Ibitsu no Amalgam chapter 8

Ibitsu no Amalgam chapter 8

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Ibitsu no Amalgam 8



Lost 4kg in five days

The cell that was implanted in the arrested serial killer is…!?

The monster cell will continue to weaken him.

It will eliminate other cells and take over his consciousness

A monstrous cell indeed…

It has the ability to occupy the neuron system of the implantee



I wonder if I can come see him

To get some information on the monster cell…

“You will also be…

Disgusted like me”

That’s an unforgettable stare…


That’s enough!

It’s no use over-thinking anyway.

I have already decided!

Regardless of how slim the chance of me recovering my body

I will take that path, step by step.



I have…

Prepared dinner!

The victims of this case,

They all seem to be university students and all belong to a club investigating on supernatural things

They came to the abandoned hospital, looking to be thrilled, but got their faces destroyed instead.

When Ozaki was weakened, their faces also returned to normal. They probably went back to normal life.



We told them to forget about that night.

With the assistance of Squad 0, they were all referred to certain psychologists

But even if they tell other people, no one would believe it.

Oh… the eggs were all crushed.

You damned clumsy!


How many times did I tell you?

You have to, first, tap it gently, and then open it once it was cracked.

Take your apron off and give it to me!!!

Go somewhere else, let me do it.

Why are you even trying to do it…

You freaked me out



One of the victims of that night…


She’s too annoying.

“He is real…

I just want to say thank you to

That hero with the bone-hand”

“I was really scared so I quickly ran away…

Without saying sorry to him.”

…Well, if that’s true…

Then somebody must have had a deadly battle

With an opponent carrying monstrous power.




So today, at least,…

I should try to act kind toward my servant.


Who the hell is your servant!?

I just happen to love doing housework, not because you are my master!

Did you forget that I’m stronger than you?

You’d better listen to me!

Shut up!

You always bully me, you braided-man!

What!? Look who’s saying that, you damned short bones!

Well, well


You guys seem to get along well as usual

To hell with that!??



Ha ha ha

Here’s some food for you guys!

They are cakes from Mozuya


Thank you!




There’s also good news!

They are returning from their long investigation trip!

Two members…

Of Squad 0!



Almost there.

You must be tired after such a long drive, right?



It’s so…


It’s almost sunset!

Pl…please slow down!

We’re going a bit fast…


Throw your cigarette away!

The smell is getting on my clothes!

B…but I have to smoke to calm myself down… I’m always anxious around strange drivers (@PR: The original text means he has a phobia where he’s scared of strangers driving the car. I can’t think of the term for it)



Then… how are…

Those two like?


Like freaks?

Oops I slipped out…

Of course, their abilities were carefully tested

Oh, they are just as cute as Eishuu!

Cute my *ss!



Why are you guys laughing!?

You don’t have to get mad!

Ding dong


Oh, just about time…


Ok, let me open the door!






What’s wrong!?




…Is this?


I just mentioned…

They belong to members of Squad 0.

…it seems like

I don’t have to sign… right?






What’s wrong!?








Look just like fireworks!

Lemme take a picture!

Captain of the fighting squad – SAI Organization

Ujihashi Miki


That reminds me… did i…

Turn of the gas valve at home…?

Vice-captain of the fighting squad – SAI Organization

Mori Fudou



There. All done!!

We just have to go in and retrieve the target


I still think that I forgot to turn off the gas valve…

Ah! But the driver already delivered the suicide bomb…

Oh shit~

Hey hey~

Mori, did you have your driver license yet?

Just out of curiosity…


How did you guys find this place?

No one will ever reveal the special force HQ, that’s for sure.

There’s even no tracker on Ozaki Kei’s body…

Aha, this is a joke, how come they are still alive?

Let us both attack that the same time, ok?

*sigh…do we really have to fight…

It’s really easy to die…

I haven’t even turn off my gas valve…


To die, you say?



Don’t worry!

You will be arrested alive!

How dare you injure my subordinates?

Don’t even think about a peaceful death!

You brats!




Chief, will it be ok…?


Eliminating Squad 0 would be a big advantage for us!

But you sent two of the most talented of the fighting squad

If they failed, it would be a huge blow on us…

Not to mention they have that Goutou…

Don’t worry

We’ve waited a long time for this moment

I injected the trackers in Ozaki’s blood

We can’t miss this chance



We’ll be just fine!

Since I implemented something

On both of their bodies.

Did you just say… brats…!?


A pain in the *ss!

The people who called themselves adults

Always act recklessly around kids

But make us behave like grown-ups.

Captain, please calm down…







Really hate…

You damned adults

And the world you created!

Please stop, for god’s sake…

But if she already went berserk…

Then I give in

I have to quickly finish…

So I can go back to check on my gas valve…



Bring him back quick~

It’s no use without him!

That Ozaki,

Is nothing compared to him!

The final piece in our puzzle to evolution

Is that cute boy, Kusaba Rokumichi!

What’s the real intention of Sarah Warren when targeting Rokumichi?

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