Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 9

Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu Chapter 9

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I am Leen Kanzack or Kanzaki Misuzu, 22 y.o.
A girl, who’s a bit of an otaku, I was abruptly pulled somewhere by some black hand one day
Into a fantasy-like world, where magic and monsters exist
I’ve known about magic and status windows from games | And living in the new world using that knowledge
And I’m resolved to find some way to return to my original world…!
Still, I’ve got no source of income and I have to survive till the day I can return | I took on some paid work for the guild…
But as I thought, only jobs available for a just registered F-rank magicians are collection of herbs and low-level demonic beasts cores and materials… | I need to work faster and get a rank-up soon
Still, I don’t want to do the quests of collecting materials from demonic beasts
{collecting body parts…}
{Tearing off}
I chose the “core” collection ones, because even if you burn the demonic beast to ashes, the core remains
{with this I can survive, even if I’m new here!}
Well, if I work as an adventurer, I can manage somehow…
And tomorrow my work as a healer starts
An experience of adult work… And in a different world no less
I just need to get my mind to it! Yeah
It’s an early morning tomorrow, let’s sleep!
{I’m going}
I was told, that a knight would walk me there, but for it to be Mr.Bahn…
But Mr.Bahn…
You’re an important person… right…?
And you doubted it {yup, important}
Wait a sec!? Riding a horse is still an exciting event for me… | or it should’ve been…
Nope, not really…
{It’s Mr. Bahn all right…}
Let’s get going!
We’re here
This is your new workplace
It’s not how I imagined the “city clinic” at all… It’s more of a hospital…
A mansion…?
{this way, please}
{Oh?} Aren’t you perchance the “Black Healer”?
You’re, right!?
{Your pretty black hair gave you away!}
Green hair!
{Oh}Excuse me | I’m Anythrie Roeh, the healers here call me [Anis]
Leen Kanzack | I’m In your care from today on
I’ll call her the Green Princess…!!{a nickname to remember}
Nice to make your acquaintance | And this is
I am Karim Roeh | Welcome, Ms.[Black Healer]
His voice it too beautiful, as if someone’s dubbing him
{he’s got a voice of a seiyu!!?}
He seems as if he needs [healing] himself, where does such a voice come from…!? | {by the way} They have the same surname
Are you a married couple?
{yes} We met here, it was a co-workers marriage
Usually it’s just us treating the patients together | But with you two here, the work will go much faster
“You two”…?
Hi, I’m here
{since when were you here!?}
We’re colleagues, Ms.Leen!
I’ll be a stand-in for the days when you’re indisposed | So today a greeting is in order
{Ooh} I see {you scared me a little}
Right, we haven’t discussed your salary yet | Talking while standing here is good, but let’s come in
[Waiting Room]
So, Leen, with your daily wages, this is the sum you’ll be paid twice a month | You’re a newbie, so it’s a minimal base salary, but with your skills…
…Leen?{‘you all right?}
12000 yen daily
I’m fine… thank you very much… {I won’t have to be poor}
Are you really fine!?
It seems on your way here you performed treatment in a village | It’s the same thing here, so let’s get to work {if you don’t get something, ask me right away}
Here the commoners (though only the rich ones, who can afford to pay) as well as the nobles are treated | Both are fine with the kind of healing I did back in the village, but many nobles require special manners
My chest hurts
Missus’s chest hurts
{Yeah, I heard that!}
Seems, that the high-ranked ones are not in the habit of speaking directly
Whenever I encounter an unknown disease in this world, I ask Green Princess and Mr.Karim
Seems, except for the nobles, the most frequent patients are adventurers and former adventurers
The right knee, that’s been bitten off by a demonic beast is hurting…
I see, let me have a look | Scan
{The bitten of end of the bone is all jagged…}
I’ll [heal] him by rounding up the end of the bone for it not to irritate nerves and tissues
Woah… | The pain’s just gone!
Thank you very much!
Be well…
Heal can’t remove scarring or severed parts after they’ve set in…
By the way
Mr.Bahn, why’re you always here?
The guys, that are after the nobles can hurt you too | And I watch out for the nobles not to stab you
Eh!? {stab…!?}
They’ll do anything for their pride, you see
And for that such a busy person as Mr.Bahn came, a division commander no less
Ao, the next patient has…
A magic disease?
You see, mana is enveloping our bodies
Like [pranha] in yoga terms?
