Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 2

Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 2

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+Page 1


You really are the Dungeon Master?


You’re completely different from what we thought you’d be…


If you’re still worrying about my identity, here’s the proof.

This dungeon core right here.

I’m also linked to this world through it.

It seems that even my life depends on this…

I only realized it after I was granted control of this Dungeon by the previous owner.

That’s all I know about it for now…


I don’t have a clue about any other Dungeon Master you guys are talking about.

Why do I have to keep making up lies like this…?

Even “Yuki” is an alias.

+Page 2

Is it really true?

The things you just said…

I decided to gather more information about this world through Elzu and her friend.

[About the Underground Dungeon]

There is actually a thing called danger level.

If it is at a safe enough degree, Dungeons can become hunting or training grounds for knights and hunters.

And if the level of magic increases, they turn into targets for subjugation.

[People who control Underground Dungeons]

They are called Dungeon Masters.

The caves where Dungeon Masters stay in are protected by a team of royal guards. This team’s level will determine the overall danger level of the whole Dungeon.


Heroes will be named after the skills they possess.

Among them, Heroes that come from other worlds are the strongest.

[Demon King]

Even I don’t know much about these guys.

The definition of “Demon King” is very vague, but that’s what we call them. It has been confirmed that there are only two of them left on this continent.

+Page 3


Beastmen, Elves, and Humans.

And there are even more branches just in the human race alone.

Can you tell me more about this continent?


We are currently in the territory of Roshuru Kingdom.

Roshuru is one of the five biggest kingdoms in this continent.

And I…

I’m the 3rd princess of the kingdom.

Elzu told me her identity and the details of what happened to them before.

…I see.

That’s why…

I want to ask Yuki-san a favor…

Please punish the men that captured and enslaved us.

Can you consider a death penalty for them?

+Page 4

I understand your feelings right now…

You can’t let someone who treated Elzu-sama with such cruelty get away with it like that!

Since you assigned us as your protectors, we can’t punish them ourselves.


I also want to hear about what they have to say.

It will just be a waste of time to listen to those barbarians!

…For someone who only uses violence to solve problems like you to say that

She’s right!

You don’t have to waste your time speaking to those vile men!

In that case.

Why don’t you wait in another room while I do it?

So if something bad happens, you can come in and help me.

I understand.

+Page 5

There’s something I want to ask you.

Why do you want the princess to be your slave?

Wouldn’t it have been easier to return her to her kingdom? That way you’d receive fame and fortune.


…For my wife and daughter

My friends

The village

The town…

I wanted vengeance…

+Page 6

I used to be a normal adventurer.

I didn’t even recognize when I became the hero of the town.

I had good friends by my side.

My wife.

And my daughter.

They are my treasures.

I wouldn’t trade them for any other national treasures in the world.

It would be the best if you could have a loving family too, Raiya.

Hah, I’m already engaged, you know.

You’re the lord’s son.

So I guess you can choose whoever you want to marry, right?


How about I marry your daughter?

Over my dead body!


+Page 7

Then one day.

Roshuru’s soldiers arrived at the village where Raiya and his lover lived.

Since this army was accompanied by the Holy Maiden, I thought their purpose was to offer assistance.


I was wrong.

1 month later.

The Roshuru army started to attack us, and they began a full-scale assault on the town.


Only a few of us were left.

The lone survivors, and every other living being, were completely annihilated.

+page 8

What’s even more valuable than fortune and fame.

My treasures

Were all gone…

So we decided to kidnap the princess, and intended to punish her in the cruelest way possible, but…

You were interrupted by me, am I correct?

+Page 9


Thanks to you, I’ve had time to reconsider everything.

No matter what we do, nothing can return to how it used to be…

It’s like a nightmare.

Even if I take my revenge, my wife and kid won’t be any happier.


The princess told you to come here, right?


Then hurry up and finish us off.

I don’t want to do anything to anger my family anymore.

And I guess the sooner you do this, the better it is for both of us.


You heard the whole thing, right?


+Page 10

So the executioner is the princess.

*bow down*


I am…

Terribly sorry…


+Page 11


I’m so sorry.




I’m really sorry. I’m terribly sorry…

Why did it turn out like this!?

Hey, you.

Do you know something about this!?

I’m still not sure whether what they said were true or not, but…

I told them everything Elzu said.

+Page 12



Please stand up.

Don’t bow your head like that, I don’t deserve it.

I’m just a guy who misunderstood everything and acted like a complete brute.


If I hadn’t been there, your family wouldn’t have…

+Page 13

According to your story, they had been planning to invade our land all along.

They were just using you as their tool.

Besides, it was partly our fault.


You want to leave?


I swear on my life as a princess.

I will prevent any more tragedies like yours.

I will do everything I can to stop this war!

So I talked to Mobu and his teammates.

I asked them to take care of those two girls and buy some other stuff for me.

And they also accepted to be my assigned protectors as well.

+Page 14

This is it.

We have other things to take care of so let’s part ways here.


Thank you for everything.

I hope we can meet again.


I think we can see each other again once we return to that Underground Dungeon.


Let’s return to the castle.


From now on, we may fight on the battlefield ourselves.

Will you accompany me?

+Page 15

Of course.


