Isekai desu ga Mamono Saibai shiteimasu. Chapter 1

Isekai desu ga Mamono Saibai shiteimasu. Chapter 1

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Cao Thế Tài English version 2

Isekai desuga chap 1 :
Both color and shape aren’t bad, awesome!

Farming is so joyful!

Mina-chan will absolutely praise me

Should I give it to her?

A beautiful overflowing sunlight garden___?
Page 2:

No, it’s another world!

Adopted from a fantasy cultivation novel in “kakiyomu”, Start!!!

Words in Page 2-3 cover: In another world, however I’m planting monster.

Page 3:

Those strange monster, let’s grow

Chương 1: Cultivate it

Wow, recently, Moe style is too diverse in use.
From the Generals of the Sengoku period

To plants

It’s about 1 month ago

It’s package from Himuro Keji-san.

From dad huh… It may be food provisions


Page 4:

It’s another world


Page 5:

I was just opening the door to receive a package

And was moved to another world?

Maybe I’m the chosen one to be the hero?

Where is the provision

from Dad?!

Oh nice to meet you

I’m Himuro kyouji

Page 6:

Oi oiiiiii!!

Does it intend to crash into me for real?!

Hold on, in cases like that, my fighting ability should be high

And in battle it will automatically be active

Yosh, let’s show it my cheating abilities.


Heretic magic


Great Sage


Hp up, Mp up

Page 7:


Stats open!!


Conclusion: I’m as weak as normal people

I thought…

I would die…

Page 8:



maybe my stats

will appear when I join guild…

Are you here to join a guild?

Could you let me see my stats?

Page 9:

It will be 1000 gold per view


This is bad, I don’t have money from this world.

If I don’t have the money…

You can’t see it

I’ve finally managed to register…

But what I should do? I’m hungry

That’s right! I should go to a restaurant and discuss

Surely after looking at how pitiful I am, I can get a free meal… Maybe it’s here!

If I am lucky, I might get a job.

Now, my story will really begin

Page 10:

The special starting didn’t happen

I thought that

There will be special events by going to another world

Status = Weak

Skill= none

Why is everything so difficult?

I nearly starved to death

Money= none

Acquaintance= none

Helper= none

Beauty meeting= none

I don’t want such a flag!!!


That staff

Leftover disposal huh?

Why didn’t you give it to me?

No no no

Even in another world there will still be dumpster diving activities.

Page 11:


Honor?! Just throw it into a trash bin

However, will I need to gather food from the trash to live from now on?

It’s another world after all

It shouldn’t be worse than in the previous world


What kind is it?


It’s not delicious after all, just throw it…


Page 12:

When there is no money to buy food

hunting monsters is the only way to earn money

Let’s think out of the box

All I need is to create food myself

Un, this is good!

It suits my lifestyle

Far from town

A monster free plain

A house that nobody uses!!

At last there is a little hope in this new world

I will start farming in this world

Page 13:


It sprouted already?!

The plants in this world are awesome! They’ve grown so fast!

At this rate I can be self-sufficient in one week?!

Hey, don’t take water from the fountain


Please grow healthily

Page 14:

Is this for real?

It is already this big by the second day

That’s enough!

Sorry sorry

Page 15:

Yesterday, it grew up to the height of my back.

I can’t wait to see it


What is this?! It wasn’t like that yesterday.

Am I imagining it? It looks slightly familiar…

not like a plant but more like…

Isn’t this a monster-!!


This isn’t happening!

Page 16:

Aghhhhhh my plant!!

You idiot! What have you done!!



Page 17:

How dare you grow a carnivorous plant!

No no

I had no idea

A violent heroine isn’t attractive, why is she here?

Page 18:

That’s not it…

It’s not very often a cute lady appears

I can’t take my eyes off you


An easily shy girl?


Where are you from?

My brother, the guard, told me to

do something about the guy who steals water from the fountain and grows odd things.

Growing monsters is dangerous

Don’t do that in this town.

Page 19:

She’s right but I will die if I leave the town!

I didn’t know those are monsters

You didn’t know?

Planting is not the same as monster cultivation

As I was saying, I mistook the monster seed for a fruit seed

What is a fruit?

Is it a kind of monster?



This word

only has monster seeds

Page 20:

Of course

What else is there?

I have nothing to say


All my efforts have gone to waste!!


The death of monster will lead to the withering of the plant itself

Ah, how should I grow it properly?

So… did you plant it all?

Monster shouldn’t be cultivated normally?

It can’t be planted in fact

Page 21:

Fruit… ah no monster… how could people harvest it?

Naturally, they send requests for adventurers

Only the monster fruits harvested while the monsters are alive are edible

That’s why it’s expensive.


Did I just hear “expensive”?

Why is it expensive?

The harvested amount is quite low, and it has decreased recently…


It’s Lily, don’t call me that way.

Is planting monsters

extremely rare?

Page 22:

Yeah they only grow naturally

No one have successfully grown them…

This is the first time I have ever seen someone doing it


Let’s plant monsters together!


Let me cultivate here

I will give a part of the harvested crop to you

It’s a good deal, don’t you think?

Page 23:

However, beside growing monster…

It’s alright, I will control them this time!!

So please lend me money to buy farming tools!

Well, if I show you a place for public water supply, it will be ok…

Nonetheless, your action isn’t worth expulsion…



I want 50 %

for cooperation!


Oh right, your name is…

Himuro Kyouji!

Is only Kyou ok?


Page 24:


No no no

Why does growing monsters require fighting with wolves in the forest?

They are killer wolves! They’re not fruits but a kind of monster, do you want to plant them?

Nice let bring their meat back.


It’s a seed.


Adventurers gain it from monsters’ corpses…

Page 25:

Keep it Kyou

Why must I keep it?

It’s only natural since you will plant them!


What kind of seed is it?

Jack O’ Lantern

The kind grown by you before is Killer Plant –

A very violent plant.

It attacks people and things

Page 26:

In Jack O’ lantern’s case

It won’t attack if you do nothing

If there are no mistakes

We only need to wait for harvesting

Is it true that it can be grown…

What kind of magic did you use?

I just plant it normally

They just grow!!

We did it!!

They really bear fruits

The farming standards of this world is really low


Bring them and follow me

Page 27:


Welcome… ah?


Long time no see Mina

Same to me

This is Kyou, he can grow monsters

Huh? Really?

Ah yeah

Page 28:

Can it really be grown?

Yeah, I

brought them here

There you go…

It’s marvelous!

We can’t grow them

Her business hasn’t been good recently

The higher the price of monster fruits, the lesser she can afford

Please lend Mina a helping hand

The amount of monster fruits harvested will be sold as your demand but…

Great! About the price…

It’s not important, the problem is could you make food from them!!

Page 29;

Thanks Kyou

for selling them cheaper than the market price

It’s ok

However Mina’s food is really awesome

Of course

She is the best cook I know

But no one else knows

Jack O’ Lantern cooked with Killer plant

I see…

With this, I have hopes to live normally in another world!

I will be the best farmer one day

Page 30:

You often say confusing things

Yo brother, you’re late

Thanks to you planting me, let’s just cut to the chase


Do you want to taste me?

The taste of Halloween..?


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