Children can’t use magic, so it can’t leave the body and generates heat
like getting rid of excess liquid…
The treatment…
E-hm, the patient is Charles, 9 y.o. …need to be careful with my wording
Enter, please
Mr.Next head of the family
I will begin the treatment now
{Mhm} Allowed
{wah}So vane… | Eh…but
His face is read and breathing is heavy
{His body turned red all over…}
Now, Mr.Next head of the family, please, put your hands on mine
like this…?
{The treatment is… to draw the excess mana from the patient’s body}
{too low a quality to read this part}
I want him to learn the flow of mana | so I’ll let it circulate for a bit
Do you feel the mana flowing out of your open palm?
Y-yeah.. it is warming up
It is the mana flow
We will continue the treatment bit by bit like today, so come again
Mhm | [Black Healer]
Please, take care of me
Oh, I feel a tsundere…
Well done today, Ms.Leen, how do you like your new job?
Well, getting used to it, little by little…
You’ve done a lot of treatment already though. Are you all right? Don’t overwork yourself, please
I’ve used up 350MP too… | I’d better keep the fact, that my MP is over 700 a secret…
But MP aside, I’m pretty tired | Been working for 6 hours straight
No, above all
As I thought, fixing people is a hell of a job
Now I have real appreciation of how cool doctors are
In this line of work, looking out for yourself is important | People often tend to overexert themselves after raising their level
Raising their level…?
So, there’re levels in this world
Yes, we’re often involved with work, concerning magic grade assessments | From time to time we’re asked to assess someone’s magic level
The amount increases when a person is growing… | The decrease in the amount of mana may come because of exhaustion and will result in a heart disease
And in these cases most people retire… | you see
We have very high expectations of you
{What’s with this talk…? If it goes on…}
You’re so young and are a great healer already! So I was told | I’m actually in a bit of a hurry
We’ve been working as healers for several decades already | And of course we’ve got our professional pride and competitiveness
So, seeing a more talented person, overexertion is not off the table
But you are | [the daughter of Gaia]
A heaven-sent person, appearing once in several hundred years, whose magic is completely different | And everyone’s aware of that, so being defeated by you won’t decrease our value at all
I see…
{It’s not a game, so there’s no simple level evaluation system}
{Humans are always striving to achieve new heights, even the impossible ones…}
But, you know, healers are not measured by their magic alone! | Medical knowledge is important! When and what kind of magic to use! | It is of the utmost importance
Like making operations that demand sterility in a clean room?
What is that! A new approach we don’t know of! | Please, elaborate!
{sewing it up with a thread}
Thank you, Leen, we’ve learnt a lot from you today!
You’ve taught me a lot too
Then see you tomorrow!
I’ll take you to the Red Boot Pavilion
{Ah} Ah, Mr.Bahn! Could you, please, give me a ride to the library instead!?
I’ll somehow get back myself
Then use a carriage, that’s cruising along the main street
Here we go20
So this is the Cortea Library
So cool!! I’m hyped!!
So, Leen, I’m going back
Be home before the evening chime! No delays!!
{see ya}
80 y.o., eh…
So, it’s here {reception}
Excuse me, may I enter | The restricted section on black magic injuries
{Here’s my permit and a letter of introduction}
Validity confirmed, please stretch out your left hand
It is the mark, that allows you to enter the forbidden reading section | It will disappear once you leave, so, please, provide the letter next time you enter
So confusing…
Sorry, where can I find black magic injuries…
Black magic injuries – third floor, the forbidden reading section on the right
Thank you very much
I can browse forbidden reading sections right away
As expected, these hold some immense magic…
First – spatial magic…
Oh, on this shelf! | Let’s browse through some of these important-looking books
{In conclusion}
{Though spatial magic is allowed by Gaia, the only ones who can use it are high-ranking demons}
{that being said}
{It seems that humans can’t use it at all}
{Naturally, there’s close to no mention of it in human books}
{There is teleportation magic, no doubt about that}
{So, the one to summon me was a high-ranking demon?}
{Did that “high” demon exhaust his mana?}
{Because Mr.Gung, the dwarf, had 4 stripes of MP, to waste so much mana–…}
Just what…
Did I end up being dragged into…?


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