Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 13

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 13

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1 Beep
To: Mom
I will be back. Please wait for me.
I’m fine, don’t worry about me.
The message cannot be sent.
Chapter 13
Ever since I came here, I’ve searched the library three times, but
there’s nothing about cross-world summoning magic in any of the books that I’m allowed to read .
2 You want to read the forbidden books?
I can’t seem to find the magic that I’m looking for in the books that I’m
allowed to read.
If you want to read the forbidden books then you must have a reference letter from His Majesty, moreover, all the wizards in the palace have to hold a meeting about that. It normally takes about a month to decide on which
day that you are allowed read those books.
Too long…
Well, that’s because the day to read the book is based on the wizards’ decision after all.
Oh yeah,
while you’re waiting, why don’t you go check with
 with the Grand Wizard?
Thank you.
There might be a little hope…!
Oh… that reminds me.
3 Cyan is the vice-captain of the cavaliers, so he must be very busy
but he’s acting as a guard of a clinic in town. I wonder if it’s ok at all?
Also recently…
seems to have tightened up…
Hello Reene!
I’m here again today!
Only normal guards would come on my first days here, but now…
something’s strange here!
something happened recently, didn’t it?
you’ve realized…
4 It’s about time to tell you, I guess.
Come to the Management Office later, I will explain to you.
Hopefully it’s not something bad!!
Please take good care of yourself.
“Black Healer”.
5 You are “The Pearl of The God of War” that His Majesty Leon brought back
from Kamiyazuru,
a rarely talented healer, the daughter of Gaia.
So all of the nobles in Corteia are extremely curious to know who you are.
It’s really dangerous being near those nobles.
If there’s anyone suspicious around you, we will begin the investigation to
ensure your safety.
Since you are a healer, we should have had a lot of information about you but
we’ve acquired no information about you at all.
I can’t seem to understand anything before the time Red Lion brought you over from the Azuru Forest until the familiar capture event in Kamiyazuru.
That’s because I didn’t exist in this world yet.
Even if they investigate, nothing would turn up for sure, so there should be no problem.
…you must have thought you were fine since we found nothing during the investigation?
6 On the contrary, nothing turned up is indeed the main problem here.
Things that even our information network can’t sniff out
is either “non-existent”
or being covered by someone who has an ever greater power than us.
who are you, actually?
Am I being suspected as a spy or someone like that!?
What should I say now…
7 …the nobles are probably thinking the same.
Please be rest assured, sir. I am the guardian of the “Black Healer” – “The Golden God of War”.
Then don’t let her copy the adventurers to go searching for things, or wandering out on the streets.
They may refrain from dealing with the “Black Healer”, but I’m not so sure that nobody will meddle with a newbie adventurer.
Thank you for your reminder.
Thank you, Sir.
from now on, you can call me Count Maltesta .
8 Bang
This…this is the first time that I’m allowed to call a noble by his name.
I’m worried.
Sorry I didn’t pay much attention to that. You have always protected me, thank you…
Even with a disguise…
Don’t worry about it. It’s only because of recent infiltrations in Corteia, my apologies.
We’re trying our best to arrest all of the suspected nobles.
We will definitely not let them lay their hands on you.
Your magic is really awesome.
All of the patients healed by you can agree with that.
Management Office
Uhm, I think you would understand
because of those reasons, we will tighten security around you in the mean time.
9 Yeah… thank you.
You don’t have to worry about that.
All of the nobles healed by you support the “Black Healer”.
Those that want to harm you will drop in time.
I will try to limit risky activities.
I will also stop being an adventurer for a while.
You’ve done nothing wrong and yet you are affected by these problems, I’m really sorry about that…
Oh yes,
What do you think about working more days at the clinic?
That reminds me, starting next month, I will become official employee, my salary will increase too.
Well, it’s not a bad thing earning some more.
I think so too.
I told you about the Grand Wizard the other day, didn’t I? He finally managed to arrange to meet you, so next week afternoon, I will take you to the capital.
Thank you.
10 Grand Wizard.
Cyan-dono, Reene-dono.
It’s been a while, probably since the familiar capture, isn’t it? Come, have a seat.
Did you have a question for me?
I want to ask about a space warping magic with a specific target.
I remembered you mentioned that you were warped to the Azuru Forrest with a space warping magic.
After someone pulled me in the dark, I have no idea of what happend next,
so I thought if it’s the space warping magic, then I must have been warped here from a really faraway place.