I will follow you no matter where you go.


Let’s go.

Wait a minute.

Didn’t you hear what Yuki said!?

From now on, there will probably be more problems.

But we should at least see what a king’s castle looks like.

He didn’t say that it was urgent.

So I guess I’ll find a slave to run errands on my way there.


+Page 16

He hasn’t changed a bit, always being whimsical like that…


That’s just the way he is.

Come on, let’s take a look around the city.


I’m glad you’re okay!!

Chii nee-sama…

+Page 17

When I saw the wreckage of your carriage, I thought you were dead!!

*hold tight*

Chii nee-sama…

Makes sense that she’s extremely happy….

Prepare Elzu’s favorite black tea and green tea candy, then bring them here.

And make it quick!

Yes, princess.

Chii nee-sama.

This is too much…

I can’t eat it all.

It’s not just for you.

It’s for me too!


The things I’m about to say

are just my predictions.

If you want to protect Elzu, then listen carefully.

+Page 18

He only discussed this with me.

In a worst-case scenario

there’s someone in the royal palace that wants to get rid of Elzu.

So you have to be extremely cautious in any given situation.

It’s delicious.

Try this out, Elzu.

Chii nee-sama,

don’t be so hasty…

This is slightly different from the usual…








+Page 19





Are you okay!?

It’s too late!

Seraria-sama exposed the person who’s disguised as Elzu-sama and was harmed by them!

Prime Minister Rowall!?


Chii nee-sama!

Please calm down!

Elzu-sama, with your healing magic, everything will be fine, and Seraria-sama can also be saved.


I understand!

+Page 20

Nobody move!



She’s trying to kill Seraria-sama!

Guards, capture that fake princess immediately!



You have to…run.


Elzu-sama! Seraria-sama!

I beg your pardon!

Let me go, Oriel!

Chi nee-sama is still hurt!

I have to save Chii nee-sama!

+Page 21




They jumped out.

It seems she’s carrying someone else with her.

Does that mean they’re okay now?

Don’t know yet.

By the way, aren’t we supposed to save them?

It seems Yuki’s prediction was right.

What’s even worse than being forgotten

Is knowing that your country’s going to get taken away.

+Page 22

Elzu’s being sacrificed to lower the kingdom’s reputation.

*knock down*

If the war keeps going on like this, then its cause, the Holy Maiden, will also lose her reputation.

Besides, all of the neighboring countries will eventually form an alliance against Roshuru.

If that happens, the king may lose his influence.

The people behind all of this will finally reveal themselves.

The king can’t be trusted.

Listen to me!

…Everything I said here is just my prediction, but you have to keep it in mind.

We still don’t know who is behind all of this.

If he wants to execute his scheme, the perfect opportunity will be right after Elzu returns to her castle.

Because he’ll think that the Holy Maiden was dead, but instead she’ll be alive and return safely.

If I were him, I might kill one or two extra people along with Elzu to cover my plan.

But who?

Someone of the royal blood.

…Jeez, if he had it figured out this far, why didn’t he save her in the first place?

Don’t be stupid.

+Page 23

The royal guards will eventually come to the Underground Dungeon.

Their forces are strong enough to annihilate us all.

I guess that’s true, but…

What is Yuki actually thinking?

If he lets those girls bust out of the castle like that, things may get worse.



Thank you!


Have you seen a woman carrying two other girls!?

They went that way.

*turn around*


+Page 24

So they’re gathering their forces.




What’s the matter?

Those guys are the kingdom’s main forces. They’re the best in this country.


I don’t want to say this, but…

Do you even understand the situation right now!?

+Page 25

You will get yourself killed!

So will I!

Elzu too!

That’s even if we follow you.

We’re hopeless if things keep going like this!

Is that so?

Then I have no choice…

I think I’ll choose Elzu

as the next Dungeon Master.


What are you even talking about?

Aren’t you the current Dungeon Master here?

But they don’t know that I am.


If they find out about me now, things will get even more complicated.

So if we’re talking about negotiating, Elzu can pull it off.

All she has to do is tell them that Seraria is safe and sound.

Wouldn’t that solve everything?

+Page 26


You just push your position to me like that!?

You… Could it be that…

You want Elzu to become your decoy as a Dungeon Master?

I heard it from Elzu.

If the core of the Underground Dungeon is lost, you will die.

So if Elzu dies because of you, I swear on my life that I will spread this news to everyone in the kingdom.

That the core magic stone of this Underground Dungeon is still working efficiently.


I’m pretty sure the person who purposely let you come here is that Prime Minister guy.

So as soon as you left the castle, you were as good as dead.

I don’t care.

If Elzu is gone then this world means nothing to me anymore.

You and Rowall.

I will kill both of you.

By my own hands.

+Page 27







You’re right.

That’s what the plan was supposed to be.

Or at least that’s what I told Elzu.

And that

Was a lie.




It wasn’t entirely a lie.

It’s true that without this core, the Underground Dungeon can’t be sustained.

But I don’t remember saying I didn’t have a backup plan.

And I also didn’t say that I planned to escape and leave this Dungeon behind.

Even though I did make an emergency escape route.




I still haven’t decided whether I should go or not.

Chapter 2: END


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