Isekai desu ga Mamono Saibai shiteimasu. Chapter 6 – Fixed

Isekai desu ga Mamono Saibai shiteimasu. Chapter 6

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1 I’m looking for Dora-chan!
Maybe she’ll come back?
She went a long time ago, maybe something happened …
Moreover, Dora-chan is a member of my family!
Where is the little girl Mandrake?!!
I’ve just arrived … What happened?
2 and 3 Chap 6: Yuki Onna!*
I’ll go too
I’m also very worried about Dora Chan
A harem full of cute girls (Monsters)
What are you waiting for? Let’s grow monsters !!!
4 Jack!!!
Hey Jack, are you alright? What happened here?
Dora-chan was caught by a witch wearing white robes …
White robes?
It cant be … Yuki onna?
5 Do you know something, lily?
Toward this forest is a mountain covered by snow
There’s a witch living there
An army to conquer that witch was sent
But all of them were frozen at the entrance (Luckily they have not died yet)
Why would she catch Dora-chan?
6 The witches’s league is very dangerous
Although they’re human, but also human’s enemy too.
there is a rumor that they had relations to dead Demon Kings
demon king?
maybe I should regret… for not meeting him …?
So? Will we go?
Of course
I will
7 then let’s go!
To the Yuki onna’s mountain
Isu …
8 Hey isu …
Planting monsters are not “evil”
They are an important existance of the world
It’s thanks to them that human can live.
they are not something as simple as friend or foe.
People with such advocates have gathered
And people started living together with planting monsters were called “Witches”
My big brother is a wise and excellent Witch
He was very excited and started research about them.
9 I’m weak, but i can understand monster’s thought.
Thanks to that ability, i was able to become the bridge between 2 species
One day, my brother found a dryad
That blue hair could be made into many kinds of medicine, so she was hunted by adventurers
We helped her in treatment
Her wounds were healed very fast
And i started to call her “Dory-chan”
10 I’m very bad when talking with other people. But when talking with Dory-chan, i forgot that
 i don’t need any friends except her.
Howerver, that happiness didn’t continue for long …
The league of all “Evil” planting monster were called “Justice’s Alliance”
And with that league, witches who were living with monsters are considered objects of conviction
11 Though we were called “Witches”, but we didn’t have any power to resist
My parents and brother had sacrificed their life for me and Dory-chan escape
Both of us ran deep into the snowy mountain
Not long after …
Dory-chans health became weaker and weaker …
12 Dory is my most important friend
I have to do something …
If it is Mandrake
then i can save Dory-chan
13 What do you want to do with that little girl …?
Dont harm her …
But …
Even if you sacrifice her, my illness won’t be cured…
Sorry …
Well um ….
14 My master has the ability to grow planting monsters.
Maybe he can help you ..?
There is someone like that?
even if this is real, but with someone who captured you like me still can’t …
there are people who’re making friends with mandrakes …
Like me and Dory …
Even if you don’t want to help me, I’m sorry for making trouble
15 I’m so sorry
… But please save her
What ?
Dorachan! Are you ok?
16 Master, can you save that girl lying there?
Save her?
That’s my friend – Dory-chan
She is a Dryad
Dryad …
Mandrake’s master?
Sorry for what Isu did …
17 If Dora forgives you then I won’t mind
necrosis begins …
This symptom happened because of staying too long in a cold place, so it made her asthenia
Even if we move her now, I think its still too late …
18 No …
Without Dory-chan by my side is …
Isu-chan, you will be okay without me …
Dryad is a kind of planting monster, right?
If she dies, she can still grow out of a new sprout but …
Will she become a different person?
Dory-chan …?
19 Do …
No …
No …
It cant be …
Dory-chan …
And then, she draws hers last breath
20 Howerver …
How is everything?
This one …
I grew from a part of that Dryad
Because it’s a plant so i dont need a seed, stem is enough
22 isu–
23 Tha…
Thank …
you …
24 Have a moment?
I want to ask some questions
Do you know about the “Sealed Witch”?
No …
This is the first time i heard that.
So …
One more thing, have you ever attacked humans?
No .. That …
I’d absolutely never do that kind of thing …
25 Then i believe you.
Lily !!
What’s wrong with that witch?
26-27 The witch’s league …
Took my important person
What ..?
28 Ah …
Lily’s important person?
What is that?
She was not intentional.
She will understand you someday.
But …
This is the first time i see Lily act like that too …
29 So someday …
Can i become her friend?
Why we cant be friends first?
30 Sui~
Count me in
Jack ..,
Ah …
31 I’m so sorryyyyy!
For hurting you!
32 I heard everything!
That’s because you wanna save Dory-chan!
Please be nice to me from now
33 Yess–
Please take care of me.


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