11 I see, you’ve got a point.
But I found out from the books that I read at the library that this is different from the space warping magic that the Demon Clan used,
so I thought there must be another way…
Well, there’s possibly a way…
It’s one of the forbidden magics from ancient times
because it takes the user’s life as a sacrifice. Sacrificing someone is strictly forbidden in this country.
It’s a dangerous magic, in assassinations, it can be used as a transporting method for the assassins. They’ve done lots of research on this magic,
yet we know very briefly about the method. While the process is still unexplainable,
It’s performable, but it’s a one-way trip that can’t bring people back to where they started …
12 It might be impossible… but I still have a feeling that the cross-world summoning magic is the higher level of this space warping magic.
Moreover, this warping magic requires more offerings depending on the distance to the destination .
If the destination is the continent across ours, it will probably require 3 wizards as offerings.
This is… if he knew that it would cost him his life, why did he still use it…
It’s not impossible at all.
It is indeed a forbidden magic but there’s also something called the “Compliant Pact”.
Wizards under the pact have sworn an oath of loyalty to their master,
so if it’s the master’s order, even if they know they will die, they still have to comply with the order.
13 If “that hand”* was due to the order,
then why did the he go to this extent?
But… the wizard that performed this magic is probably dead by now
and for this magic to be performed, the wizard must have been to the destination before, and the magic has to be performed at a specific coordination on the ground .
With a low success rate, very few people would use it.
Coordination and
the wizard must have been to the destination before.
If the cross-world summoning magic was performed under the same conditions…
it’s impossible for a wizard from this world to come to earth… to Japan.
Thank you for your precious time.
Could it be that… I can’t come back anymore?
14 No,
I want
to go home.
You don’t look so well ever since you came back here.
Are you ok?
15 Ah…
It’s not going quite smoothly for me to find a way home.
Oh, right, Reene came to Corteia all by yourself, right?
It would be good if you can go home,
you should stay with your family.
That reminds me, Agnes lost her family.
Hey hey,
What’s that face? I’m already 37 years old!
This is the age that people can live all by themselves.
Then we told each other about our families,
about how my dad is a scholar, and he only reads the most difficult books,
about how my mom is a great cook, and how she always knows how to create a cozy atmosphere in the family.
16 Agnes told me how Vaan and Yuria are a happy couple.
About how her mother – Yuria was very sick before passing away at 40, but still saying that she was happy not having to see she’s the only one that’s getting older,
About how she saw Vann – her dad living in loneliness. She thought that she won’t be like her mother.
I will live, holding on tight, even after I became a wrinkly old woman, I will still live to the fullest.
I want to keep being dad’s daughter for some more time, even just a little bit more.
Regardless, but I know there will come a time when I have to leave him.
17 Reene has lots of magic, so you must have been able to live for very long.
Stay with Vaan and Cyan
and take care of them, will you?
But I will have to go home…
I want to go home…
don’t make me feel attached to this place,
don’t make me want to become your relative until I’m old.
18 Not yet,
I would forget everything when I wake up.
But no, I know this place,
I know him.
What’s wrong?
What made you feel so sad?
I want to go back, but I can’t.
Go back,
you said?
19 Don’t,
you are…
I’m trying to presume the human summoning magic that was used in the cross-world summoning magic.
Since I’m still waiting on the wizards’ decision, I haven’t been able to read any of those forbidden books, but I think it would be better if I could find any clue so I’m still reading books from the library.
Did I just doze off?
20 Did I bother you, lady?
Who are you!? This is a restricted area.
It seems like your companion is not here now.
Good timing actually.
What? Who the heck is this guy…!?
Noel, you can’t come out now!
When did such a suspicious guy sneak in behind me…?
Protecting Barrier
Uhm…what is it?
21 No sight of Cyan… but there are traces of Hyuji-san here.
If anything happens, they will come to rescue me right away.
Ah, I have a present for you.
I think you will like it.
22 I won’t take anything from a stranger.
don’t group me with those brutes.
It’s actually good for you
and for him as well.
23 Him?
Him… who is he talking about, my instinct says this is bad.
Won’t you having a look? I think you should quickly look at it.
Won’t you having a look? I think you should quickly look at it.
24 This is the hand of an adventurer.
This is the hand of an adventurer.


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