for now.


+Page 24

This is to guarantee your safety, correct?

It seems to me that you have some other goals too.


You’re starting to get what I’m saying.

I want your cooperation.

I won’t tell you everything, but technically I want to know more about this continent.

I want you to give me information from the perspective of a royal member.

And we both can benefit from this

When I get the information I want, I will return you back to your kingdom.

I see……

+Page 25

I accept your conditions.

Oriel, you’ll accept it too, right?


If Elzu-sama says so….


I’ll use my spell then.

+Page 26

The slave necklace…..

It fell off!!

Now it’s your turn

Please heal Oriel’s wounds!!

I don’t plan to go back on my words, but….

This spell can only be cast with the agreement from both sides.

It’s not true!!

You must be forgetting something!!


Like that would ever happen!?


Are you…..

Please help her.

+Page 27


Give us another chance….

You see that.

Even your princess bows down.

Do you accept my conditions now?


I will accept it.


If you plan to cause any harm to Elzu-sama.

I will kill you.

+Page 28


I don’t plan to force you to do anything else apart from those requests.


Here I go.

Be ready.

I’ll start using my healing spell now.

[Advanced Recovery].


Advanced Recovery…!?

That is a very complex healing ability!?

Are you a master healer?

+Page 29

My name is Elzu.

May I ask what your name is?

Oh, my bad.

I am Yuki.

The underground dungeon’s master.


You are the dungeon’s master?



Chapter 1: End.


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