Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 10

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 10

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+Page 1

Spatial magic can only be used by high-ranking Demons.

Chapter 10



What’s with the long face?

Is something bothering you?

*Here’s your meal


I’ve just looked into some tomes at the library, and I’d figured out quite some new stuffs….

Though it might be really troublesome if those guys turn out to be nobles….


I don’t understand anything you say.

+Page 2

Me and my father are also….

Nobles, didn’t you know about that?





Flashy as it may sound, but in a region full of nobles like this one, magic tools are considered essentials so people with low magic level can have difficulty choosing a place to live, I’m also only capable of living in the middle class.

That also applies for my father and Cyan…. Knights like them are usually 2nd or 3rd son of a noble family.

Since my mother was a commoner, I can only stay at a specific set of places like these, it doesn’t seem like a noble’s place, huh.

A cross-status love story!!

I have to find out more about this next time!!

+Page 3

Now, let’s get to work….

Good morning.

Morning, Reene.

Come here for a sec.




I’ve already got my salary!!

*completely broke

We give out salary twice a month here.

*now now*

Ah…. This is so fortunate!! I really need to cut off my shopping habit….

I have to protect my savings….

+Page 4

I’ve gradually got used to my work as a healer, and the amount of troublesome cases have been close to none.

On my way home, I usually visit the library in search of different kinds of information about spatial magic.

The next day.

All right.


+Page 5

Let’s go!

My first time working as an adventurer!!

I need to find 10 “Neko no Obana” cards.

And 5 “Poison cat no kaku” cards.

I’ve also bought all the essentials for a normal adventurer.

Long cloak (I even used my magic to make it waterproof).

Item storage box to protect my loots from getting spoiled.

Thermal flask to store any kind of liquid.

Guidance book about beasts and herbs.

Let’s see!!

+Page 6

Speaking of which, all gates of Corteia will be closed as soon as the evening bell ring.

I’ve spent too much time on shopping, I need to hurry up.





Next is…



+Page 7



Wait a minute.

This is too fast—

…This is no good, for an inactive person like myself, this kind of moving is too much!!

I guess I will have to take it slow…


Well, I did travel quite the distance.

So if I follow the route by this rock….

This must be the place.

+Page 8

The site of “Neko no obana” and “Poison cat”.

So Neko no obana is a kind of herb that is commonly used as a kind of spice or something like that.

*silver (kinda)*


The feeling of standing on top is just amazing.

I haven’t found anything yet, so I guess I should eat something first.

I’d carefully packed some Kukuru cakes into the item box.


*So delicious!?*

Oh that’s right!

Maybe I was restrained by magic barriers in the city, why don’t I try using Teleportation spell here?

*Thanks for the meal

+Page 9





I guess it still doesn’t work.




I found them!

Poison cat!

Sorry but I have to do this….!




+Page 10

These are their cores…..

I killed them all….


Stop overthinking this, Reene.

This is what I chose, to be an adventurer.


I still have to look for some Neko no obana.

+Page 11

The sun is setting quicker than I expected.

But I’ve gathered all the required materials, so I have to make my way home quickly.

I guess I’ll use [Acceleration] one more time then.

*let’s try it again



Even though I’m still kind of afraid.

But I’m getting used to it….

What the….!?

There’s something in the way…!?

There’s no time to stop….!!

+Page 12



It hurts….

It’s fortunate that I’d already cast [Barrier] earlier.

*half of my HP is gone

*for now


It seemed I ran into something moving with incredible speed.

No human can ever reach that velocity, could it be…..

A Demon!?

+Page 13

A puppy with wings…? This was the thing that slammed into me earlier?

Page 14

Race: Winged dog           Age: 15


Winged dog….? If it’s a Demon than I’d better finish it off but…..

I was the one to blame in this accident.

*Even though it wasn’t that dangerous.

But I should do something for him….


He’s definitely angry!!

Well, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you….

You must be so scared…. Are you hurt?

Uuhm, Tsubasa inu-kun….?

*I couldn’t find your actual name in the status bar…


+Page 15


This is so adorable!!!

*But this kind of reaction….

Do you really understand what I say?

If I’m right then nod, if I’m wrong then shake your head to both sides.



You can actually understand human language!!

+Page 16

Are you a Demon?

*shake shake*


So you’re part of the Mazoku?

*nod nod*


Speaking of which, Gang the Dwarf did mention some types of beast that are part of the Mazoku.

I think they’re different from normal Demons, and he even understands what I say.

I guess….. It will be fine then!

*I think there’s also a type of Guardian tribe!*

I apologize for hurting you, how about letting me heal up all your wounds?


You weren’t trying to attack me earlier, were you…?

+Page 17

Woof woof.



This little puppy also has an aura of a noble.

A noble?

This could really be a favor from the Heavens.

So you’re basically a part of the Mazouku, then what if after I heal you, you suddenly turn into a handsome man.

*And then

“This is our fate, you are destined to be my partner for all eternity”.

Something like that!!



+Page 18

*What are you talking about?

Hey, what’s with the disgusted look in your eyes!?

I had a dog when I was younger, and he also made that face like yours frequently.


Come here!



+Page 19

Oops, I accidentally called you Noel.

*sorry about that


Is something wrong….?


+Page 20

Eh!? Could it be that he’s turning into a handsome man!?



*Nothing changed?


Status bar.



Race: Winged dog           Age 15

Hp: 456 / 1182

His name changed into “Noel”!?

When you called me Noel.

I was filled with happiness!

+Page 21

He can communicate directly through his mind?

Hmm…. Could it be because I was the one giving him a name!? So naming is an important thing in this world!?

What’s your name?

Me? My name is Reene.

I see. You are Reene.


He can say it without making any sound?


I also need to heal him first.

Noel is a puppy from the Winged dog tribe, due to his young age, he hasn’t been named yet.

This specie needs an official title for its power to be fully released.

I heard he was looking for his suitable name-giver so that he could leave the Demon Realm.

+Page 22

So to his kind, the name is considered a sacred thing—

*Hey, Noel

What do you plan to do now after you’ve got a name?

I will follow Reene.

Does that mean he will stay by my side? But he can’t return with me to my country, is that really okay?

I will follow you.


Are we friends?

+Page 23

*doki doki*

Of course! We’re friends!


Let’s help each other out from now on!

We’ll be together forever….

+Page 24


I still have to return to Japan?

What will I do if I can only stay with him for a short while?

I’m sorry….!!

This is a very important thing to him, but I…..!

*It’s okay*

Reen – is important – I like to – stay by your side.


I love you too Noel.


At least while I’m still in this world, I will always be by your side….

+Page 25


Am I allowed to bring dogs into the lodge?

Considering the situation, maybe I should rent another apartment….!


Noel – about your home…..




He went into my shadow!?

+Page 26

Reene, I use dark magic because I’m part of the Mazoku.

Your magic is my food source.

Although he’s hiding in my shadow, I can still feel his presence.

Maybe he’s afraid that others may see him.

My secrets keep increasing in numbers, but….

We will always be together.




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